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Why Are The Children Of Liberals So Socially Awkward

Why am I so socially awkward?

I realized that THIS is the reason why I have close to ZERO friends at school. I'm socially awkward! I was at tutor today and I was sitting at a table with these guys. I'm socially awkward PLUS I get super nervous around ALL guys! These guys turned out to be really nice to me. This one guy in particular. Whenever he'd ask if I had white out or something, I would slowly look up and my eyes would suddenly get all huge and finally when I'd speak, my voice would come out the weirdest ways. It would mostly crack... oh my god. Why am I like this? How can I be confident around boys..i really want friends that are boys.

Why am I so socially awkward?

K so here's the thing. I have some friends but the truth is that I'm always socially awkward. I'm just shy to talk or even to make eye contact with anyone I don't know well. I never go to social events and I've never had a girlfriend. The thing is, I want to be social. When I fantasize of who I want to be, I envision myself as some sort of pick up artist or even just as a popular kid... I don't know what to do about this and I don't even know if there's a cure but if anyone knows anything, that would be awesome. Thanks.

Why am I so socially awkward? What do I do about this?

To start off, there is not a definite answer to your question.What I can tell you though is that this “social awkwardness” that you say you portray is a result of the self-image you have created of yourself. Since you were a child, you've continuously crafted this mental picture of yourself, an image which you believe is the person that you are today. Different situations and incidents have altered or shaped your self-image from childhood to now.My advice to you is for the next time that you feel you are being socially awkward take a mental note of what is it exactly that makes you feel uncomfortable, whether its a person, place, or a thing. Once you can pinpoint what makes you feel uncomfortable, then you can start working on improving that.Cheers!

Why are some Aquarius so socially awkward?

It just kind of... happens, unfortunately. We live in our heads, which typically float in the clouds. At any one moment I'm thinking about what I'm doing Friday, what that guy at the gym meant by "See you around," whether I should invest in Apple stock, when the economy's going to turn, whatever happened to the pony I owned as a child, where my sister will attend college, the telly program I caught about the shapes of states the other day, how many people live in Champaign-Urbana, why Extra decided to produce lime gum, and a host of other topics. My mind literally skitters amongst these at rapid fire inside the span of, oh, thirty seconds. Thus, focusing on remembering the name of some person I just met at a party, or to text someone in a timely manner, really requires an expenditure of energy and focus I just don't have.

Also, in regards to a great deal of social propriety - I just don't see the point. We're brutally honest and forthright. I don't like that person - why should I go out with them and pretend otherwise? I don't like barbecues - why should I attend the company picnic? Because it's what I "should" do? Well, to hell with that! I'm not about to engage in specific behavior simply because I "ought" to.

You can see how our (admittedly sometimes convoluted) logic often results in social ineptitude. I apologize on behalf of us all, but none of us will change anytime soon.

I am so socially awkward .... what do I do?

First of all, there's nothing wrong with you. High school is the absolute worst place for people in your current state of development to come of age and that lab partner of yours was just rude, and I mean RUDE!

Ok, I was tall, awkward, shy in high school, so I think i'm qualified to give you some sound advice...Enjoy it. Right now, you are growing physically, intellectually, and spiritually, and that's why you feel awkward.

If you want to become more social, please try to do it outside of school. Volunteer, get involved in church activities or community activities, throw yourself head-first into a hobby and make yourself an expert of some type. That way, you will start communicating with people who aren't so vapid (aka STUPID), who have interests and are interested in sharing.

Anyway, by the time you get to college, you'll just start coming out of your shell (you won't be used up like the popular kids), and then I would say "watch out world":)

Why is it socially awkward to talk about death?

Probably only in Western countries. I imagine in most eastern counties it is not. I am from India and grew up in a christian denomination where the daily prayers especially the evening and morning prayers remind you of death. Even children recite these prayers at least two times daily. Also the children are not protected from seeing a dead body, participating in a funeral or prevented from joining the services for the dead. Death is merely a biological and inevitable part of life. It is sad and scary too. Just follow the custom of the country where you are. I would think that one should have conversation with oneself about death, so you are prepared for it in many ways that are customary. Must be prepared for it from legal perspective, end of life questions, spiritual perspective, medical care perspective etc. There is nothing awkward when you are talking about it by yourself. You probably talk to yourself when you think about important decisions you have to make. Why not about your own death?

