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Why Are Conservatives Always On The Wrong Side Of History

Have conservatives always been on the wrong side of history?

Why do u think theyre mostly made up of uneducated, rural white rednecks? they're nothing but the garbage of society

Why are conservatives always on the wrong side of history?

It's more fun to hateful than truthful.

Do conservatives ever feel they are on the wrong side of history?

No. Because over and again history shows that liberal policies cause heartache and death. Every war and mass genocide in history was perpetrated by a liberal. Let that sink in and then ask who is on the wrong side of history. Almost every serious problem we now experience in the United States stem from the liberal reforms of Wilson, FDR and LBJ.A few highlights—Institutional racism is a leftover of Wilson’s official sanction of government segregation. Wilson and FDR supported Jim Crow laws. FDR made it illegal to hire people of African-American, Hispanic and Asian descent. FDR even went so far as to deport Hispanic American Citizens and put Asian and Italian Citizens in camps. LBJ continued institutional racism with a policy of using racial politics (you also have to blame Nixon for continuing this) as a cornerstone of building a Democratic Party base. Have you ever seen the squalor of federal housing projects which liberals referred to as “voter farms.”The shrinking of the middle class and the lessening of upward mobility in the United States is directly tied to Wilson’s support of the income tax, FDR’s embrace of that tax and adding Social Security to it and LBJ’s “Guns and Butter” strategy making the income tax a permanent feature of American life. Two income families are now the norm because one income is needed to pay the tax burden.The health care cost problems in the Untied States are a direct result of FDR tying health insurance and shifting health costs to employers. LBJ threw gasoline on this fire by creating Medicare and Medicaid. Health care costs are now not controlled by what people can afford to pay but are set by the seemingly unending pockets of large corporations and government.Just to note—WWI— WilsonWWII— FDRVietnam— LBJHow much blood is on their hands?Ask now who is on the wrong side of history? These are just the highlights from three administrations. You could fill volumes to describe the death, destruction and suffering caused by liberals and liberal policies. I guess the only way you may be able to describe conservatives as on the wrong side of history is that they are often the victims of liberal aggression.

Who is more often on the “right side of history,” conservatives or progressives?

Since conservative opposes change and progressives embraces it, it’s not that hard to figure out: It’s progressives. If we had conservatives decide everything we’d still be stuck in the late 18th century.But only if you actually use the words to mean what they actually mean, which is often not how it’s used. For example, communists are often called progressives, when communism advocates revolution, and progressivism advocates reform. And communists are definitely on the wrong side of history.Likewise, the word “conservative” is often used to denote somebody that is for free trade, which is actually a progressive position, but since Republicans used to be for free trade in the 70’s and also call themselves conservatives, sometimes people think free trade is conservative.And this muddles the question enough to there not actually being a useful answer, unless you define “progressives” and “conservatives” in a clear manner.A more useful question is actually who has been more often on the right side of history of major ideologies, like socialism, liberalism, communism, conservatism, fascism, etc.And the answer is liberalism. Liberals already back in mid 1800’s proposed a democratic, capitalist society with progressive taxes, free trade, health care for all, education for all and a social safety net.And it’s completely insane that these things are still being discussed as if they are controversial in the USA. They aren’t anywhere else. Liberals won every single of those “debates” simply by reality proving them right every time.

Liberals: always on the wrong side of history?

According to the Supreme Court record, Conservatives fought against Americans who wanted slavery abolished. They fought against black Americans who wanted to vote. They fought against female Americans who wanted to vote. They fought against Americans who wanted to keep church and state separate. They fought against older and disabled Americans who wanted American public restrooms and sidewalks to accommodate wheelchairs. They fought against American workers who wanted a decent minimum wage and a forty-hour work week. They fight to this day against poor people by refusing to raise the minimum wage yet voting themselves raises in legislative bodies.

While claiming to support "family values," they fought against American children and forced them to work like slaves in factories and mines. They spent our money making arms dealers rich while taking money away from the public school system. They fought against working American mothers who needed equal pay and decent childcare. They fought against hungry American babies and slashed preschool nutritional programs for the poor. They fought against pregnant poor Americans and slashed prenatal care programs.

They fought against American healthcare professionals who were struggling to stop the spread of AIDS and they blocked the distribution of condoms that would have saved millions of American lives. They fought against American homosexuals who wanted to be able to rent a house or an apartment and live together in peace.

They fought against American police organizations that pleaded for a ban on the guns that slaughter police officers and over 40,000 Americans every year. They fought against Americans who tried to protect the environment and people from pollution and poisons that are being put in the air and water.

They fought against every American in court who has struggled to protect our freedom of speech. They fight against Americans who want the Internet to remain free. They fight against Americans who want peace and they fight to protect their right to profit from war. They fought against a common ground like this Yahoo site, a common ground where people from all tribes and nations of the world could gather and share ideas and problem-solving, the United Nations.

Which side of history are YOU on again?

Conservtards how does it feel to be on the wrong side of history yet again for our countries major?

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