Why Are People In The West Encouraged To Think Of Hitler As The Most Hated Human In History Above

Why do people think Hitler was a military genius?

I recognize the fact that you certainly have done your research, and you should be commended for that. You have the perspective of a true historian here. Personally, I think the claim of military genius comes from the fact that Germany had the most modern military in the world in 1939. That has always been undisputed. German weaponry was the best in the world at that time, and up until 1943. As you have already said, Hitler over extended his military and made some very bad decisions. Plus the Allies quickly got up to speed using material and practical sense once involved in the war.

WW 1 was the war to end all wars, and nations fell into a state of complacency after that by reducing money and development in their militaries. This allowed many European countries to become easily conquered at the beginning of the war.

Germany's military build up was a bold violation in the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. But no one acted on this. (This is one reason the US went back to Iraq after the Gulf War - because of treaty violations.)

To say that Hitler was lucky at the onset of the war is true. He was lucky because of the complacency of other nations.

Was Hitler the most vile person in history?

Absolutely not. Hitler the person, as opposed to Hitler the politician and warlord, is the most extraordinary human being whoever lived. His name will still be pronounced and debated when the U.S.A, Russia and China have all fallen into dust.Hitler possessed the qualities we associate with the heroes of legend and myth. He owed nothing to inheritance, luck or chance. He made his own fortune by always risking more than others dared. “The gods grant their love only to those who demand the impossible.” (MEIN KAMPF). He was the greatest orator of the twentieth century and talked his way into power, a Demosthenes in a Brown Shirt. His personal charisma was the unique power that lifted Germany from disaster and disgrace to national recovery and continental conquest. His archenemy Churchill recognized this unique talent in Hitler: “If our country were defeated, I hope we should find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among the nations. (Evening Standard, 17 September 1937: “Friendship with Germany”.) His intuitive powers were almost god like. He could read the minds of entire nations, first Germany, then the whole of Europe. This led his contemporary Carl Jung to call Hitler “the greatest psychologist of the 1930s.” (Richard Noll, THE ARYAN CHRIST:THE SECRET LIFE OF CARL JUNG). In an age plagued by self-doubt Hitler prided himself on being “the hardest man in the world.” Was Hitler a great man? Of course. Was he evil? Affirmative, in the Christian sense. The pagans of the ancient world would have understood him better than we can.

Why do the American people hate the Soviet Union?

I respect that Russia was able to challenge the U.S. & create aircrafts that can match the U.S. that their own allies couldn't. I respect that the USSR did not patronize, tolerate, & encourage free ridding moochers for life requiring them to contribute in labor. I respect that criminal justice is swift in the USSR. I don't respect sending people in the gulag who didn't commit petty or capital crimes, like Kuralev & Tupolev, I don't respect the massacre of the Romanov family. I don't respect constant surveillance by the KGB. I don't respect that opportunities, property, entrepreneurship, & liberty was extremely limited if non existence.

I don't respect that people who dedicate & sacrifice their time, mind, & savings to acquire & apply abilities/skills far beyond that of a burger flipper, custodian, a garbage hauler, a barber, a massager, etc. are reduce to the same level.

Where Doctors, Rocket Engineers, Engineers, Physicist, Electricians, Burger flipper, Teachers, Professors, Chefs, Architects, Janitors, Athletes, Window Washers, earning equal pay (minimum) wage living in public housing where health care, food supplies, & energy are rationed except for important people. No businesses, no Supermarkets, No Franchises, No Shopping Malls/Plaza, just Government Commissaries & Soup kitchens.

I don't hate Russia just the system it was Under.

Who is the most hated by the German public, Adolf Hitler or Kaiser Wilhelm II?

Wilhelm II was very different from Hitler. He loved to give speeches in public without consulting any politician first and sometimes ended up saying completely outrageous things. One of the most notorious was the Hunnenrede in July 1900. When addressing the troops about to leave for China to help suppress the Boxer Rebellion he said towards the end:As a thousand years ago the Huns under Attila made themselves a reputation of might that lives on in tradition and folklore, so too may the reputation of the Germans be established by you in China so that for a thousand years no Chinaman will dare so much as even to pull a face at a German. (Own slightly free translation -JG).He hadn’t discussed the speech with the Chancellor beforehand and it turned out to be a gift to British propaganda in WWI.There was another speech where - without any prior consultation with the Chancellor or any other minister - he promised to making incitement to strike a crime punishable by up to two years’ hard labour! This was not government policy and caused much embarrassment to the government.He used his position as Supreme Governor of the Evangelical Church in Prussia to deliver sermons - a rather odd thing to do and something none of his predecessors had done - and in 1908 he gave an interview to the (London) Daily Telegraph in which he made a complete fool of himself and for a while he was laughing-stock.He wasn’t quite equal to the role that he gave himself.Nowadays almost no historians hold him personally responsible for the outbreak of WWI.