Why do so many people say "I'm so socially awkward" when they're not?

It really irritates me. My friends have twitter and so many of them put "Socially awkward" in their description and they're not even socially awkward! They don't know what it's like to really be awkward! is this some kind of new trend that I don't get? I told one of these people that they're not socially awkward and she was like "Yes, I am!" when she's at ease in conversations and has many friends! I'd do anything to not be socially awkward but no people think it's cool to label themself something they're actually not to seem 'cool' or 'interesting'. NOOOOOO

Why are many Japanese men socially awkward?

Following are social skills that are valued in Japan.- Knowing when you are allowed to speak- If you have good taste, (or can afford good taste) be subtle about it- Be serious, be critical first of himself, and then those around you- Your vacation should be described as "nothing special" - even if you went for a river cruise on the Congo - Be concerned of substance, not of superficialities, or at least, pretend - Understanding protocols of seating arrangements in meeting rooms in the order of seniority- When approaching an organization, knowing the order in which to set up meetings- How to behave when drinking and dining- Knowing when to apologize (hint: it is NOT when you were wrong)- Women open doors for men (I can never get used to this)- How to bow (Hint: different degrees depending on who you are talking to)- Order in which to exchange business cards when greeting a group of people- Where to stand in the elevator- Knowing what to sing and not to sing in Karaoke, in different companyFollowing are not particularly appreciated in Japan, compared to the US- Be an entertaining conversationalist- Know when to speak for maximum impact and effect- Be interesting- Being able to describe your vacation as if it was really interesting- Smile / laugh / be a charming person- Humor.  Being able to deliver a good icebreaker- Men open doors for women - Being able to dance- Host parties.  How to navigate in parties- Proper grooming- Being able to dress wellYou can probably see how social skills from different cultures aim towards a very different view on an "ideal person."  Japanese value a person who knows his/her place within a group, to minimize awkwardness.  They look down on social "smoothness" which is valued more in other cultures.  The demonstration of the individual becomes low key.  Outward exhibit of anything resembling character is not appreciated or encouraged.  This results in a typical Japanese person appearing "socially awkward" in a Euro/American context.

Why are some people socially awkward?

You're not socially awkward. You're You. I'm not very socially adjusted or comfortable around cliques, tables, groups or any other gathering of Humans in general.What is so awkward about not being a drone? While the truly awkward individual prides himself on following trends, understanding slang and being a useless yes man who “fits in” with a social group— the self directed true Individual has no need to nestle into the bosom of mediocrity and is not affected by the pointless insults hurled by the faceless crowd dwellers & inferiority-complex victims who mask their nothingness beneath the collective tribe of useless nobodies and nothings they would die lost & lonely without.I'm always alone and even at 37 years old, I'm highly avoidant of small talk, groups of dullards (they always create a group wherever they happen to be), and I actually find the best and most enlightening conversations are found only by talking -and responding - to myself.I am not lonely; however, I am often alone. Social situations drain me quickly and I feel sick or in a nightmare after about an hour or so. I wish I had another person like me to hang out with, but they'd be avoiding me as I would them... So it's a tough trade off sometimes.I manage to hang out with people enough. I know they are happy when I leave just as I am to get the hell outta there.Don't worry. You're already better than everyone because they can't get you to walk around with your head up your ass or the world's ass. And they're jealous because they're stuck being cookie cutter retards, and you can be any damn thing you please. I've been everything and nobody cares but I've been told it's impressive. Fuck 'em what do they know about being confused and directionless growing up? Those A-holes just become the first thing they are accepted into socially.Transcend. Leave the useless humans to their trivialities and fashion shows. People like us have important things to do, so fuck their top 40 and weekend kegger parties. That's why they die and nobody remembers them a year later. Lmao if only I knew how funny it all actually is when I was a teenager.... Those assholes would never have gotten to me if I'd known for sure what they'd become as a result!