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Why Am I The Hairiest And Shortest Girl In My Family

Which countries are stereotyped as having unattractive men?

Some more that haven’t been mentionedJapan - Much like Korean men, Japanese men are often assumed to be Chinese at first, and Chinese men, and East Asian men in general, are not perceived to be attractive. But the specific stereotype of Japanese men is that they are very unromantic, weak and feeble, and worst of all effeminate. It’s true that we still live in a world where things are still very gendered, that very few women want to be with men who are sensitive and overly obsess about their fashion tastes.Britain - British people in general are stereotyped across Europe for being unattractive. There are many beautiful people in this country, but I do have to agree that there are fewer women that turn heads in town than anywhere else that I’ve been in the world. And while I personally think British men are actually more attractive than women on average, they are often understood to be heavy drinking alcoholics, have poor taste in clothes, bad skin, and distinctly overweight at an early age.Eastern Europe - Russian men have already been mentioned, but this stereotype of “ugly men, unbelievably beautiful women” seems to apply to the whole of the former Eastern bloc. I’ve only really been to one Eastern European country, and I was baffled to frequently come across couples in their 40s and 50s with overweight hairy middle aged men married to women who seemed to have aged incredibly well like Halle Berry. Even among younger couples, there are many visibly unattractive, brutish men dating supermodels. The women there were so gorgeous there that I would be constantly distracted whenever I was out on the streets. The men pale in comparison.

I used to be tall now why am i short?

Well I'm the guy what was always one of the tallest in his class every year up until year 9 when i was about 10th/55 boys and year 10 20th but now i'm about 42nd tallest in grade 11.

In year 7 i was measured to be about 5'8 and right now in 11th grade i'm only 5'10
I have alot of facial, and armpit etc hair, and my voice isn't that deep but its well and truely broken (all happened around yr 6-7). However people say at age 16 i look about 14 and my face hasn't really matured since about 14 years old?

So I was wandering whether i was set for another growth spurt or something to look older, and the explanation for why i used to be (before puberty) one of the tallest and now I'm one of the shortest?

btw my dads 6'2 and mums 5'1

What race has the longest eyelashes?

You ppl make everything into a race thing, damn.

Why is my younger bro farther into puberty than me?


Wow, that would really suck in my opinion. My daughter is just a yr older than my son, and from the time they were about 4 & 3, he was taller than her. This made her angry for years, because it didn't seem fair and people thought he was older than her. It was a problem until they got to puberty where most boys end up taller than girls anyway.

In your situation, it kind of has to do with ur 'manhood', so I'd think it would be especially irritating.

It not common, but it's not really unusual either.
The reason for that is that we all start puberty at different times, anywhere from age 11 to 15 is normal. In the same way that kids in a family will usually have the same color hair, or end up close to the same height, usually boys in a family will start puberty about the same time.
However, as with those other things, it can be different with every sibling.

my brother was the shortest in his class until he was a sr in high school becuz he started puberty late. i was as tall as i am now in 8th grade cuz i started when i was ur bro's age. even though he started later, he is taller than me as an adult.
it wasn't really an issue with us becuz he is 10 yrs older than me. I'm just pointing it out as an example of how 2 bros w/ the same parents can start at drastically different ages.

But, where he is starting puberty is normal, and where u r starting puberty is normal. It definitely has its negatives, where u r used to being the older, bigger brother. Don't give up on being in athletics (if that's what u like) because ur brother may be bigger or more athletic. If u like it, do it anyway - same goes for other activities.
On a positive note, in some ways u can almost b like twins. U can compare ur progress in puberty and talk about ur feelings u r developing toward girls, masturbation, etc, because u'll b going thru it at the same time.

He's still going to look to u for advice and leadership, cuz that's what younger bros do. So be a good brother and don't get defensive or feel like u have to prove anything to him.

Will I grow taller I'm 13 and my dad is very hairy and I have a bit of hair on my stomach and a noticeable small mustache?

The details you added to your comments in Salma Said's answer to Will I grow taller I'm 13 and my dad is very hairy and I have a bit of hair on my stomach and a noticeable small mustache? are much more useful pieces of information to answer your question, than just your age and hair situation.Facial and body hair are good cues to help figure out if a person will keep growing, under certain circumstances, like an 18 year old boy who still has no facial hair is likely to keep growing, even if he is well over 6 feet tall. And a 13 year old boy with short parents and a full beard might be done growing, even at 5′6″.The details that helped me to know how to answer your question is the height of your father and your present height. Being 5′10″ at age 13 is tall, but any boy with a 6′6″ tall father is likely to grow to over six feet tall.For a link to a good height estimation calculator, see Shulamit Widawsky's answer to How do you calculate how much are you are supposed to weigh based on your gender, weight, height, etc.?