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Why Are Mostly Females Crazy In The Army

Is 68P - Radiology a good MOS for a female in the Army?

The medical field is a great field in any branch of service. It also seems to be a popular field for females. Just don't go navy haha. Im in the army and if your not going to go army id go air force.

What is the best Army MOS for women?

Since your score is pretty decent you shouldn't be too limited on your options. It really depends on what YOU want to do. Overall being a woman in the Army is very hard, some asshole guys think your shouldn't even be there. Here's a few jobs open to women that I'd recommend, or even do myself:
*Military police: the most combat related, hard core job women can do.
*Intelligence: may be one of the ones where your most respected as a woman, brains not braun. Great for civilian jobs later.
*Aviation: flying or working on helicopters is awesome, and lucrative for after the Army. Not many women do it, but the ones who do love it.
*Medical: you'll be around lots of other women, a lot of men too of course. You learn very valuable skills and save lives!

Why does BTS get shy around female idols but not with the ARMY?

BTS sees us a family. They thank us for their achievements and are very grateful to us. Like a family, it feels unnatural to be shy or scared around us. So to them, we are not just some random girls who they met at an awards show, we are one of the reasons they work so hard to make music and make us proud.

Why should a girl not marry an Indian Army personnel?

Well, this question not only sounded interesting but being a Fauji wife myself, I could not hold myself back from giving a message to all those girls who are keen to marry an officer but have no clues whatsoever about what life they are signing themselves into. Here's why you shouldn't marry an Officer from the Armed Forces.A girl should never marry an Officer if her idea of military and Fauji Life is hugely influenced by Bollywood movies like Jab Tak Hai Jaan where the girl is hanging through a bridge to see him in action while the officer is defusing the bomb.A girl should never marry a Fauji Afsar if separation is too hard for her to handle even when she can live a comfortable life and party with friends and he has to live 16000 ft above sea level where everything is white and frozen and the only human touch is either fellow uniformed men or the enemy from across the border. But still she thinks, it's hard for HER and she is lonely.If she wants to have a stable city life, full of luxuries then she shouldn't marry an officer because he has a transferable job and some postings will be in the remote corners of the country where she may not have Zara s and Steve Maddens or Taj s and Oberoi s. If these names matter to her a lot in life, she should not marry an Officer from Armed Forces.A girl should not marry an officer if she doesn't derive pleasure in small things like trying something new to cook, meeting new people, learning new crafts, exploring small towns, decorating house with DIY projects. Because Fauii Wives are a lot of kick-ass ladies who can have their share of fun even in jungles and mountains.A girl should never marry an Officer if she faces problems adapting to a new environment, if she is too fussy about your 'Own' bed and pillow kind of things.A girl should never marry an Officer, if she thinks they are just show-pieces in uniform to flaunt in your social circle. If she can't understand his passion for his motherland and his love for the uniform he dons, she can never be a Fauji Wife and heading for a marriage disaster. It's better she doesn't marry him and lets another woman take over who knows exactly what he feels about his country.(You can have tiny glimpses of my life at The Making of a Lady Wife )

Which army jobs have the most women? What are the rules when they work with men? Does it make basic easier?

The medical and administrative field still have the most female soldiers. Signal, Intelligence, Quartermaster also have a fair share of female soldiers. The only isolated male-only MOSs would be the strictly combat MOSs: infantry, armor, Special Forces and some field artillery positions.

Guidelines for professional behavior applies to both male and female soldiers. Sexual harassment is a two-way street. (But men tend to complain less about being harassed than women)

Armylife in a "mixed" company (using your words) is probably better because it mimics realism. Hanging around just men gets boring and conversation tends to get dumbed-down.

Basic training is no easier at Fort Jackson than at Fort Lost-in-the-Woods. Training is still heavily segregated. You could argue that training at Fort Jackson could be harder for male trainees because they will be more prone to "prove themselves" around female trainees. Besides, you all will be so exhausted from the long training hours, and look totally unsexy with your shaved heads, that flirting will be the last things on your minds anyway. A cigarette, beer or a candybar may be more attractive to you during basic training.

Infantrymen don't spend as much time around women during their training, and their wartime mission also makes them more isolated, but this is a job they volunteered for and don't mind. They do tend to get out-of-hand when they are on leave/pass and hang around civilians again. Blame it on their hormones.

But remember, you are joining the Army to be a professional soldier and to upheld our constitution. You are not joining to hook up with women.

Are girls really crazy for IITians?

This reminds me of an incident…So there was this friend of mine from my JEE day with whom I had lost contact with. So one fine day I found her on Facebook and pinged her up.I had just been through a break-up and when she asked me “Wassup?”, like a true Devdas I decided to inform her of the same.Now let's say she was a medical student from XYZ college. The conversation went like this.Doctor: So you are single now? Why don't you try hitting on girls from my college? They just go gaga over the IIT tag. Some of them are even dating guys from your college.Me: Naaah… It's some misconception of yours. The IIT tag is meant to induce mental orgasms for people above 30. You guys are too young to experience that sort of pleasure.Doctor: Trust me on this! Send this girl a friend request! **sends me a profile link** . Once she accepts your request, send her a Hi! Watch how she goes all gaga over you.**Checks profile**Me: Na! We don't even have mutual friends for God's sake. Also she is way too pretty to even look at my ugly face.**After some considerable amount of convincing**Me: Okay fine! I will send her a friend request. On one condition. One week. If she doesn't accept my request by then, I get a treat at Momo I Am.She: Throw in a movie as well along with that.And one fine Sunday morning I walked out of a Momo I Am outlet with my stomach full and a huge smile at having successfully feasted at a friend's pocket money.Peace!

Which branch of men get more girls marines army navy or air force?

Well, for some reason most girls seem to be joining the Airforce or the Marines. Not sure why but the Army and Navy only seem to get most of the butch and ugly girls. There are exceptions of course but as a general rule most girls in the Army or Navy are not pretty. However, this can be a good thing. I've never seen a Marine or Airforce girl do the things a good Army woman can do. Joining the military to get laid is stupid and it shows that whoever does it is not able to please a woman anyway so they will never get any anyway.