Why Are Some Women So Naive When It Comes To Men

Why are women in their 20s so naive about men?

women are naive into their 30s, and by the time they are interesting and experienced, sadly their bodies are gone and no one wants them

Why are girls so naive when it comes to their male friends?

Every guy who's been in the situation knows what I'm talking about. Your girlfriend has (a) male friend(s), and they talk and all and sometimes hang out. That guy friend of hers, you know 100%, would bang your girlfriend 100 times if ever given the chance, and not bat an eyelid before making his decision, but he plays the male friend role well.

If the girl comes to him with relationship advice, you know what the response is going to be, "you should break up with him".. just so he can try and get in there next.

Why do girls not see this? Or do they know full well, and just enjoy the attention from the opposite sex?

Why are women naive when it comes to men taking advantage of them and why do men act this way?

It really can go both ways, but from a female perspective, I think women tend to be naive in certain situations because we like to give men the benefit of the doubt. If he's playing you, cheating on you, using you, etc, you probably know in your gut that he is, but you don't want to face the potential truth. So what do SOME women do? Give him the benefit of the doubt, make excuses, and hold on to the hope that he'll one day come to his senses and realize you're the only one he wants to be with either at that moment of forever. Why men and women act in this manner or in such a way to lead on someone interested in them? I'm not sure. I've never done it, I've only learned from people who can't be direct, and it's a hard, painful lesson.

Why are Western men so naive about women?

Western men aren't at all naive about women, a lot of men and in particular young men see that women have morphed into something they just don't recognise, for example how many times have you heard, a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, then complain that there are no good men left for her to choose a mate from. Or what about, I'm a strong independent woman, alongside, I expect the man to pay for dinner or even ask me out.Men also see that women are more and more behaving like men, and then complaining about being treated like men at the same time saying they want equal treatment.Women might be able to understand the dichotomy but men can't, no matter how much we try we can't it's like saying left is right.Add into this media portrayals of men and women. Women are seen to be strong, successful ambitious pretty and hitting the heights while men are seen as either incompetent or evil killers,Add into this many young men have seen their fathers go through family courts and get hammered, some of them deserved it, but most did not. Again the media paint this picture that men should sacrifice everything for a woman but they are wrong if they expect the same in return.Look at the body positive movement, men have to accept women in whatever shape and size they are, but ask yourself what attracts women to men, the guy who is overweight or the guy that goes to the gym. So men have to accept women as they are but have to change themselves before they are accepted by women.Western women have more freedom and rights of any female in the world, yet demand, or so it seems, more what more rights are there. At the same time men see that women are free to make their own choices but men, or the patriarchy, is blamed when they don't like the outcome of their own choices.And you wonder why men are so confused

Why are Black Women Naive?

I am a women of color and have a lot of black girlfriends, who seem to have a llllooooooootttt of men problems. They say things like "I know he's gonna cheat but he don't have to disrecpect me", or " " All men gotta have a mistress but as long as I'm number one it's cool". HOW IGNORANT IS THAT?
Many of those same friends beleive that their men have someone else on the side and think I'm a God because my husband comes home every night.
Does anyone out there feel Men MUST HAVE a :
and B*tch ( the 4 "types" of women for a man) to survive?
Or is it just my silly friends who need to strive for better in a man?

What does it mean for a guy to say you are naive when it comes to being in relationships?

Maybe he means that you fall for the guys who tell you one thing and are really with you to accomplish another goal.

For example, Hot Guy #1 his name will be Freddy.

Freddy comes into jasmine's life and they become friends, and over time freddy begins to say things to jasmine, making jasmine believe that he wants to become her boyfriend because freddy thinks she is a great girl, and he wants to be her rock, her soldier of love. They become more than friends and date for a few weeks, and Freddy tells Jasmine he love's her and Jasmine (being so naive when it comes to relationships) believes Freddys lies and starts to "fall in love" with Freddy. Freddy then has a lock on you and basically knows that he can get what he had his sights on getting since the first day he became the beautiful Jasmine's friend. Eventually Freddy accomplishes this Goal and leaves Jasmine hurt, and ddeceived she believed that freddy really loved her when all he wanted was one thing. So now Jasmine is even more hurt and the next guy along tells her she is naive when it comes to relationships because guys like freddy can alter her mindset and make her believe his lies, whenever most other people saw it coming the entire time.

Why are many guys attracted to naive and shy women?

Naïveté generally goes along with inexperience and many men either believe that (sexual) experience ‘tarnishes�� a woman’s worth, are worried that they won’t measure up to an experienced woman’s former lovers, or both. A naive/inexperienced woman isn’t going to judge you against other men who may have been better than you.As for shyness, it is linked (in the minds of many men) to vulnerability. Why that attracts them depends on the man. Some feel protective and want to be the hero. Others see easy prey, they think that a shy woman won’t have the confidence to stand up for herself and they can therefore pressure her into sex. Others want to feel dominant and see the shy woman as quiet and demure.

Are woman in general more naive than man?

Men are generally better at math and science. Woman are more compassionate than men. Men are cold, we like facts that have no feelings our opinions involved. Women tend to make judgment calls by emotions rather than probability. We need the checks and balance. Men would destroy the worlds without women's overbearing protective perceptions. While neither has infallible logic I believe women are more naive. They simple are ill equipped to see past there emotions and ideology.