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Why Am I Acting Weird Lately

I've been acting and feeling weird lately?

2 guys were messing with u and u almost flipped out is normal.You don't say how old you are.We go through stages in our lives.Just as your taste buds change so dose your taste & everything else.Your resistance is down so you will pick up bugs easier,colds,flu, etc.Your no doubt meant Mrs.stress it will play havoc on you.Get a program before u gt called bipolar.If you think meds will help try it.I wouldn't recommend it cause it always causes other symptoms,but for a quick fix it will calm you.Change a few things at least try.If u don't get sunlight your missing important vitamins.I hope all will be well.Your going through some kind of chang even that will change.

Why is my cat acting weird lately?

She is eating, drinking, sleeping, and using the litter box all properly, but she is being extra clingy lately. She will not leave me alone - she will follow me everywhere, meowing at me for seemingly no reason. Then when I don't give her attention for even a minute, she will go to things that she knows are not allowed, like getting into the kitchen cabinets, going up on the upstairs stair banister where she could fall and hurt herself. She has even done things like meowing at me while I am in the shower. She will not let me sleep - she will jump up on the bed every 30 minutes and just meow at me until I wake up and pet her. I'm exhausted. I don't get it. She has never acted like this before. She has been acting like this for days.

My dad is acting weird lately, any advice?

Last night my dad smacked my ***. He has been acting really weird ever since I turned 18. I am now 28 and he still acts like he is coming on to me. I know how this sounds, but I am serious. My mom became a man when I was 20, and then it really picked up. Every time my dad tries to do something to me, he yells give me more. I woke up a couple of days ago with him in my bed. What should I do

My penis has been acting weird lately?

Im 16 yrs old and I watch porn. I heard it causes erectile dysfunction and im worried because ive been getting weak erections lately worse than ever. I masturbate twice a day maximum. Some days are off some i do it once only. It came to the point where im 70-80 percent hard all the time but when i nearly reach orgasm its 100 percent. However, if i see a very hot girl not on porn or get a sex thought, i can get 100 percent hard immediately. Ive also been losing my sensitivity because i do it without lube sometimes. My penis is also circumsised so its less sensitive already. And i cant stop jacking off i seriously cant even read or study because i havent rubbed one off yet it frusterates me.

Why is my friend acting weird?

This usually happens in relationship.You've share everything and took his guidance for a long duration. Now he got used to it and has become over protective.At present he is getting a feeling that you are spending more time with others which is making him feel insecured.Everything you miss with him knowingly or unknowingly will be documented as one more instance of ignorance.He may even consider you as a thankless person as you started ignoring him when you got other friends to rely on.By what ever I could make out it seems like he is going through mixed emotions of being over protective and insecured.You need to be very careful handling him.Express more: more you express what you feel for him more he'll understand his place in your life. Be honest and don't play with words thinking that he may be in love with you. What he feels is for him to express but only you can clearly express your feelings to him so that he doesn't assume anything.Avoid appeasement: be sensitive but don't give in just to please him. He has already started expecting lot of things from you. You need to arrest this situation as early as possible. Expectations kills relationship lot of time, sooner you address better. It is good to have a small argument initially than to lose relationship for ever.Be patient: Such relationship issues takes time to resolve. Be patient and give relationship time to heal by itself. It's good that one of you realised something is wrong so address it with care and patience. Soon everything will be normal once again.All the best.. . . . !!!!

My dog has been acting weird lately. could she be pregnant?

Yes she could be. Contact your vet.

EDIT: All the other users are saying to abort the puppies. That's your choice and no one elses. Yes there are dogs in shelters but these puppies could live happy lives. You could keep them if you have enough money, or find good homes for all of them.

I've been acting really weird lately...What's wrong with me?

It may be hormonal, especially with the ages you mentioned. If you can suppress the need to react to things or animals, I would suggest you ask your mother/father to take you to a Medical Doctor (not a pediatrician) and have them do a blood panel work up. You also may just want to take an IQ test, you may be far more Intelligent than most and have become "bored" with learning things that you may already know. ( I cannot explain that, but an IQ test would be helpful in narrowing down if your level is high how you are dealing with it day to day). Have you introduced new foods into your diet lately, sometimes there actually is a physical reason related to some of your attempt to "feel" something and feeling "cold-hearted". If you have been sick recently, I have heard who some viruses have caused behavioral changes. Just know that today you were completely honest on this post (to the best you could be) and that it is a step in the right direction to ask why and sense you don't want to be this way, that something may be "wrong" in what you have been doing.

You will be fine, just think "outside" the box and take a step in the direction of possibly being in better "mental health".

My best friend has been acting weird lately?

In the summer she will be moving across the country and she never tells me about it. Like if they're for sure moving (she always tells me she might finish high school here). She's been acting standoff-ish for the past like two months. My other friends are so talkative and so easy to keep a convo going. When I talk to her it's like she doesn't want to talk. Ever.
With other people she's always talking but with me it's so hard to keep a convo going lately.
She'll ask to hang out over the weekend, then never follow up on it and I feel annoying because I'm always the one making plans.
She cancels plans constantly to 'get her eyebrows done', go shopping with her mom and run errands with her what why would you want to run errands with your mom.
Should I confront her? What would I even say? I honestly feel she just dislikes me now. Does it have to do with her moving?

Sorry this was all over the place. And sorry if I sound bitchy in this I just need some advice on what to do. Gnsbahsnkfll I'm sad

I've been acting strange lately, what's wrong with me?

Are you a teenager? An adult? Older? As a teenager, your body grows rapidly so your brain doesn't have time to adjust. As an adult, your body also goes through changes. Different changes. Your brain's frontal lobes become highly reasonable. Insurance rates drop because you're more responsible. When you become old, body parts start to hurt. Just like anything else that's been used years and years. You also start to lose memories.What kind of changes are you going through in details? Beginning a werewolf?

My stomach has been acting weird lately after i stopped eating for awhile..why?

About a week and a half ago i didn't eat for two days NOTHING because of my vomiting phobia and im 13 years old by the way... then i ate the next day and my stomach kept hurting and when i eat i get a little nausea's... my dad said it's just because my stomach needs to get used to having food in it's stomach again.. its so annoying though! nothing i cant handle but i just hate it ... i usually eat tons of food but now i barely eat a full meal but i am very skinny i have an extremely fast metabolism which cause's me to become more hungry does that effect why i am feeling this way too?.. and when im not eating my stomach growls and gargles (its begging for food) ... is what my dad said true or is it something else.... ? please answer im scared HELP ~ thank you ~ (: