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Why Are Republicans Destroying America So Vigorously

How did working class Americans come to dislike unions?

I was raised in a pro-union family. My father was the president of his electrical union for years. When I grew up and started my career, I also spent time in union leadership. Now that I work in management, my regard for organized labor has diminished quite a bit. I still think they serve a purpose, and I know there are some very good groups out there, but I’ve lost a lot of respect for the movement over the years.One of the things I’ve come to dislike the most about unions is how they protect incompetent workers. I’m reminded of a situation at a local mill in the town where I grew up where a DRUNK forklift driver ran in to a stacked pile of lumber. The resulting collapse destroyed the forklift and severely injured several workers (fortunately nobody was killed). As most would expect, the company immediately terminated the forklift driver. Almost as quickly, his union filed a grievance. They argued that it was the first time he’d crashed a forklift while drunk, and that he’d had a spotless record before then. The case eventually wound up before an arbitrator, who agreed that termination was “too severe” for a first time offense. He was ordered to be rehired with full back pay. Unbelievable.In another case that happened in a nearby community, we had a police officer that beat the hell out of a handcuffed suspect because the guy told him to “fuck off.” Not only was it captured on body cam, but the cop’s own fellow officers turned him in to the chief. He was fired immediately. Again a grievance was filed from the union arguing that it was the first time he’d ever done something like that and that he had a spotless record. An arbitrator agreed and ordered him rehired. Again, unbelievable.These are not the things that unions were created for, and it’s destroying their public image. If things like this had happened when I was a labor leader, I can guarantee you I would not have taken up the cause and I would have let the offender twist in the wind. I’m not going to have the actions of some idiot ruin the reputation of my entire labor group. Yes, I might open my union to a lawsuit from the terminated employee (for failure to provide representation), but I’ll take that chance. As George Bush so famously said, “Bring it on.” Doing anything less would contribute to the declining influence and importance of organized labor in the United States.

Does the GOP realize that it is destroying itself?

I'm of the opinion that the current debacle the Republican Party finds itself in was engineered by the more traditional wing of the GOP. As I see it, there are two wings of the Republican Party. One wing represents the classical conservative bias, think: Rockefeller, Bill Buckley, Goldwater; perhaps even Nixon. The other wing is dominated by the Tea Party, reactionary Christians, and FOX news.The Republican traditionalists are seeking to do two things; dump the lunatic fringe and reposition themselves more in the center. They see that the trend of Republican politics to ever further right wing positions is socially, economically and morally untenable. In the hopes of maintaining relevancy and regaining control of the direction the party has taken they are abetting the current farce. When Mr. Trump loses the election, the traditionalists will move to occupy a more central position on the American political spectrum. This new, more central position, will have considerable overlap with the right wing of the Democratic Party; pretty much position that Ms. Clinton occupies. This is why there is so little hue and cry from mainstream Republicans. She's as right wing a Democrat nominee as has existed in generations.Furthermore I believe the move to the center will, in turn, fracture the Democrats, as well. And a new centrist party will be born. Let's call them, Rainbow Rockefeller Republicans; utterly in cahoots with big business, but amenable to certain types of social change that do not [really] challenge the domination of politics by monied interests. The 3R party will say, yes to LGBT, yes to abortion, yes to people of color, yes to global warming initiatives, yes to rebuilding infrastructure, etc., etc. I hesitate to use the phrase, but "Republicanism with a human face," works for me.This new party will need a new symbol, as the elephant and donkey will no longer apply. How about:

Should America just annex Canada?

Canadians are certainly not "basically Americans." Canadians are way more liberal, tolerant, and less gun crazy. Our crime rate, compared to the US, is so low as to barely be mentioned. Our culture is hugely different and any similarities, like the ones you mention (lols, McDonalds and Burger King? Are you serious?) are completely superficial. Canada has a much higher standard of living than the US; people here actually have a government that cares about them. We get universal health care and free doctors visits; a trip to the hospital for us won't put us tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Our unemployment rate is orders of magnitude lower than yours and we have a significantly lower portion of our population living in poverty. Also, Canada has the highest education quality in the world; the US doesn't even hit the top 10.

And yes, you can tell the difference between an American white girl and a Canadian white girl. I've dated both and I can assure you that the Canadian white girl is a hell of a lot less rude and ignorant. Girls, and people in general, up here actually know something about the world and are a lot nicer.

Any American that thinks that they should annex Canada is so horrendously ignorant and uneducated that they should do the world a favour and go crawl under a rock somewhere. Seriously man, go away.

American history/civil war help!?

1: his troops were trapped by General Grant's army

2: superior military leadership

3: fighting a total war to ruin the South's ability to fight

4: to maintain a nation devoted to equality

5: The Union ship won a decisive victory

6: Antietam

7: Both armies drafted women into the service near the end of the war when there were not enough soldiers.

8: The Democrats nominated a popular Union general to oppose Lincoln

9: Vicksburg

10: Vicksburg

11: Gettysburg

12: Chancellorsville

13: Vicksburg

14: First Bull Run

15: Freedmen's Bureau

16: end of Reconstruction

17: lose political power

18: The President tried to fire the Secretary of War

19: Defined citizenship

20: encourage former slaves to move north

21: Wade-Davis Bill, 1st Reconstruction Act, Grant elected, 15th Amendment

22: I don't know dude.

23: Military Reconstruction Acts

24: Scalawags

25: guaranteed blacks the right to vote

26: former Confederate officers

27: Civil Rights Act

28: dismissal of the Secretary of War

29: Slaves were freed

30: being a Democrat from a southern slave state