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Why Are Feminist Complaining About The Price And Process Of

Anti-feminist women: Why are you against feminism?

Because the feminist movement has transformed from activism for equality to some kind of whinning festival of people searching for an identity since they havent developed one of their own.

Many feminist's problems are a direct result of her choice to condone and participate in a patriarchial society... reap its benefits and complain about its flaws. Women are stronger than that, and are capable of fighting the patriarchial system.

So many feminists want to walk around with "victim" on their brows when they are only suffering the consequences of their own actions or lack thereof.

Do females never complain?

Not sure where do you live but for some of them that is a big part of their lives.Before any feminist attack me, what I'm about to say is after years of observation, it is also validated by my wife.It is a fact that women can withstand more cold, more heat, more pain. So why do men have to take their jacket for them? Why are they allowed to cry when in pain? Because they complain way more than men.I'm the one that goes to the market, I noticed last week all men got in, requested what they wanted, payed, and go out. All women asked for prices, requested produces changes, complained on how expensive things are.Other quick examples, you listen someone say “I want to talk to the manager”, “ do you have this in different colors”, “bring me X but instead of..”, “Can you check out the back for me?”… what is the probably of they been a man?My wife and daughter will complain even about good things: “why are you smiling?”, “I like it but...”, “ why did you buy me that?”, “aye you telling me I don't look great the other days??”

I got the following definition of patriarcy from a feminist blog. If this is patriarchy, then how can anyone?

An interesting question, Kelly. The short answer is that feminists need pretend dragons so they can be pretend dragonslayers. Otherwise they have no grand cause, no real purpose. And EVERY group needs a demon to hunt, otherwise what's the point? Patriarchy (which can always be replaced by "male influence" with no change in meaning) is feminism's.

For evidence of the laughable exaggerations of feminism, one need look no further than the answers to this question. Bluestareyed says that the fact that it's expensive to take care of a child is because our oppressive male dominated government won't give single mothers enough money to do it, nevermind that people in other countries manage just fine on a fraction of the amount we spend. By that same logic, I could argue that society is FORCING me to be poor because they won't give me money to buy a new car. How DARE you people?!

Or that it's a sign of "patriarchy" (again, replace this with "male influence" every time) that women are insulted for being sexually amoral. I know this is anecdotal, but the ones I hear tossing around those insults the most are OTHER WOMEN. But feminism simply argues that those women are brainwashed by MALE INFLUENCE (see how easy that fits?), so my point is moot. It is to laugh.

And I THINK she tried to cite the wage gap, something that has been debunked so many times that it blows my mind that some people can still think it's true. Tell me, Blue, do you still believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and a flat earth?

I could go on, but I think any person with an iota of intelligence can understand: feminism is based on lies, but they NEED these lies to have a purpose for existence. So they will repeat them ad nauseam until you submit, or else they'll call you a misogynist or a traitor until you're excluded. You've chosen the hard path by going against the common ignorance, Kelly. Keep up the good work!

Why do feminists expect to read about women in science, when most scientific achievements...?

History was written by men and erases women. There is a tonne of literature on the erasure of women from history if you google it. I guess you've never heard of Cecilia Payne or Marie Curie or Edith Flanigen, cause i didnt learn about them in school. I would like proper recognition for women in history. Even in recent history, for example, in the northern irish troubles, women in the peace process were ERASED from the literature, from the research papers, etc. When women were leading the peace talks along with men.

Why are people complaining about expenses when the market is reporting high growth?

Human tendency when they dont get what they want in their spending capacity the complain example they want smart phone complain iphone 10 is expensive they can verywell get other brand at10%value of iphone