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Why Are/were Battery Types Not Compatible With Others

How do Rolex watches work. Are they battery powered or what?

some are battery powered. some are spring powered (automatic)

What type of batteries are/were in use on the Mars rovers?

NASA - No Ordinary Battery

Why do people put batteries in the refrigerator?

"Their intention is to try to make them last longer prior to use. I think everybody has had the experience of putting a bunch of batteries in a flashlight and then putting it in the trunk of their car, and they go back when they need the flashlight and it doesn’t work. Because just on standing, batteries actually deplete themselves. So the idea is that there’s a certain amount of chemical inside—it’s a chemical reaction that’s taking place in the battery—and the chemicals basically get used up. They basically just run out of active material.

Most chemical reactions are affected by temperature, and the lower the temperature the slower the chemical reaction. So what people are trying to do is slow down the self-depletion mechanisms of the batteries by keeping them cold.

In general, it does extend the battery’s life. Whether there’s a significant difference that would be measurable to the consumer between room temperature and a refrigerator.... To be honest, I don’t know. But in general it does work—that if batteries are kept cooler while they’re not in use it will extend their shelf life.

So then what about the freezer? Is it even better?

I think one would have to be careful about that. Because it’s the freezer, and the freezer is quite cold. Depending upon the type of batteries, you can actually freeze some of the internal components, and that would not be good. So probably the refrigerator is a safe bet and it will improve things a little bit.

What if there are batteries that you’ve been using but will not use again for a while. Would placing them in the fridge in the meantime help at all?

Yeah, if you plan on storing them for a long time, it probably would. I think typically people put them in the refrigerator before use. Certainly people should not try to use the battery or activate the battery while it’s cold. It may not work very well. But if they let it warm up before they use it, it should help.

What about batteries that are starting to run low?

No, that won’t help. When they start to run low they’re basically used up."

Why do Samsung mobile phone batteries come with a chip-like paper? I saw a person remove the wrapper and take out a black thin paper that was attached to the battery. There were lines on it that looked like a circuit. Are they spying on us?

That's either for wireless charging or NFC. Either way what makes you think it's for spying? Since your phone can already wireslessly communicate another antenna doesn't help any. If they are saying then can do it without winless charging.

How do I determine which type of watch battery my clock takes?

You only option in the absence of the battery number from the manufacturer or some other source is to use the battery compartment from where the batteries were removed as a guide to the size. This will then allow you to narrow down the battery in terms of its (or their size - you say you removed two). Assuming we are talking watch type batteries here, you can find which ones match the size you determine and use something like the link below to sort by battery size. This table allows you to sort all the watch batteries by their size. There are about 50 different types of watch battery so the choice is by no means easy. Once you have narrowed the size, then, if there is a choice of voltage (either lithium or silver oxide), choose the size of battery in silver oxide (or alkaline) as these are lower voltage then the lithium battery of equivalent size. Fit these and see if your clock works. That way you don't risk putting in batteries with too high a voltage. If this doesn't work and there is a lithium sized equivalent then you could try those.
Failing this trial and error approach you could write to Westclox to ask them the question.

Can marine batteries get wet?

The battery you bought is pretty small, and most likely had not been fully charged before you used it. recharge it and try again. However, it will not last a great deal longer. I would have gone with a 110 Amp deep cycle battery, but I understand you have weight and size concerns.
The water was not a factor in the limited use time.

Why do some people call "AA" batteries penlights?

There used to be (still are) torches shaped like pens, you clip to your pocket=penlight as the batteries are very small