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Why Am I So Aggressive Playing Sports

As compared to the average person? It's evolution. Genes give us better odds of survival and procreation. Competition is key to both.We live in a materialistic world, because showing dominance, and collecting nice things (wealth) raises our status. Individuals with high status are able to attract high status mates, which improves the odds of survival of their offspring.Just for attempting to raise our status, the brain rewards us, with either serotonin or dopamine. Unless we learn better, every emotional impulse is rewarded. This includes being mean, bullying, showing off, getting angry, shouting, and striking out at others.Everyone should learn to control their emotions. If you do, then you will have many more options, in which to respond to the world. You will become unpredictable, and a much more interesting person.

Why am i so aggressive?

I just dont know why but I am super aggressive to people who are generally mean to others but I get along fine with nice people. I was a very sensitive kid at age 12 very apologetic and a people pleaser. As I grew older I started to see the mean side of people as i became more aware of my surroundings. I started noticing people talking and laughing about me when i did something random just for fun. I noticed all the mean comments people gave when I was genuinely nice to them, people ignored me , acted like they were too good to talk to me and all sorts of other uncalled for things. Eventually as they hurt me each time I got more aggressive in my thoughts and began to retaliate, I would go from calm to irate in no time at all and people started to saying I was bipolar, I really became a monster. As I grew older however I leartn how to control my anger with help of anger management courses but recently I had a major relapse, when a taxi driver outside a small airport totally ignored me when I tried to get her attention (Ignoring is my #1 pet peeve I feel that it shows total disregard for the other person's feelings) I knocked on the cab driver's window multiple times but although she saw and heard me she never responded and kept ignoring me. AND thats when I felt the rage coming back the one i thought i buried years ago and thats when I took 2 steps back and smashed the car window with my foot, Yes that got her attention alright she started screaming but there was noone around. I felt thrilled by the fact that she was responding to me so I broke a second window and started to laugh and she started to call the police but I just calmly walked away and dissappeared from the scene. Im 20 btw and I'm really scared that if I dont control myself Im gonna get, hurt killed or kill someone what should I do. I've already done anger management courses.

Why am i so aggressive?

Lashing out is probably your way of feeling in control. You likely lash out at those who you know can't do the same as you can to them. So you have this power rush. It helps build up your self esteem that you can have this kind of power over someone and it helps you temprorarily at least forget the times you felt powerless during the bad times in the past. What i would say is see if you can tranfser that anger into something self more productive. When you feel mad, maybe thats the time to go out and lift weights or play some hoops. You get the gist. Something physical to let out that aggression. And also remember that sometimes this anger, if you don't do soemthing about it and you ignore it, slowly your anger builds becuase you are more accepting of what you are donig and find a way to excuse it until it comes soemthing really grand and you can't control it. If you can get some counciling, that would be great. I know it is expensive but your longterm future and health is more important. But at least you took the first step now is looking for some help. Good for you.

Why am I so aggressive?

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Moon Sagittarius
Ascendant Scorpio
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Venus Cap
Mars Taurus
Jupiter Leo
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Pluto Scorpio
I don't have any aggressive signs in my chart. Taurus is a bull but they're aggressive in their stubbornness I think but I'm more outwardly aggressive. My older brother is an Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo rising and I am much more aggressive than he is but I don't realize it until he or I make a note of it. I don't like being like this all of the time but I can't help it, when someone provokes me or tries to be aggressive back I take it as competition and try to give it back 10 fold.

Sun Trine Midheaven 2.53 64
Moon Opposition Mars 4.14 -111
Mercury Conjunction Venus 6.04 236
Mercury Conjunction Uranus 1.14 386
Mercury Conjunction Neptune 3.32 259
Venus Conjunction Uranus 4.50 207
Venus Conjunction Neptune 9.36 14
Venus Trine Midheaven 7.52 1
Mars Trine Saturn 5.57 27
Mars Square Midheaven 3.42 -16
Jupiter Square Pluto 5.52 -2
Jupiter Square Ascendant 3.00 -25
Uranus Conjunction Neptune 4.46 105
Neptune Sextile Ascendant 2.42 13
Pluto Conjunction Ascendant 2.52 43

ANYTHING? I'm confused.

Why am i so aggressive all the time?

