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Why Are They So Mean To Me

Why is my mom so mean to me?

So sad to hear this. Some moms are jealous of their children because they think the child is better than them or they have a better life than they did. Some moms resent having to take care of their children because they want time to themselves. Others feel bad about themselves so they take it out on their children.Can you ask her, “What am I doing wrong? Why are you so mean to me? What did I do to you? Why did you have me? Can you stop being so mean to me?” Let her know that she is being mean. Sometimes people are mean but don’t realize it.Know that it’s your mom’s issue and you will someday find a spouse who loves and appreciates you. Don’t let her B.S. bring you down.

Why are my parents so mean to me :(?

Then how did you get 2 parakeets? Good thing you didn't get a cockatoo! They are sooo loud, and your parents would have hated you 10x more! You need to call child services right NOW before they severely hurt you!

Why are my cousins so mean to me?

So I was super excited about my cousins coming from Britain to visit. Once they got here they were so mean to me, they would say all americans really are stupid and ugly. So I asked yahoo why are they so mean is it due to being British. The answers all said that the british are nice and the answers from british people were sweet. So why are they so mean to me.

Why are Aries so mean?

They are extremely verbal abusive. Both my parents are Aries and when I'm just sitting there doing nothing and they would constantly say bad things about me such as I'm worthless and that will fail all my classes. What the heck is there problem? They keeping saying negative things about me and being all pessimistic and stuff. When I ask my dad a question he would yell at me and say "BETCH DON'T TALK TO ME CAN'T YOU SEE I'M WATCHING TV?" and when I ask my mom a question she would be like "Don't talk to me!!!!!" and I would be like what the heck! Now you guys are probably thinking I'm making up stuff but this is a true story. And why would I waste my time typing up this long message? :( I'm a Cancer and I can't believe I'm being treated this way ... and I can't believe I've never cried once. Maybe that's because my moon and rising sign are both Capricorn which probably cancels out my emotions. But yeah, who knows.

Why are gemini guys so MEAN?

Aww. That IS mean...

He probably does like you. Its likely hes afraid of commitment.

But, I've known a lot of nice Gemini guys. Moody yes, but kind all the same. Take for example, my brother. Very bi-polar, hes just like the guy you mentioned up above. But, when we really get down to it, he's very compassionate. Maybe its just because I'm his sister, but hes a really nice person. When people first meet him, they see this mean, moody person that has no heart. But, if you really know him, you see how nice of a person he is. He's always looking out for the people he loves, but rarely shows it

I think you need to ignore his horribleness, and see the good.


you could simply forget about him. There will be others. All I'm saying is you should try it out, if he doesn't seem to be getting any better, leave him

Why are my cousins so mean to me?

ok i understand they could be mean cause they're in 2nd,4th, n 6th grade. im in seventh n im 13 yrs old. i noe they're not as mature but at dinner today we went over to my uncles house for dinner. they jus kept calling me fat n kept going at me. i understand that im a bit chubby n i dont need ppl to point it out, also they're not so skinny themselves. all my cousins r somewat chubby n one of them is as skinny as a stick so like i was sayin they kept goin at me wen i really didnt do anithing. i acted kind of imature wen i called them names n told them they werent so skinny themselves. so wen i sat on the couch one of my cousins jumped onto me right after we ate so i pushed her off n got off the couch. then i went to da bathroom real quick n wen i got back all 4 of my cousins sat on da couch. they took up so much space like each of them had a 3 in gap between each other so i though i cud prob fit in if they scooted over. i kept askin if they cud movee cause i couldnt sit on da floor cause it was that time of the month for me n it wud be really uncomfortable. they kept yellin at me n finally my aunt came in n told them to move over. wen i sat down they sed i was so fat dat the whole couch pillow went down a lot as soon as i sat down. i was so embarrassed n i was bout to leave then n there but i could'nt walk home alone. so can u tell my y they had to be so mean to me n wat i should do? also ignoring dem is not an option cause im da type of person dat doesnt let anyone go at me without me doing something. please help, i literally cried all night cause of wat they sed.

Why were my classmates so mean to me?

I've been asking myself this question for over 5 years. It took place in lower and middle school, but let's focus on elementary. Ever since I got to kindergarden all the way through seventh grade the students especially the girls were super mean. They never included me and they would always say "Are you following me, Jacqueline in an mean tone." And I'd just look away hating myself. Another example is: In second grade, because I was so tiny, I still had to wear Gymboree. We were at lunch and __said with a sneer, "Is that Gymboree. And I hung my head too embarrassed to look at anyone. I only wanted a friend.

So let me tell you a little bit about myself in elementary. I'll leave out middle school even though it was god awful.

I was and sometimes still am like this:
1.) Negatives:
Cry over everything
Super sensitive
Extremely shy
Not good at sports
2..) Positives:
Rule follower
Good listener

I know i should just get over this taken that I'm 19, and I'm not even holding a grudge (well maybe a little). It's just something I want to know. One reason is because now everywhere I go I am afraid of being judged. I think everyone is like those girls, and I have to be reassured that their not. Ugh! Anxiety, Depression. :(

I know you don't know me but just picture yourself in that situation. Why wouldn't you reach out to me.

Please no mean verbal attacks. If you something negative to say, then say it nicely and give constructive criticism. Don't say: Get over it or B/C you were a baby or Omg Gymboree!

Sorry for the lengthiness,

Why is everyone so mean to me?

Because you let them.I’ll speak from personal experience now. Since i was a little kid i’ve always been a very shy and peaceful person, tried to help everyone around me and solve other people’s problems even if i didn’t have anything to do with it.I consider myself a very compassionate person, even.Do you wanna know what i got from them? Bad answers, fake friendships, back stabs, bad attitudes.All of this because of my shyness, lack of confidence and low self-esteem.If that’s your case too, i think i’ve already said what you have to do.Have confidence in yourself.Don’t believe everything they say, people lie a lot just to look good. Always doubt people, never trust someone fully because that’s a ultimate backstab.Don’t let people judge you because of how/who you are, the only person who’s allowed to do that is YOU.Do whatever you want, don’t let anyone step in your dreams. The last thing they want is to help you fulfill them, no matter what it seems.And lastly, love yourself. No one will love you the way you can love yourself.People always love themselves first, no matter what. And guess what? We should do it too.I hope this helped, somehow.And as I am too trying to change into a more tough person, i hope you can do it too.Good luck.