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How do you pimp up your bachelor pad?

Well, coming from a woman’s perspective - these are the things that would make me respect a bachelor if I walked into his place and saw the following:Buy nice sheets & bedding. I think it looks classier without prints - get a good thread count and at least 3–4 pillows.Set up a proper home bar & learn to make some classic cocktails for your friends The Definitive Guide to Setting Up Your First Bar At HomeDeclutter & Keep things Clean - get rid of junk, trash, and regularly clean surfaces, crevasses, your fridge. Also, ALWAYS have a clean bathroom!Entertainment Center: I personally think big tv’s are gaudy, but… bachelor pads are bachelor pads. Get a flat screen, get a sound bar (or good speaker system). Keep any video game consoles outta sight when they’re not in useBuy a sideboard. This is a very ~adult~ purchase and can be used to store your at-home bar and/or turntableSpeaking of Turntable… not necessary, but I remember going into a guy’s apartment and seeing not only a proper bar cart… but a really cool turntable (along w/ cool records) - and I was sold.Glasses - not cups. not just mugs. Get some glasses. Bonus points if you get wine glasses!Decent furniture: This goes without saying - but invest (even if it’s Ikea) in a modern sofa & chair at the very least. Go for a streamlined design and avoid overly stuffed, plushy sofas. They look datedA Rug. A rug really says something about a man… like he’s got his life together enough to tie his room together with a rug.Kitchen Basics. Have what you need to cook basic stuff. a pot, a pan, utensils, cutting board, etc.Framed Wall Art: Like the rug, a man who has framed wall art just seems to have his shit together.Plants: When women see that you’re able to keep plants alive, this automatically gives you extra brownie points. We think “aww, he can take care of another living thing - he appreciates the simple things in life like ME”Most of my advice is based on my experience with dating and seeing friends who have “grown up” versus friends who seem a bit aimless. I know it’s shallow because this is just stuff, but as this article points out“Nowhere is a person’s togetherness more evident than when you first step into their apartment.”Good luck, my friend!

Would it make sense to build a luxury apartment building with 100% "bachelor pads"?

No.  And it could even be illegal. A "luxury" building --by definition-- means expensive high-end finishes and services.   A "bachelor pad" is a residence designed to encourage a youthful male lifestyle which is inconsistent with the concept of a "luxury" residential building. Moreover, a residential building designed and marketed as containing only "bachelor pads" would violate the Federal Fair Housing Act, which prohibits discrimination based on gender or "familial status."

Who was that on the sex tape on the bachelor pad?

Who is the craziest female in the history of girls or women on the Bachelor or Bachelorette...Vienna..Yes that was her and Kasey. People criticised Ashley but I don't believe Ashley is a bad person..and I have never seen a more demented female than Vienna...and Kasey seems to not be quite normal they are probably right for each other..she is like a snake Vienna, Kasey is immature and easily lead and Jake really believes there can be ''closure'' with a psycho maniac such as Vienna. She is the craziest of all the women there..although there are only a few sane ones most of them are crazy. This is a show that is full of sex and backstabbing and some of the competition may be alright but not that which goes on behind the backs of others...

I only like Ella..She made it clear she is there for the money. I think Ames is ok and Jackie, Michael Stagliano is still in love with Holly but Holly is immature even though she is 28 years old and Blake flirts with Holly., Melissa the mental Melissa and with somebody else. He is after sex and money even though he says he wants to donate some of the money if he wins to a good cause..Xrated Jason is gone...Gia is ok but she won't last long as everybody seems to have sided with Kasey and Vienna and that alone shows they are crazy to be on their side..I don't like jake Pavolka either because he must have control issues and likes to control his he must have made some mistakes with Vienna he admitted that but Vienna a lowdown w h o re...I like watching ''the Bachelor'' or ''the Bachelorette'' but this is a too crazy show..I won't watch what happens next week on Bachelor pad. This is too shallow for words what's going on there..x I turn the TV on when they air the last show to see who will win the $ 250.000 and that's it. x

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Why is there a word for “bachelor pad” but you never hear of something called a “bachelorette pad”?

Sure there is, I looked it up and there’s an Urban Dictionary article for it. Urban Dictionary: bachelorette pad

Are Kirk and Ella still together on Bachelor Pad?

Chris Harrison did twitter about it i guess a lot of fans were curious, they are just good friends he announced.

What are some good ideas for some great bachelor pad art?

Well, art really is in the eye of the beholder so whatever you like to look at is going to be a good starting point.More constructively, I think it’s worth breaking out your pad by rooms and what you want the art to add to the room.Your main living room is where you something big, bold and conversation worthy. It should be something you want to look at – a lot – and that will get people talking. Depending on your budget, this would be a good place to invest in a piece of art from a local artist if there are affordable galleries or artists working around you. You can look out for artist open house days when smaller artist open up their studios.Alternatively, there’s a huge range of contemporary art prints out there will help you get something a bit more unique than just another print from Ikea. For example, from this site alone, if you prefer patterns over images, a Kandinsky (first two pics below) or Heron (third one) print can bring some energy to a room:In your bedroom, something more abstract can help add some color and life to the room without breaking the restfulness you ultimately want. Something like a Rothko would be good here.Finally, if you have a movie/games/music space, this is the best place for some classic entertainment artwork. Look for vintage movies posters or alternative designs for your favorite movies.If you’re more into music, pick up posters of your favorite bands or you could frame vinyl. You can also get some cool art actually made from old LPs which could work.Whatever you choose, just make sure that you like it first – and that it’s something you’re happy to share with your friends, parents and dates. So avoid anything too rude and, if you go the poster route, be sure to frame them – it’s a bachelor pad, not your dorm.