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Why Are My Eyes So Blurry

Why is my left eye sometimes a bit blurry?

A few days ago my left eye would sometimes feel blurry but i can see through it fine unless i close my right eye and look on a computer screen. Its barely blurry but it feels super annoying. I dont have it all the time, just sometimes i blink and it feela blurry and then i blink and its fine again.
Why is it doing this?

Why are my eyes so blurry?

There are many reasons that may cause blurry vision. Do you currently wear contacts/glasses? Sometimes people with a low prescription that don't normally wear glasses/contacts tend to need something eventually. The muscles in the eye that do the focusing tend to relax over time and that may cause your sudden blurry vision.

Any extra moisture (sweat, dryness causing tears, etc.) can cause the tear film in front of the eye to be thicker than normal. That thickness will refract light differently causing everything to focus in the wrong place, thus causing blurry vision. The next question is does the blurriness go away pretty quickly or is it still present after practice and after you've showered/relaxed for the evening.

And to add to the above post, opticians don't give eye exams and most GPs don't know a thing about the eye. If you are concerned about it, you should go see your optometrist. We give refractions to determine prescriptions and monitor the health of the eye. Opticians only fit eyeglasses. Ophthalmologists can prescribe eyeglasses, but tend to stick more to disease management and eye surgeries. Just a FYI.

Hope this helps.

Why are my eyes so much more blurry this time after having them dilated I'm having a hard time seeing or driving?

You may have been given stronger dilating drops this time around, or a combination of drops. The dilating drops that you are given depend on what you were having done at that particular visit. Additionally, some physicians have different preferences— sometimes you are able to get away with using only one drop on light eyes, and sometimes they want you to use multiple in every case. Regardless, unless you just had some type of surgery, it should be wearing off over the next few hours.

Why do my eyes get blurry when I don't blink?

When you don't blink for a certain period of time , you tend to get dry eyes so due to uneven surface of your eyes your eyesight gets blurry which gets improved after blinking.for more please visit Dr. Jain Eye Care

Why does my contact feel blurry in one eye?

Mine seem to do this when they're wearing out. For some reason, even though my prescription is identical for both eyes, and they both fit perfectly when new (perfectly comfortable and clear) my left lens always seems to wear out faster than the right. It will then get slightly blurry and if my next batch is running late and I don't replace it in time, eventually I'll be able to feel it, like something is in my eye. I don't know why…My eyes are also sensitive to the type of fluid I use; there is only one brand of lens fluid that doesn't make my eyes water just enough to make them slightly blurry; usually the left worse than the right. It's called “Complete.”

Why do I see things blurred with one eye and I see ok with the other?

Blurred vision would be mostly a symptom of Uncorrected refractive error.If you have blurred vision in one eye, which means you have refractive error in one eye and the other eye is normal.Sometimes, you may have different powers in different eyes. then you would appreciate the blur in the eye with greater power.It is very important to reach your eye care professional as soon as possible. Other wise the brain may ignore the image from your right eye and process only left eyes image. this is called “Lazy eye”.There may be other reasons for blurred vision like Presbyopia(if your age is above or near 40), Cataract(Hardening of your natural lens in the eye), few classes of eye drops, ARMD(degeneration of macula due to age ), Diabetic retinopathy(Caused due to uncontrolled diabetes) etc..

My eyes get blurry when I read on my phone for too long but they don't get blurry when I read from computer screen. Why is this?

Probably you read on your phone at night and the brightness in the room does not match you screen brightness.Also the letters on the phone are much smaller.Turn the lights on and try bigger font size.I wrote one article about brightness and why LCD screens fatigue our eyes here:Brightness Good luck

Why is my vision blurry when I open my eyes under water?

Please see Underwater vision.You would be particularly interested by the subsection: Biological variations

Why is my vision blurry all of a sudden?

I haven't done anything unusual...

I mean, I arrived at summer school about two weeks ago, and it was fine for the first week, and all of a sudden, when I woke up one day (second week), my vision was a bit blurry. I thought it was just the eye gunk you get in the morning, so I washed my face, but it was still blurry. Throughout the whole day and even right now, my vision is blurry.

Some details:

- I can usually see people's faces clearly, if they're across the room, but these days I can't see their facial details properly. I can tell people apart, but it's hard to see their facial details properly.
- Since I have nothing to do in my free time, I usually watch YouTube videos or go on Twitter. Basically, I stay on the internet for about....four hours (not consecutively, just adding up). This isn't my usual habit, I usually don't stay on the computer or watch TV often. I've been doing this ever since I arrived here, so it's been about two weeks of doing that.
- My eyesight is usually perfect, I've never had a need to wear glasses or contacts in my life.

How can I fix this? I really don't want to get glasses.....TT.TT

Can somebody tell me what's wrong with my eyesight? And can you tell me what I can do to possibly fix it at this stage?

Thanks :]

PS: I thought it was an eyelash also, but I checked but there's no random eyelashes so yeah...

Why do my eyes become blurry after using coconut oil to remove my makeup?

To you just put the coconut oil on your fingers and rub your eyes to remove your makeup (of course you have to use tissue to take it off)?Try using the creamy coconut oil or gel baby oil and use the tissue to rub it all over your eyes. And rinse with warm water and use the tissues again that you used to remove your makeup, to take the rest off your makeup and don’t rinse. The residue or oily feeling makes your skin softer. Been doing this for so long and hardly gets my eyes blurry.I hope this tricks helps.