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Why Are Feminist Fueling The Gender War

Why does government support feminism?

Put your thinking caps on.

We know why big business supports feminism. The sudden influx of women employees almost doubled the workforce, which obviously exerted downward pressure on all employees' pay and bargaining power. Back in the day, one earner (typically the husband) could support his family by working 40 hours a week. Now both husband and wife must work, often far more than 40 hours a week each, just to make ends meet. Industry got two workers for the price of one. What's not to love?

But how about the government? Why did the CIA put Ms Steinem on their payroll?

Here is one theory. Do you agree?

Is there a war between feminists and heterosexual males?

No. We fight toxic gender roles and oppression, not men. We consider men just as valuable and important as women, equal in worth and just as deserving of rights and respect. Most of us have close friendships and other types of intimate partnerships with men.Sometimes we get labeled as man-haters because it is ingrained in society for masculinity to be defined by dominance, and we reject that. We don't reject men or positive expressions of masculinity. We reject the troubling social construct that artificially imposes the need for men's status to hinge on a quality that makes them live less fulfilled, less authentic lives in which they earn respect and prove themselves worthy by taking away other people's agency and dignity.Because masculinity and dominance are so closely interwoven as cultural concepts, there are a lot of people who feel threatened or destabilized by a shift away from it, as though we were at war with masculinity, itself, because the toxic form of it is the only version of masculinity some people acknowledge.Change can be uncomfortable, but gender equality would actually benefit everyone. We want a better world for people of all genders, where we can all be authentic and live in harmony.A war with men is the furthest thing from what I desire! The goal of feminism is to stop the gender war that has already been going on since patriarchy was first invented to subjugate women and control men, the one that kills and harms so many of us, that perpetuates domestic violence and rape against women's bodies, and leads to unacceptable rates of male suicide, incarceration and homelessness.A fundamental assumption of feminism is that men and women can come to an agreement for equality because men are innately just as capable of reason, empathy, justice, and self-control as women are. If we didn't respect men as our equals, we would consider our aims futile. Society can't be changed without their cooperation. Feminism is a call for men and women to work together toward the shared goal of ending a rigid and harmful system that affects us all.

Why do feminists still regard our society as patriarchal?

Don't want to relinquish their power, including power to hold on to those opinions. That's with mainstream anti-men feminism at least in western society. And, for them the patriarchal also fuels their campaigns, like by signing in laws for women's special treatments. Meantime, there's the emerging matriarchal society.

Backlash to feminism?

"Feminists have fought too hard for their privileges"
"Our boys are being disregarded in our education system today because of the changes in education that facilitate women.
There is much more, but again, when people fight for their rights, there will always be backlash"

So, feminists were fighting for "privileges" but men are fighting for "rights"? Interesting.

Why do some feminists on Quora disable their comment section while criticising men and anti-feminists?

Well, I can’t speak for everyone but I’ll share my views. Once, I was requested to answer a question about why feminists don’t care that boys endure corporal punishment at schools while girls are not treated so severely. As a teacher, feminist and a human, I elaborately answered that it is a ‘crime’ to punish any child and whatever these schools are doing must be reported. I got a comment from someone saying I’m a hypocrite because I didn’t say that girls should be equally punished. Assuming that it was a genuine concern, I replied that I care about children irrespective of their sex and gender and that I am strongly against the punishment that is inflicted on boys. The person again commented that I want privilege for girls which is why I’m not asking for equal punishment for girls. This went on…and I finally realized that this person isn’t trying argue for a world where boys and men have a better life…rather, he/she/they want/s women/girls to suffer as much as the boys/men do. The fact that men are suffering isn’t a concern. It was the idea of women not suffering which was bugging this person. I stopped replying. I understood the futility of it. While I have the patience to just read through such pointless comments/rants, some feminists who are giving their sweat and blood for the cause to make life better for fellow humans cannot read through it and brush it away as nonsense. You see, some people cannot take negativity. They cannot keep on trying to convince people that feminism does not support false rape cases and gold diggers. Thus, they choose to disable comments.

If men and women went to war, who would win? Why?

It’s really simple to answer when you think about it, men would win every single time, because in a war, they hold all the advantages.There are more men than women in the military. This will come as a massive advantage for men because it means that more men than women have actual combat training and access to military grade equipment. As a result males will be more prepared and better equipped to fight as opposed to the other way around.2. Because these men are in the military, they have access to all of the military’s equipment and vehicles, so they can have one of these (in Russia)3. There are more men than women in the world. This just means that in a war of attrition, men would eventually come out on top, because there are more of them.4. Biologically speaking, men are physically superior to women in almost every way conceivable, whether that be physical endurance, pain tolerance, strength, stamina, speed. These are advantages that men on average have over women (there are exceptions but I’m talking averages)5. Special forces in most countries are almost always men. This isn’t a massive help all things considered, but it goes to show that in a war, men are better suited for the harsh conditions and physical strain. Women haven’t been allowed in the SAS not because they don’t want to, or because there’s a rule against it, they just can’t pass the training like a man could.6. Most people employed in the maintenance of infrastructure are men. This is incredibly valuable in a war because it means that without the maintenance of the roads, railways, airports etc, trade and transport routes will effectively be rendered useless, and can be blocked off.In conclusion. In a war scenario, men hold all the cards, and would win, I don’t see how women could pull a victory here since they are just vastly outnumbered and outgunned if this were to ever happen.PS: raiding sperm banks isn’t an effective tactic unless the women are planning on conscripting babies and toddlers.