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Why Are Asian Men Seen As The Least Masculine

Why are asian men seen as the least masculine?

Because some Asian male celebs look androgynous. Westerners look at them, make generalisations, plug them into existing stereotypes, add a dollop of white male insecurity and viola! you have a new stereotype.

Another reason is because Asians don't have the macho jock culture. Physical strength and brashness is seen as the epitome of masculinity in the West. In Confucian societies, masculinity is measured by fulfillment of male responsibility. It's the different ideals of masculinity btw the 2 cultures. Western men are often perceived as immature by Asians.

Why do Asian guys seem less masculine?

Of course, we are talking about East Asian men right? I was a bit hesitant to answer this question because I saw so many other questions like, “Is it true that Asian males are the most undesirable?” somewhere around that line and I chose this question since it popped up. The answer is soley based on my experiences so it can be different from others.I do see some scrawny, short, and feminine looking Asian males around. Don't get me wrong, I've also seen some scrawny, short, and feminine looking white, blacks, and Latinos too. But for sure, I see more Asian males who seem less masculine than others. So, there's probably a genetic reason and a little bit on their diet.But I'm not sure why some people like the OP have the notion of MOST Asian males being less masculine when it's only the quarter true . Why are Asian males less attractive according to some people on the internet? Is this a way to separate the Asians from sticking each other and love their women? Lol.I'm not sure about others but I'm 5′10 and 200 pounds. Maybe I'm genetically gifted that I'm not a scrawny and short East Asian. While I was called a dog eating virgin by a white lady because I fired her, I was dating a Chinese woman at the time and while I never got to try some dog meat. So, I should be called a virgin of dog eating instead. Lol.These days, I'm dating a Vietnamese woman. I'm a Korean and I would date a Korean woman but I don't see many around where I live. Besides, I've been approached by a Mexican woman, Indian woman, a few Vietnamese women, and more. So, I'm not sure how I could be less masculine when they all said that I'm a great man.I have a feeling that many people are buying into the stereotype like the OP. Just within the last month, I was approached by 2 black women too. One of the girls accused me of being a racist for refusing the offer of “let's just have some fun" while I was having a date night with my girlfriend.Do people really think that all Asian men are lonely and desperate? I'm not sure because I'm going out tonight with 2 women to eat and drink. So, I'm not quite sure if most Asian guys are less masculine or people are just saying that to make Asian people angry. Seriously, that's not what she said. :)

Ladies: if asian men are the Least Masculine, how come the Mongol Empire ruled Eastern Europeans for 300 years?

ANd Eastern European men are white...

The Mongol Empire (Mongolian: listen (help·info) Mongol-yn Ezent Güren; Cyrillic: Монголын эзэнт гүрэн), initially named as Greater Mongol State (Mongolian: Ikh Mongol Uls) was a great empire during the 13th and 14th centuries. Beginning in the Central Asian steppes, it eventually stretched from Eastern Europe to the Sea of Japan, covered Siberia in the north and extended southward into Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and the Middle East. It is commonly referred to as the largest contiguous empire in the history of the world. At its greatest extent it spanned 6,000 mi (9,700 km), covered an area of 33,000,000 km2 (12,700,000 sq mi),[1] 22% of the Earth's total land area, and held sway over a population of 100 million.

Why are asian men seen as so.... weak?

Asian men are more reserved than white men. They are more, for lack of a better word, shy.

Are white men seen as less masculine compared to black men?

Stereotypically, yes but masculinity does not mean its good. IE) Violent, rebellious, Unorganized, etc. are masculine traits. Blacks are seen as hypermasculine whereas whites are “well-rounded”. Asians on the other hand contrast with Blacks. They’re seen as the least masculine. Again, these are Stereotypes and they’re bullshit. In fact, countries like Japan and korea tend to have more masculine men than in the West. But again, inwant to emphasize that being masculine isn’t always a good thing.

Why are Asian women seen as most feminine and Black women seen as more masculine?

Its all stupid, people just look for a reason to insult BW for everything, but how are BW seen as maculine physically when the media see our features as so sexy and feminine?? Hollywood seems to obsess over full lips and round butts/hips right now. They try to make it seem like White women in the media for some messed up reason, but its Black women who look more like that in real life, and Black women vary in looks. I wear a size 2 and still have curves and wear a C cup, I think people in the U.S are just obsessed with bashing BW and making us seem bad in ANY way they can. I live in California, Asians aren't so sweet and innocent, most of the younger ones ehre cuss and act just like most other women.

@Brendan: Women with large breasts have more testosterone than others, does that make boobs a manly feature?? You rarely meet a girl with large breasts and very feminine/shapely body with a squeaky high voice because of that. Its usually seen as a SENSUAL voice, like Kathleen Turner type of voice.

Ugh Gosh I can't stand Americans, are Asian women and Black women treated the same in society? Same history? So why would they act the same? Look at these answers of people praising Asians and then bashing Black women and then Black women should somehow look at men like this and act nice and polite to them? Come on, you people are crazy. Black women in the WORLD are not loud and assertive. Its like talking to 5 y/o in this section.

Why do most women find east asian men so unattractive?

i notice white women , black women , and latinas, and asian women are not into asian men while asian women are the most desired. I have seen latinas, black, asian and white women being disgusted at the thought of dating asian men
why is this?

Are Asian men the least datable among the races?

I'm dating an Asian; and I find them to be quite sexy.

Are East Asian men generally or stereotypically less attractive? Why?

It's not a stereotype if it is true. Asians are generally shorter, although I am not saying Asians all are. I am allowed to say that because I am Asian. When I landed in Narita from LAX it is like arriving in uglyville.There are several traits that make people attractive. Being tall, outgoing, having slimmer face, long and protruding nose, deep eye socket and strong chin are generally considered more attractive, while they are not as prevalent in Asians as in Caucasians.  One thing to notice is that these traits that I have mentioned are considered good even when Asians have yet to met Caucasians. Also Asians have shorter legs and a longer upper body in general.Aside from physical features, culturally Asians are not attractive as well. Asians have this "abiding the rules" culture and are usually not as spontaneous, while the caucasian culture tends to have a more enjoy the life kind of culture. In Iran, even thought they have banned most alcohol consumption and party and such, people still risk being found out and party outside of the town. In China it is not illegal and people still almost never party. Sure we go to KTV and we drink, but not in a do crazy stuff and releasing all stress kind of way. Most Asian countries, like Japan SK or China have this generally depressing atmosphere. Americans, clearly have a more "bad boy" vibe, and we both know that bad boys are hot.That said, I am Asian and I am tall and muscular with great nose, high cheekbones, deep eye sockets and full forehead, not to mentions the strong jaw lines which the majority of Asians have. All these supposedly unattractive features will be less prevalent when Asians mix more in the future. For example, there are three origins of Chinese and each have really strong good or bad features. As a mix of everything I have gotten all the nice features and average face is a good thing. We have much nicer skin and I will look 30 when I am 50. Seriously one of my Asian professor is 50 and he looks 25, no wrinkles of any kind which is just incredible.I am gonna say it again that mixed genes is hot. Gradually over time Asian genes will be more mixed and we can all put this problem away