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Why Are Men Superior To Women In Almost Every Undertaking

Does Islam treat women equally with men?

Ok first of all let me tell you that I believe whatever the Quran and Hadith say its not meant to punish women or make them feel depressed. Its actually meant to protect women. Islam wants the best for women.But we have to remember that not everything what is meant for good brings good.Good Intentions dont always make good results.Just like helicopter parents (yep these crazy parents who are like shadows of their kids) , they behave like they behave because they just want the best for their kids.But everybody knows its not healthy and it deprives the kids from living a normal childhood and developing properly.In respect to Islam and treating women equally. No it does not treat men and women equally but JUSTLY.But there is one problem. Islam generalizes everything and Islam is also very unflexible.In civil law there are exceptions for everything , and thats what I miss in Islam. Thats also one of the reasons why I will never convert.For example. In Islam a woman gets always half of what a man gets in inheritance because its said that the woman does not work and her husband mantains the family alone and therefore to somehow compensate the man for taking this burden he gets double of. wifes inheritance. And I agree ..for this case the regulation is fair.But now..If a woman is also working and mantaining the family or if shes the sole breadwinner. Still she gets only half of the inheritance of a man.Now is that fair?

Does my wife know everything?

Definitely. Or, at least, she thinks so. It is very hard to be a woman. I am not saying that it is not hard to be a man, I am just putting out there the fact that women overcome many challenges that men could never even dream of undertaking. Periods, for example? Breasts? She wants to be better than you in some way.If you wanted to know an answer to this question because you are frequently arguing or fighting with your wife, then I have some advice for you. When you are fighting with each other, take a deep breath and imagine what the other person is feeling right now. Try to see this argument in their perspective. If you want to keep fighting, by all means, continue to bicker with the person you married.But if you have some common sense, just let it go. You probably wouldn’t have married this person if that was their attitude all the time. Think these thoughts to yourself:Is this really worth having an argument that potentially could break up my marriage over?Do I know why this person is angry?Am I right in arguing my point? Or should I think it over some more?Please take this into consideration. Thank You for reading!!!

Are there sports appropriate for men and others that are more appropriate for women?

There are a few that are more difficult for one than the other, just because of skeletal and developmental differences.For example, I remember in middle school the girls were not supposed to participate in the “hop, skip and jump” track event, because of supposedly nefarious effects of the movement on an undeveloped female pelvis.At the same time, the guys who were just going through their growth spurts were ridiculously inflexible. This extends to adulthood, so certain sports requiring loose joints are less accessible to men. Most male dancers I know struggled with joint flexibility from their early years on, for example.Sports needing a lot of upper body strength might be less accessible to women, too. Most of them are gender-segregated for this reason, so women get fair competition, like shot put, javelin, etc. As long as women are competing against women, I see no problem here.The one that I find is completely unfair is the American Ninja Warrior competition. The thing that struck me about this is that it is almost completely based on upper-body strength. When most women can’t even execute a single pull-up after 8 weeks of training, basing the competition on this type of fitness so exclusively is bordering on misogynistic. Not only that, but after the Japanese started to get so good at it, they made the event that requires the contestant to edge up the inside of two vertical walls harder in order to give the edge to Americans. They simply moved the walls a couple of inches farther apart, so that contestants who were a few inches taller would be able to complete it, while shorter contestants simply had no chance at all.