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Why Am I So Obsessed With Having A Baby And Children

Why are women obsessed with having kids?

Personally, I have a difficult time understand this as well, even being a woman. But I can at least attempt to analyze or empathize. I suppose women have that biological clock ticking, even if they may be unaware of it. Not all women are obsessed with having children but most of us really look forward to it. On one hand, I don't think it's right for her to pressure you into having children when she has known from the get-go that you're not interested in parenthood. On the other hand, if you're equally as important to her as having a child, she probably ought to at least have a serious discussion with you about it; she may be toying with the idea of an ultimatum, unfortunately. Maybe her only reasoning for trying to "convert" you is that she doesn't want to lose you but also doesn't want give up this newfound desire to birth a child.

Motherhood is sooo complicated for women. I wouldn't be surprised if she's felt this way for a long time but has been trying to repress the desire because she knows how you feel about it. And that's a flattering gesture, if you ask me.

Best wishes.

Why am I so obsessed with having a baby?

I know it's bad but it is like everyone of my friends is having a baby.... They have this little thing that is so cute and is so loved. I can't stop thinking about baby's it's always on my brain... I don't know what to do. I have a puppy , kittens , I baby sit my cousins. I did a reporter on statistics of teen pregnancy and what it would do for my future. I know that it is by no mean ping if the word easy to raise a child.. But I'm in high school , doing college classes,I'm a cheerleader , drama club member, Fbla , FFA , key club member. I'm looking for a job , going to get my drivers license soon. I've been saving money since my birthday but I'm just not sure what to do anymore... Nothing will get my mind off of baby's. I'm 17 and I'm 4/7-8 I don't know what's wrong with me!!

Why am i so obsessed with having a baby?

So pretty much all my life i've thought about being a mother. Everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant on accident and my husband isn't even ready for a baby. i don't know what to do. i think about it non-stop. ive tried explaining to him that i don't just want it, i feel like i need it. all of my friends had to trick their husbands into having a child by just pretending to take their birth control and i don't want to have to do that to him just to have a baby. :( im online all the time looking at websites about being pregnant and the diets to be on and stuff. im sick of being obsessed.

Why are some women so obsessed with babies and children it is all they ever talk about. Don't they realise how boring it is?

I know what you mean!!I, respectfully, don’t agree to the answers which say that kids topics are boring for those who don’t have kids.I do understand that people are obsessed with their kids.. I am obsessed with mine too, but I don’t want to ever keep bragging about what she did and how did she react etc etc to everyone except Her Father and grannies.My experience says that if you are with someone obsessed with their kids, all they do is talk and NOT LISTEN to others. Many a times, I have been in the groups where everyone talks and no one listens. Those kind of conversations doesn’t lead anywhere. And, unfortunately, you can’t do much about it. As someone said, kids are their world, so we need to respect it and excuse ourselves from those people.I have also experienced a phase when I was trying hard, really hard, to get pregnant. That was the time I used to avoid all the overly obsessed parents. It was just me and my world. And it worked for me.Now, after I became a parent, I promised myself I will never go gaga about my daughter.Every child is precious but so is every individual. Choose your topics and discussions based on the audience interest and more importantly bring varieties to your interest!!! Don’t ever get overly obsessed with your kids.

(Long.. but plz advice!) Boyfriend OBSESSED with having a baby.. HELP!?

Well, frankly i have no idea about pregnancies or anything, but i've heard lots and seen movies and such, and personally it sounds to ME like HE is the one who can't have babies if he has been with other women who could not have babies with him but with others. Also, i personally don't think you should have sex outside of marriage. I think if you love someone and you are the age your at you should marry. I don't know what to say about your son, except i think you should try to spend time with him. I find it scary reading this hearing how obsessed this man is about having babies. I am sure he loves you, but if he truly loves you, he needs to respect the fact that you don't want anymore kids.

What is with these women obsessed with having babies?

There seems to be a this generation of women reverting back to the 50s style of becoming obsessed with having babies, and then with motherhood and their children.

Ambitious & intelligent women have made amazing advancements to technology, education, sciences.

Knowing everything we know, especially with all the opportunities offered to us, I simply can't wrap my mind why these women exist.

My sister-in-law is one of them. Although I love her, she finished high school and all she's has been focused on was getting married and having babies. Now that she's a mother, the world around her does not exist, it's all about baby. All she ever talks about is the baby, and no interest in self-improvement, knowledge acquisition, anything. There are many other women out there liker her.

It seems rather counter-productive to the human race and especially to the female gender.

Some insight into this would be very much appreciated.

Why are some women so obsessed with baby toes?

I think baby toes, feet are one of the most endearing of a baby/child. In India, touching feet of elders is to seek blessings. The same way children are considered a form of god. When my kids were little, I touched their little toes, felt blessed to have them and blessed to have an opportunity to bring them in this world and care for them. It is a powerful emotion. It is reverence towards creation of life in a tiny, absolute, beautiful and endearing form.

Why are parents so obsessed with having unique names for their kids without thinking about how that name will affect the child in the future?

Because our first world societies have become ME-centric.All that is important is how *I* feel…do what *I* want to do.“*I* want *MY* child to show how unique *I* am…I mean, they are.”There were always interesting names out there…but they were usually (with some exception) tied to things like cultural significance.It’s probably because we have seen a long stretch of good times…and good times breed weak men…who only care about themselves.

Is it unhealthy to be "obsessed" with your child (children)?

Some women with co-dependency issues get so enmeshed in their childrens lives that it is unhealthy for the child.

The Moms suffer real separation anxiety and find ways to sabotage the child's natural and normal developmental stages. The idea that the child may have a life that is not centered on them is both frightening and maddening to such mothers. It often takes professional help to get these families back on track.

Other mothers are just so self centered that they don't see that their children are not wrapped up in every thing their mothers do.
They seem like they are wrapped up in their children but they are wrapped up in their own needs, forcing their children to accomdate their plans and often interacting inappropriately (like attending a HS dance because it will be so much fun and I want to see the hot guys my girl likes.)

A parents job is to raise children that can function in the real world. Children are NOT the parents personal entertainment centers.

Why are people so obsessed with procreation/having kids?

If your mom wouldn't have wanted children, you wouldn't be here. Having chldren is what makes life worth living. A child is worth all the money in the world. Why do you care what other people do? If you don't want to procreate, that's your choice. But, you shouldn't persecute others for their choice. If you were told you could never have children, you might feel differently.