For a long time now i have been very aggressive. I get angry easily and hate being wrong, and when i am angry or wrong i feel i need to hit someone, and often do. either that or a locker or something. i really hate it, and i hate myself for it. sometimes my friends have even said "why are you so aggressive?". sometimes i even just start feeling angry for no reason and feel like i need to hit something. and sometimes i just suddenly feel panicky and scared, and just lay on the floor for 20 minutes. does anyone have any idea what is happening, and why i act this way? id prefer you answer why i am aggressive, but if you could tell me about my panics that would be good. if it helps im a 15 year old girl, normal weight.

Aggression could make you one of  two :1.  A better and respected person : For example, Rahul Dravid. He was aggressive, not in terms of sledging the bowler or in picking up a fight with the opposing team, but in terms of proving himself, proving his cricketing skills.2. Some other person but definitely not the above one So, I would suggest you to follow this saying" Stay calm and aggressive " - Gabrielle ReeceBeing aggressive is essential but it would be no use if you do not stay calm.

Why am I always angry and aggressive?

Believe it or not, but hormones can play a very large part in the way you behave and feel. Your anger problem could also be a chemical imbalance. And often this is the more direct approach when it comes to dealing with anger management. There are ways to deal with anger, but you have to be willing to get it done. There is also medication that can help too, but I wouldn't rely on them too much. I had an anger management problem too, but I've learned to overcome it. So.. I will share some tips that might help you.

First, yes.. turn to God and ask Him directly for help. If you are sincere, and keep praying, gradually, you'll feel less angry. Your anger is controlling you. Stop allowing it to. It is ok to become angry, but when it controls you to the point where you want to hurt yourself or someone, you must break free.

Second, discover an activity you can do when you feel angry. This should be considered a calming exercise. Sometimes a long walk by yourself can help clear the mind.

Third, remember those rules your parents taught? Please, thank you, you're welcome. Practice them to yourself out loud in a mirror. Have a conversation with yourself out loud and record it. Listen to how you sound. If you sound rude, keep practicing at it.

Fourth, when you look at people in the eye, smile. This will relax people, and it will relax you. Smiling is hard for some people, but with practice it can be done.

Fifth, you don't need to be obnoxious, loud, conceited, and annoying. This won't satisfy you at all, even if you feel that way. Rather, it will make you desire more of it until you become obsessed with making people despise you, despite your wish for the opposite.. Sometimes, a whisper is more powerful than an loud spoken word.

Sixth, talk to the same people you have trouble with. I would suggest one at a time. Tell them how you feel and ask how they feel. Tell them you want to help yourself and ask for their suggestions. They might be willing to lend an hand if you only ask.

Seventh, consider a form of martial arts if you can afford time and money. This is a great discipline form and can calm down anger if used correctly.

I hope you'll be okay in the mean time. Anger problems bite.

Why is my puppy so aggressive?

You got a lot of really bad advice along with a few good ideas. Make sure you sort it out. The advice on kids picking up puppies is right on. Generally speaking, puppies should not be picked up, especially if you are not able to support them very well. A bull terrier is a heavier pup and that weight can really tear at his undeveloped body if he's not being supported properly. I am sure he would be so much happier if he was left on the ground. As people, we like to affect our dogs but oftentimes the way we do it is seen by the puppy as aggression and dominance toward the pup. Petting over the top of his head and neck, approaching him head on and grabbing him are all very aggressive gestures to him. Some people have said you need to show him who's boss. There's some truth to that but try showing him kindness that he can understand will go a long way to preventing conflict in the first place. If his inappropriate behavior was provoked, you need to put an end to the provocation first. Use a leash and a crate to prevent the problem from happening rather than punishing the dog. Do everything to set the puppy up for success. Make it nearly impossible for him to get in trouble and if he's not the one starting the trouble, then remove him from the conflict instead of punishing him. On the other hand if the pup does something inappropriate without provocation he needs to have a clear message that his behavior is inappropriate. Popping him on the snout is not it. If he is responding to correction with snarling, you didn't do it right. You did it in a way that the dog either thinks you're a jerk or want to play rough. First off, you should never hit a dog to correct him. Never hit him with anything anywhere, period. Correct him with a pop on his collar using a pull tab or leash. If you cannot pop him hard enough to send him into avoidance with a flat collar you may need a prong collar. You will know when he goes into avoidance because he won't be snarling at you. He will show that he wants to get out of the conflict right away. On the other hand, if he won't return to play for a long time, then you corrected him too hard. Probably you've got to do a lot of work to earn this dog's respect first and there may be no reason to correct him at all. From what you wrote, the only thing he did that you didn't like was provoked and instead of taking away the provocation, you just provoked him more.