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Why Are Broke Men So Delusional

Why are Pisces women so delusional, and it's encouraged by astrologers?

Astrologers frequently forget to mention the unforgivable traits of this sign's women (men too, but in a less prissy way)... They tend to think they are a gift, that all men like them and if they don't they should, and they seem to think they are skilled at getting what they want. What they're skilled at is deceiving people into thinking they are actually victims of anything.
The most whiny & secretly self-absorbed sign, I'm never dating one again. :D

Why are humans so delusional and selfish?

If you are motivated by being challenged and solving problems give a shot at Innocentive: Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Prize Competitions There are other similar sites listed on this page: Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing ExamplesThe world has always been the way it is and shall be so as long as it is there. Earlier most where ignorant due to lack on information. Now there is information access and the associated fear and pain. Life isn't fair but it's good nonetheless. Amongst all other living species, except human-beings, every living member has to fend for themselves every single day and nothing is passed on from one generation to the other. If humans had been really selfish, everyone, you and I would still be running around naked some place on this earth looking for food and water and fighting for survival.Only those who are well fed can say that they don't care whether an ice-cream or pie is served in dessert. Only those who have their basic necessities met can say that they don't care whether earn a million or not. Only those for whom survival isn't a struggle can say that they don't care about fighting (competing).We are all selfish. We have to be. We don't have a choice in that respect. If we stop being selfish we cease to be.This (according to you) shitty world wants you be a competitive player in it's system. And you want it to change and be a playing field where you can excel. Whose degree of selfishness is more?It's simple: it's all about numbers!! Majority wins.

Why doesn't logic work on delusional people? Why are delusions reinforced by a persons's social network so difficult to treat? Why are they immune from logic, evidence, and reasoning when they are effective in other parts of that person's life?

Why doesn't logic work on delusional people? Why are delusions reinforced by a persons's social network so difficult to treat? Why are they immune from logic, evidence, and reasoning when they are effective in other parts of that person's life?Question details define "delusional" according to DSM V.Logic doesn't work on non-delusional people either. You will never see a logical advertisement because logic does not motivate anyone to do anything including buying your product, service, political candidate, or religion. What you see is false logic that manipulates feelings. For example, a current antihistamine advertises that it fixes 6 (count-em, 6) allergic reactions while other antihistamine products only fix 1 allergic reaction. The commercial then goes on to claim that "6 is better than 1." This fits most people's definition of logic.The fact that Benadryl, one of the very first antihistamines, actually works better than almost everything discovered since is never mentioned. If you want real relief, one Benadryl every 4 hours will work much better - but it has a side-effect of making you sleepy until you have taken it for a few days and gotten used to it. However, it is apparently "logical" that another pill that does not work as well is superior because you only have to take 1 pill a day. It is also apparently "logical" that another pill that doesn't work as well is better because it doesn't make you sleepy.So the simple answer is that logic doesn't work very well on anybody, but manipulation of feelings does work, so it must, logically, be better. You've opened a door for me, so that I can find out what I think.I've opened a door for you, so that you can find out what You think.Enter at your own risk.

Cancer men are confusing?

I am a libra woman and ended my relationship with a cancer man.Our relationship was healthy sex, comm,etc.He broke it off cuz I told him I love him.but yet he said he was happy w/me and I didn't do nothing wrong. If I wouldn't have told him he would of kept the relationship going.(we were together for a year) in the beg.he told me loved me and i told him are you sure? the next month he said take it slow . months passed and I told him how I felt . Also the weekend we broke it off Friday he said he wanted to be with me but we can't because the way I feel and the relationship isn't going anywhere then the next day completely distant telling me he doesn't care for me as a gf that he wasn't in reality???He still has me on social media and only likes certain pictures like my coaching (basketball ) I texted him for my stuff back about a week ago and he made the excuse that he couldn't drop it off so I left it alone.Tbh I am really hurt because of our relationship was so healthy..people have told me he's afraid of commitment but it's not like I was asking for marriage.I am really confused by this? ? Other people say hell contact me but I doubt it he was the one that ended it..What hurts me is that he acts like Nothing bothers him and I'm taking it bad.what's the deal? Does family affect his perspective meaning his mom and dad are separated but she goes out a lot with friends and getaways with men..

Does being broke justify sleeping with married men?

You mean you want to be a sex worker?I’m not against the concept, but I think it helps one’s business to be honest and clear about the services one provides.

I broke up with my boyfriend and now he wants me to move in. Why?

Ask him.Seriously, we don’t have a clue.Or roll a dice and pick one of the following:He though you were jokingThe breakup is so beyond his understanding that his mind haven’t register it at all and will not, everHe thinks that it’s the reason you broke up with him, so he tries to fix it - my brother dated a girl that broke up with him cause “he didn’t proposed”, he returned with flowers and a ring right the next day, of course she went “what the fuck?” and throw him out, but the lesson is this - never-ever use a reason to break up like “you haven’t proposed”, “you didn’t wanted children”, “I wanted to move our relationship forward”, “we should live together by now” and expect it will be over, because some guys will take the hit like a man, throw their dignity away, and get you what you wanted even the next day - and if you told him “it’s over because we don’t live together” then you shouldn’t be surprised he offers you to move in (disclaimer: it doesn’t work on all guys)Because you are in a tragic situation with no roof above your head and he is offering you a home even if you aren’t together anymoreBecause he thinks you will accept even if you aren’t together and he will start fixing things after you move in - or at least his delusions say so - like when a girl lives with her parents and he doesn’t and he thinks that the most important step in life is to move out from parents home and he thinks everybody is like that and this is the most important step for everybody so he offers you to move in (move out from your parents) because this would the the most important thing in your life - and then when you live with him you will change you mind “somehow”/”magically”Because you were looking for a place (you may couple this with the previous point)Because he is possessiveBecause he is social awkward…

Why is my ex girlfriend jealous of my new girlfriend?

My ex broke up with me and told me that she still wants to be close friends and hang out. so I cut her off completely and removed everything that made me think her and threw it in the garbage. I deleted her number and off of social media. I ignored all of her calls texts and snapchats.
Now I have a new girlfriend who is really nice and treats me with respect who I bring to college with me. The other day When I was on lunch we were hanging together and my ex just so happened to be there and she saw me just shook her head and walked away. I later got a text from a number and I knew it was my ex and she said "well that was very uncalled for, you ignore and avoid me and bring a new girl to school??? FINE!"
Why is she so jealous? She broke up with me and I took it like a man and moved on, what's her problem?

Why do people try to act rich and go broke in the process?

Trying to act rich (which is basically pretending or faking) is a sign of low self esteem. You ain't confident with who you are, you have nothing to offer, you don't believe in yourself, you ain't original, so you are going to act like someone (copying).People like this prefer impressing others with surface qualities that are superficial. They will put on a fake persona to try and fit in, flashing expensive items that they recently bought in an attempt to gain recognition. He or she will spend money on things they can't afford, rather than focusing on developing their potential. This person’s goal is popularity. They are seeking social status, even if it means faking to get it.The second person that goes broke is one who honestly has no priorities. They just don't have financial management skills. They live for pleasure. Every time is party time. They are honestly not trying to impress or act rich. They just believe in spending money on luxurious things and fun. If you ask them why they are doing this, they will tell you that life is too short. They have short attention spans, are afraid of being bored and alone, and most of the time are not willing to trade time for money. They seek shortcuts and stimulation. They need help Ha ha.