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Why Are There So Many Friendly Minorities At Costco

How come almost all minorities want to move to white countries?

Um, here's the deal: The 'west', mainly meaning Europe and the United States, were at the forefront of a lot of science and learning, from which our economies were built. Well that, and some wars and stuff. That advancement and development were not shared by a lot of other countries. The challenge for them is to emulate/benefit from our advancements without the 'lid' coming off their countries. That's easier said than done though, because there's still places in the 21st century world with not electricity, they've never seen a water faucet, wouldn't know what to do with toilet paper if you gave it to em, stuff like that.

Asia's coming along nicely, though, won't be long we'll be wanting to emigrate there, I think....they're all over this digital technology stuff like white on rice...

Why do minorities have so many babies?

I think people are having less kids now because there are so many means of birth control that is easy accessible now. If you can't afford it then the health department will give it to you free. The cost of living is so expensive and most people want small families and there are a lot of folks that just choose not to have kids at all. Its just too expensive to have more then one or two kids and be able to provide the best of care for them. More married couples are choosing not to even have kids..

I do know a lot of Catholic folks on birth control. They will tell you in a minute they don't want a big family.

Do you believe minorities are more sensitive to racism than they should be?

Not by virtue of being minorities, but they may be by virtue of national dialog around different minority groups in specific countries.Being a minority doesn’t necessarily mean being a racial minority. You can have any sort of ethnic distinction from the larger group and be a minority. There are Christian minorities, for example, living in countries that are primarily Muslim.Being a minority will always mean being somewhat sensitized because a minority is reminded often that they are a minority, by virtue of interaction with the majority group. My view on this is that it can lead to oversensitiveness as a constant reminder of being different is more likely than not to be experienced as a negative - just like most forms of ‘culture shock’.Actually, one could consider asking the question “Do you believe minorities are more sensitive to racism than they should be?” as a kind of minority reaction to a perceived injustice by a majority group.

Why are racial minorities in the United States least likely to be conservatives?

Because we're brainwashed. At least I was.I was told all my life to vote Democrat because “that's the party for black/minorities and poor people”.Folks say conservatives support things that hurt minorities yet actual polices implemented by Democrats wind up hurting minorities (DACA, NAFTA, Clinton’s three strikes law…super predators anyone?) and I'm supposed to pretend every four years that none of these things happened and/or have had no effect.I mean, thanks for gay marriage and civil rights that one time…but I’m done now.I’m tired of being used for my skin color and pandered to because of sexuality or gender — only to be let down and sold out for political purposes over and over and over again.Minorities don't have a well established strategy to hold Democrats accountable, all we do is give them our vote because they're good at convincing us that the other side is racist or homophobic, hates us, has no empathy, is greedy, etc…Did Hillary Clinton even bother to reach out to black voters? No, because she knew she had their votes in the bag. I mean she said something about hot sauce or lemonade, or Beyoncé, but that was about it. Oh yeah and she said ‘abulea’ and threw in a ‘yo soy Hillary’ in there for the Latinos.That’s also what kills me about Obama. It didn't matter if blacks wound up in the same if not worse conditions—everyone was so hype to have the first black president, who says all the right things, so no need to hold him or the party accountable. Nope — everything Obama did was good and anything else is something something racism.With all of that said —Republicans are no better. Not in the least bit. They suck to high heavens and are more than happy to sell out their constituents for power. But that Democrat Plantation is something else.Hell, both parties need to die painful firery deaths.EDIT- Oh yeah, something something lots of blacks are socially conservative.

Why do so many Asians shop at wholesale stores like Costco and Sam's Culb? ?

Because Asians, especially Chinese, are cheap as Hell. Also many first generation older and middle aged Chinese from mainland China remember govt rationing during Mao's cultural revolution, when basic necessities were scarce. So they have a tendency to want to stockpile certain items and Costco allows them to do so.

Costco job interview?

This Site Might Help You.

Costco job interview?
I have an interview coming up. I just want to know about the interview process. Who interviews me, how many interviews do i have to do, questions that they ask, how should i dress for the interview, etc. How is the work atmosphere in Costco. specifically for stockers. What are the usual hours and...

I have a third interview at Costco?

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Why do people like Costco so much?

Why do people shop so much at Costco?Well, I can only answer for myself: I am completely sucked in by the price per unit savings. For example, let’s say you have one of those Keurig coffee machines (I do). If I were to go to my local grocery store, I might be able to buy a box of ten pods for around $7.00. That means that minus any overhead (water for the coffee and electricity for the machine itself), each cup of coffee costs me $0.70 (seventy cents). Now, I go to Costco and buy a box of 60 pods for $37 - or roughly $0.62 a cup. Doesn’t seem like much of a savings, but over the 60 cups of coffee I make for myself in the morning, that’s $5.00. Again, not much in the way of saving, but it’s not nothing. I suppose if I just bought coffee the amount of money I spent on gas would maybe make it a wash, but this is just one item I purchase. I also like to buy ground beef (I have a vacuum sealer that has Changed. My. Life), steaks, chicken thighs and breasts that can be stored frozen for later use. Pretty much anything that can be stored frozen is a good deal for me.What I don’t buy at Costco are perishables. I don’t purchase lettuce, fruit, or anything with a two week expiration date. I just can’t possibly eat that many strawberries before they all spoil. Also, and I hate to be critical, I don’t find Costco Strawberries to be particularly flavorful. They are HUGE, but like only 1 in 10 actually has any flavor.So, if you have a large family you need to feed/clothe, Costco seems made for you. If it’s just you, or you and your significant other, then maybe you only need to go shopping there once in a while for essentials.Oh, and the price per pound of their rotisserie chicken is hard to beat!

Why does think Costco lady always single me out?

Every time she sees me when I take a sample. she smiles and says, "Hi, how are you? You can take how ever many samples you'd like, anytime, my friend." We ran into each other at the gym and she said, "Hey, remember me?" I said, "Yeah, from Costco." She asked for my name and said, "See you in Costco!" One time when I was going to get a sample, she gave me a bigger piece of sample than anyone else. Does she think I'm pretty or something?

Why does my suburban Chicago Costco have a larger mix of Asian customers than other area stores?

Shoppers at a grocery or warehouse store depend mainly on the location of the store and the demographic of people that live in the area. That being said, Costco tends to cater to large households because they sell in bulk. It could be that Asians have larger households in the area and thats why you see more of them at your particular Costco.Costco also does a lot of business in Korea