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Why Are My Parents Like That

Why don't my parents kiss?

My parents r South Asian n they never show affection n they do fight. It's normal.

My parents still like each other. Some people just don't show their affection and love in the way others do. It may be a cultural difference ( I don't know any one of my aunts and uncles who kiss (except on the cheek) or show affection. The new generation is probably gonna be different though.

Or, it just may be that your parents are uncomfortable of displayign their affection.

Oh, and my dad doesn't wear and r but my mom does...becuz its stuck. Again, they styll like each other.

What do you want to do the most for your parents?

Personally, I want to give back.I feel that my parents have given up and sacrificed so much for me. I know that they’re my parents and it might just be second nature to them, but I want them to know that I appreciate everything they have done. I may not be the most communicative or expressive of my gratitude, which is why I want to show them that their sacrificed were not in vain.I want to work hard in school and succeed so that they can be proud of me, so that I can be proud of myself. I want to find a good job and treat my parents to whatever they want, like they did for me when I was younger. I want them to fly first class and have that king size luxury mattress. I want them to have everything they need and everything they could ever want.I’m still a kid so I can’t do all this yet, so for now I’ll settle with cleaning the dishes and emptying the dishwasher before my mom comes home. I want to relieve the burden off their shoulders and put it on my own. I know this isn’t what children are supposed to do - it’s the parents’ job but I can’t help it. I see how hard my mom works, waking up at 5:30 in the morning to go to work and coming home exhausted, but still cooking dinner for the family. I see her stay up until 3 AM sometimes to finish some work. I see my dad bend over backwards to please me, to drive me wherever I want, to buy my favorite foods and only eat when I’m done.My parents are some of the best people I know so what I want to do the most for them, is lighten their stress/workload and relax. I want my parents to be happy like they have made me happy.

Why are my parents like this?

A2A. The OP has not provided any specific details about what her parents are supposedly like. Since this question is tagged for the category of Helicopter Parenting, I am going to assume this is the behavior to which the OP is referring.Your parents are most likely helicopter parents because of some cultural norms about parenting that begin changing in the 1970s and 1980s. Please refer to Paul Cortez's answer to What has caused the shift towards helicopter parenting and away from the "free-range" parenting practiced by the baby boomer generation? for specific details. When your parents became parents for the first time, they did so with these social factors most likely dominating their prospectice approach to parenting, and you have been raised on the receiving end of this paradigm. With that established, there are two observations I'd like to make:First, any child who is cognizant enough to be aware of what helicopter parenting is probably doesn't have it as bad as she believes. True helicopter parenting occurs when in fact the child accepts and becomes largely dependent upon the protective nature of this parenting approach in resolving life's problems as they arise. Some kids simply have normally attentive parents but they like to throw the helicopter parent label around whenever the parents are simply establishing reasonable expectations on the child’s accountability to them with regard to time or privacy.My second observation is that, per your question history, you are a 25 year old adult who is gainfully employed at a hospital, exploring opportunities to teach overseas, yet for some reason are still living with your parents. In the absence of some sort of physical or behavioral disability necessitiating you remaining at home under their care, there is no reason for this to remain the case. Perhaps consider taking some of that tattoo money and using it to pay some rent in an alternative living arrangement.There comes a point in one's life where it's rather obvious that the clearest resolution to the problem of overbearing parents is to go out and live your own life. You cannot expect them to change. Instead it is the case that you're the one who has to change, i.e. — assume responsibility for living your own life independently of them.Please refer to my related linked answers below for additional elaboration:When did you realize that you had to move out of your parent's house?  What age is too old to live with your parents?

Why do my parents love me?

There might be a billion answers telling you what the biological and chemical reasons and processes behind the love of parents is.I have another approach.Parents see their kids as a physically detached yet still intact part of their soul. They see their kids as the achievers of their dreams. The part of them that will rectify all the mistake that they might have made. In short, the see their kids as a better form of themselves.Parents go through hell raising a kid - from the pain at birth, through the sleepless nights of parenting, through the "I HATE YOU" phase of teenage parenting, to when they grow up to be good enough to stand on their feet and fly away to change the world.A parents love for his child cannot be quantified. It can and should be felt.And oh yeah - Many believe that the purpose of life is to procreate. So a man and woman actualizes her life by becoming a father and mother. The child is the product of this wonder - Hence the mystical love.Take a look at these one liners that my has aggregated.

Why do my parents treat me like I'm their puppet?

I'm so tired of my parents telling me what to do or going against any of my ideas. I told my mom how much I'm going to cut my hair on Wednesday and she flipped out saying it wasn't enough. I'm going to be 18 in 2-3 years so why do they have treat me like a little kid who doesn't know what's right from wrong. It's mostly my mom that treats me like that. I can't even go shopping for clothes without her approval because she doesn't want "a son that dresses like a 'certain race'." It's just clothes. And if that wasn't bad enough, I can't have my room the way I want. She changed the furniture around 4 times before going back to her first idea. I never even got to chose what wall color I wanted. She doesn't let me buy whatever I want with MY money. And my dad tells me what to tell people so HE doesn't get embarrassed. On pajama day, I brought a stuffed animal and he told me to tell people that I use it as a pillow. It's not like he's gonna be with me during the school day. Then when I tell my mom that I don't want to eat anything, SHE OFFERS ME MORE FOOD. I get so pissed when that happens because it's like she wants me to be fat. It's so annoying.

My parents like my friend more than me?

That's a tough question. I advice you to go to a counselor or psychologist at your school and discuss how you feel about your parents. S/he would advice you how you should take this situation and handle it.

Doing judo is perfectly fine. You are who you are, and do the things you like, do not try to change yourself to be someone else. I hope you soon see someone and discuss this. I do not want to comment much because this is a sensitive subject to be discussed with an expert who would probably help you more than the advices here. Good luck and don't worry, you are who you are and be proud of yourself as long as you are yourself and do what you can.

Why do my parents like my dogs better than me?

Ok first my parents like my dogs better than me they give them what ever they like and they go i love u but they never tell me that like yesterday my dad grand child came over and he had a baby and he tells him this is my baby and he tells to my dog that and today he was like i love hannah and when we were getting off the car and he says a miss my hannah and i get so made and go in my room and then they yell so i can hear that they are saying I love so much pretty and we love u more than me what should i do ?

What are your parents like? Which one are you most like?

My mother is a wonderful woman who I appreciate more and more everyday. She’s witty, sarcastic, funny, and makes me laugh all the time. She’s extremely self-conscious which upsets me every time I hear her say something about her body. One thing I wish most for her is that she’d be able to see her beauty the way I do.My father is quiet, stoic. Sometimes he’s really great and funny, other times he’s crabby and easily annoyed and just… angry. Me and my father were never really close because he wasn’t home very often as we’re a military family. I just wish for him to be happy and stop regretting all the things he missed out on while serving.Overall, I believe I am most like my mother, but some days I’m a lot like my father as well. No matter what, though, I love my parents more than life itself and will always be there for them.

Why do parents hate piercings?

why do parents hate piercings and tattoo's? im very different from most 16 yr olds my age and i have 9 piercings and wanting to get a tattoo/tattoos when im 18+ i find that body motifcation is art and a way to express myself. and my mom doesnt really care as long as im happy. so why dont most parents like their kids to have piercings/tattoos?