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Who Was To Blame For The Root Of Human Malevolence According To The Conservatives

Which are more immoral and unethical overall, Democrats or Republicans?

I think ones need to make a distinction between the politicos and the people.Amongst politicos…Republicans hands down, the Republicans have been pretending to be on the moral high ground while being the worst liars and thieves and sleazeballs. The Dems are not without their black eyes too but the records show way more shameful behavior among the Reps. And Trump’s crew is even worse then the normal gang of republicans, man is filling the swamp faster than a hurricane on the gulf coast. For a little evidence see the attached link analyzing lying which finds that 24/28 (86%) of the worst liars among recent politicians are Republicans. Deceit in Politics; An Analysis of PolitiFact DataAmongst the people…Not clear. Ignoring what the news says about people since it is trying to whip up ratings, I will fall back on my knowledge of social science and not insignificant amount of life experience. It is natural human behavior to assume that those like ‘us’ are more moral, but in my fairly long life and having lived in many parts of the US (Washington (D.C. and state), California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Florida, and North Carolina), I have known a similar number of moral and immoral people from both sides. I research individual lying, and in a recent study of lying we found that individuals who self identify as Dems or Reps lie at a very similar rate.

Why is there a sudden upswing in right wing xenophobic nationalism happening at the moment, shouldn’t global communication bring down barriers not add them?

It’s simple: Globalization is a forced future that, at least at heart, nobody really wants - that is, nobody but wealthy financial elites. On the tv we constantly hear “we are one humanity” and “there are only 3% genetic differences between each other” (like that’s an argument, by that logic we’d also be “one” with mice and chimpanzees, but I digress). The truth is, we aren’t “one humanity”, and the only ones who truly fully believe this “one humanity” are the financial elites. If we are one race with no faiths and no cultures, who is weakened by gluttony and lust, then we will all be much easier to control. Contrary to what some authors have said, globalization and a one-world government is not inevitable. It can be stopped, but it must be worked against, and people will die. Look what happened to the former leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi - he got yeeted by NATO. Or what happened to the Crimean people when they chose their own future, and it wasn’t what was “desired”. I could go on, but you get the point.Regarding the question of “left” and “right” at the end of the day it is irrelevant. “Left” and “right” are arguably becoming obsolete terms very quickly, the idea that emerged from the industrial revolution is now itself fading, as technology changes. Some nationalists in Europe are right wing because they accept the capitalist economic system (although if they truly wish to stand up for their nation, they probably shouldn’t). Regardless, at the end of the day, the only people who truly desire this “one world, one humanity” are malevolent financial elites with malevolent intentions.