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Why Are Videos Not On Internet Choppy When I Play Them

Why cant I play 4k videos on my laptop?

Playing 4K (Ultra HD) video consumes resources like processor, ram and graphic memory. Many user face lags while processing 4k video, so here are some steps you will need to follow in order to play 4k videos smoothly.On Internet you can find many Media Player that claims to play 4k Video smoothly, but it realty they can't do that. Some Media payer can do but here we are going to maximize your system performance to extract the true potential of your PC or Laptop.Some Media Players use Hardware Decoding(like VLC) for smooth playback but can can't extract full potential from your hardware because media players are not allowed to modify your system graphics and power plan settings.Ultimate Solutions to Play 4k Videos without Lag4k videos can be playing on almost every pc, all we need is a good media player and updated graphics driver.Update Graphics Driver to fix 4k Videos LagUpdate your windows. (Enable Automatic Updates)Update you graphics driver to the latest version.Change Power Plan to Increase System Performance1. Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box.2. Type in the following text, and then press Enter.powercfg.cpl3. In the Power Options window, under Select a power plan, choose High Performance.If you do not see the High Performance option, click the down arrow next to Show additional plans.Maximize your Graphics Performance to Play 4k Video SmoothlyChange Graphics Performance to Maximum Performance.If you have a NVIDIA graphics card, then follow the steps below to get a higher FPS.1. Open your NVIDIA Control Panel and click on Manage 3D Settings.2. Open Program Settings and find TlsGame on the dropdown menu. If it can't be found, press Add and find it.3. Set Maximum pre-rendered frames to 1.4. Set Monitor Technology to G-SYNC (if it's there)5. Set Power Management Mode to Prefer maximum performance.6. Set Multi-Display/Mixed-GPU Acceleration to Single display performance mode7. Disable Vertical Sync8. Enable Threaded Optimization9. Set Preferred Refresh Rate to Highest available.Learn more here: Fix Stutter & Lag Issue When Playing 4K Video on PC

Why is my Power Point video choppy?

I am attempting to put one of my videos into powerpoint for a presentation, although when doing so the video always plays choppy and unclear. The video is not the problem, as I have tried with a number of them and watched them before putting them into powerpoint and they play fine. Is there any fix to this? Perhaps a way around it, like maybe playing the video off powerpoint and setting it so it automatically goes to powerpoint when it finishes? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Why do 1080p YouTube videos lag for me in Chrome but not when I use Microsoft edge?

Google Chrome, while known for it’s speed and simplicity, is the best browser the internet has to offer. Microsoft has created Microsoft Edge, which runs best with windows 8 and 10, but this doesn’t make it better than chrome. There could be a number of reasons why Microsoft Edge runs HD videos on YouTube better than Chrome does. Here are a few examples:> Your chrome could be infected with a virus based on your download history.If this is the case, try clearing your browsing history by advance and clear site data, cookies, and download history.> Chrome needs to update (If updating manually is enabled)If this is why, you can update chrome by going to the Chrome customize bar in the top right corner of your browser’s window. Select “Help” and click “About Chrome”. If an update is available, a button will appear asking if you’d like to update chrome. Click Update.> Your google account affiliated with your Youtube channel may be corrupted.Unfortunately, there is no possible way to undo account corruption. Account corruption usually occurs when you sign up for or visit unsafe websites that contain any form of Malware. If this is the reason why videos lag (normally when corrupted, videos have extremely low frame rates) on Chrome then you have 2 options to choose from…You can try to recover your account from an earlier state if you’ve backed your account up in the past. You can go to google account recovery here: Sign in - Google AccountsYou can create a new google account all together.If you believe these aren’t the reasons why your YouTube videos run HD better on Edge than they do on Chrome, comment because I would also like to hear what you have to say.

Why are Youtube videos playing choppy? How can I fix this?

Following is a list of possible solutions for the issue:1. Switch the web browserThis is not a permanent switch, but just to see if playback is better when you are using a different browser. Try Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.2. Make sure Adobe Flash is up to dateThe majority of video streaming portals use Adobe Flash to stream the videos. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 ship with a built-in Flash Player. All other browsers need the Flash plugin which you can download from the Adobe website.On Chrome, try switching between the built-in Flash and Adobe Flash just to see if it makes a difference. Make sure only one Flash player version is enabled at all times in the browser. To do so, type http://chrome://plugins in the browser's address bar and click on Details on the top right.Locate Adobe Flash Player there. If you have Flash installed, you will notice that Chrome references two different plugin versions. One in the Chrome program directory, the other in another location on the system.If you have YouTube uploading problem, please visit: Fix YouTube Video Uploading Stuck and Slow Speed Issues

Why is the VLC video app choppy?

It really depends upon the video, the system configuration and ofcourse the video player. Well I cant say why is it not playing well in VLC Player…I can suggest you a Powerful and Efficient Video player available for FREE on Windows 10 , iOS and Android !Get CnX Player on your devices and enhance the video watching experience !Few of its features that I can share are listed below. Rest you really need to use CnX Player and feel the difference from other video player apps !Some of its key features are listed here:1. 4K Ultra HD player with support for all video codecs and video formatso Plays all video formats [MKV | TS |AVI | FLV | MP4 & more..]o Supports all next gen codecs [HEVC | VP9 | H.264 & more.. ]2. Highly optimized 10-bit video codecs [HEVC | VP9 | 4K HEVC].3. The ONLY video player to offer smooth video casting to big screens like TV via Amazon Fire TV & Chromecast.4. Easy switch to mini or a floating window player5. Uninterrupted viewing via Screen lock6. Personalized library view by switching between views and Show/hide videos7. Quick play of videos while browsing the library8. Powerful playback core with less battery consumption9. Wifi Video file transfers to/from any OS10. Maintain playback history11. Adjust playback speed, saturation, contrast & brightness12. Natural & intuitive gestures controls13. Supports internal & external Subtitles both14. Easy audio track switching

How to fix choppy internet connection?

I have been having trouble with Comcast for months. At first, I had a relatively cheap "Ubee" brand modem running through a Netgear router. The router works fine, but the modem, even when connected directly to the computer with an ethernet cable, only had connection from time to time. The internet was usually down. I tried resetting everything in the correct order, unplugging and plugging back in, etc.

Through many unsuccessful calls with Comcast customer service, they had a technician come out and replace the modem with a newer, "better" one. Now, the same thing is beginning to happen. I'm done talking to customer service and wasting my time on them trying to "upgrade my package" and not fix the problem. Any advice?

NOTE: I have tested the connection on my PC, a laptop, and iPod touch. All have choppy connection. Also, they are all apple products, if that helps any. Thank you!

Tekken 3D Prime Edition(Nintendo 3DS) internet play is choppy, and slow, why?

It could honestly be for multiple reason;
1. No dedicated servers.
2. You don't have a good connection to your router.
3. You're internet isn't good.
4. Might be a bug.
5. Still haven't gotten the servers straightened out.
Just a few suggestions.

Video's on youtube are appearing very choppy help?

The video's on youtube are very choppy and laggy. The video itself loads perfectly fine but when I press play it lags. I got high speed DSL internet.

My PC has a Intel core 2 duo 2.80ghz processor, 2 gigs of ram, and a NVIDIA 256mb video card. What could be the problem??

Why do videos keep lagging on my computer? How can I fix it?

There could be a few reasons, sometimes a combination of several also. Playback that skips could be caused by not having the correct codecs or old codecs installed. VLC is very good and free, download and test.I have seen this happen with slow hard drives, 5400RPM. When poor quality hard drives aren’t properly defraged, that will trip up anything that reads and writes to the drive.