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Why Are Black Conservatives So Vilified By Libs And The Mainstream Media

What stereotypes did hippies and mainstream ameriacans made about each other?

Hippies were mostly rich, white, college kids who rebelled against their parents. Hippies experimented with everything that was mainstream/conventional. Things like mind-altering drugs, morals and values, the nuclear family, relationships, honesty, idealism, etc. Then when many of them were older, they went back to live the lives they rebelled against. They were only experimenting.
"Mainstream Americans" were hippie's parents and also working class people who didn't have opportunities and worked their lives in factories, etc. Their motto was "America love it or leave it" and they hated seeing young kids with many opportunities degrade a country some of them had fought for in WWII. These people were conservative and the mind-altering drug they used was cigarettes and alcohol. Look up Archie Bunker on You tube. Archie was the conservative and "Meathead" was the hippie.

Proof that the History Channel has conservative bias?

The History Channel prefers to dabble in fantasies about aliens and mythology, rather than actual history. I assume it's become actual history doesn't get good ratings, so they're trying to gear their programming to the lowest common denominator. That is, they have a stupidity bias.

Red necks who believe Obama is the anti-Christ or a Muslim fit into that demographic.