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Why Are New Mouths Cnn/fox/etc Now Ignoring All Other News Storys But Death Flight 370

Could Hillary Clinton be indicted based on her newly leaked P2P emails?

BFD.How pathetic to grasp at straws to keep alive a failed 30 year campaign of smears and disinformation.How shameful to turn this country into a banana republic by prosecuting a defeated opponent on pathetic made up “crimes.”How ironic that Hilary-hater Judicial Watch calls for “a serious criminal investigation by an independent Trump Justice Department." A TRUMP Justice Department? How about the “United States Justice Department” to start with?Maybe the TRUMP Justice Department should instead go after Dick Cheney. After all, Cheney really did commit a felony when he blew the cover of a clandestine CIA officer (spy) searching for evidence of nuclear proliferation in a dangerous overseas posting — just because Cheney was mad that her non-CIA husband wouldn't play ball on political issues.That's real news, not “fake” news. Remember, Scooter Libby took the fall for him and got his sentence commuted, removing the incentive for him to finger Cheney? A real hero.[By the way, for those who are puzzled, like I was, by the “leak” reference, this actually concerns a Freedom of Informarion Act release by the State Department. The ‘criminal’ behavior mentioned by Fox is ludicrous — help with some travel visas, a knock on Joe Biden’s performance on a Mexico tour, and worst of all tips for Clinton’s State Department speechwriter from the mother of Clinton’s State Department chief of staff on how to write an official State Department speech by Clinton at a women’s university in Saudi Arabia. Lots of secret stuff like, “"try not to offend them with this …”]

What are some of the best examples of "beauty with brains"?

Raghuram RajanI thought of writing an introduction myself ,but Shobha De has done an awesome job already, so I am just quoting her ."The guy's put 'sex' back into the limp Sensex. That makes him seriously hot. So hot, in fact, he has made it to the Amul hoarding (a first for a chap in his lofty position). But nobody is calling the man a Billboard Bimbo. You know why? Because this man knows his onions.And right now, onions are playing a major role in our lives. Forget our obsession with gold. We are hoarding onions now.All hail the freshly minted 23rd RBI Guv — the very dishy Raghuram Govinda Rajan — the Messiah of Markets. At 50, Rajan is young (come on, SRK at 48 is still playing lover boy), brilliant (IIT-IIM-MIT vaghera, vaghera) and on the ball (ex-IMF chief economist). That his chiselled features are as sharp as his brain, add to his current status as the Poster Boy of Banking.Funny how quickly Rajan has been slotted as a much-panted-after sex symbol (he took over from Duvvuri Subbarao on September 4). He's the guy who's got the groove. I plead guilty, too.Recklessly and happily, I went ahead and tweeted (will this woman never learn?) about his appointment, calling him the Ranbir Kapoor of Banking (note the spelling — banking, there's an 'a' in this word, not an 'o'). Why not? Rajan's sex appeal has propelled him straight into the league of movie stars. He can easily top 'India's Most Desirable' lists.Had he not been in this tricky, ultra conservative (let's be upfront here, and call it tight ass) assignment, he'd have been instantly snapped up by smart celeb managers and signed juicy endorsement deals. Sorry, Raghu. But you are stuck. Deal with it.The media has declared Raghu the latest sex symbol in the land. He should lie back and enjoy the attention. It's not often that one gets an RBI Guv who makes hearts (not just female ones) go dhak dhak each time he strides into a room. I entirely endorse the positioning. Why should only comely ladies in the rarefied world of finance get branded and walk away with all the compliments?Source -