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Why Art Makes Me Feel Happy

Happiness is a tough picture to paint. It kind of shifts its image each time you try and capture a frame. But from years of thinking I’ve realised that happiness is pretty much like any art. You’ve got to pursue it with all your heart and practise.It might sound very weird but the pursuit of happiness is like trying to learn the guitar with no teacher. At least I feel so. What helps is to find a medium to help with this pursuit.As far as sex is concerned, it has to do with a lot of chemical secretions in the body. Namely Dopamine, the same substance that is released when you get high. But somehow for me It’s always Sex over Poker. I guess that’s how addicted minds work.I chose Poker. I’ve always been fascinated by the world of gambling and the senseof risk and adventure it brings. I was introduced to Poker by an uncle in one of the family parties and I got hooked. Now I play regularly on Play Poker Online In India. I lose a lot but I make up by winning a lot as well. It’s kind of become a daily habit. It makes me vulnerable and open to my own fears and I’ve now started to challenge my fears with Poker. Each day I’m happier because I’m always walking the tightrope but I’m also making choices, albeit in form of a game. I hope to slowly diversify my medium and maybe try out pottery as well. But for now this pays me well and I’m happy. #BabajiRaiseTheBarSo if Sex makes you happy, it might just be a bunch of enzymes and hormones in your brain making you feel that, or maybe it’s just something you really love and are passionate about. Cheers!

Funny I am just about to get into my office. It’s the first day of the week, probably going to be horrible because of the lack of staff at my company. I’m listening to some nice feel good EDM. I’m listening to this for the next 5 minutes to get pumped up for an entire day at the shit shop.Why?EDM is electronic dance music. I’ve had some pretty awesome memories of dancing to these tunes with great company. The time I felt when I was dancing, that exact feeling comes back when I hear this music. Sometime I’ll hear some alternative rock that reminds me of when I was high school - paying no attention to school but more focused on doodling - happy times. That’s why music makes me happy.

The amount of sugar in a cola can is 33 grams. When sugar is consumed and it reaches the brain via blood then inside the brain it releases Dopamine. These Dopamine’s are consumed by the receptor’s in the brain which gives you the feeling of chemical high, something similar to that in case of drugs and alcohol. This region of the brain acts as a rewarding process scientifically known as Nucleus Accumbens. Thus anytime you drink cola there is a spike in dopamine level in your brain which makes you happy.It should be however noted that when you frequently consume these substances like high sugar food, drug or alcohol the amount of dopamine released increases in your brain. You might think that this will keep you happy all the time but the fact is excess of these dopamine in the Nucleus Accumbens reduces the receptors which absorbs dopamine. As a result now with the same amount of cola you consumed before you don’t get the same amount of satisfaction. This makes you increase the consumption of cola to reach the state of chemical high. This is what leads to situations of addiction to food high in sugar, alcohol or drugs because the satisfaction you get from these things are short lived now and you tend to require to consume them at frequent intervals as time passes.

Why does Caffeine make you feel happy?

You feel good because of the endorphins.
Read this article below and click on the link to read all of the article. its pretty cool stuff.

Often referred to as the body's painkillers, endorphins are compounds that interact with the opiate receptors in the brain, stimulating a relaxing effect and increasing your tolerance for pain. While caffeine has a marked effect on the pituitary and adrenal glands, as well as the central nervous system

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Why does my period make me feel happy?

Maybe cause you don't have cramps no more on for me its on my second and third day that i have cramps but then i feel happy also you could also be happy because you don't have to worry about it throughout the month after its over or your not irregular.
Any reason is possible

Why is music the only thing that makes me happy?

i love music,its my life.when im feeling depressed,i turn up my mp3 as loud as it will go and i isolate myself from the gives me time to think and reorganize my thoughts.when i hear sad emo music it makes me believe that maybe im not alone in the is a quick attitude fix for me.listening to happy pop music gets on my nerves sometimes but other times it energizes me.

Could be a lot of things. It is possible that your friends are very connected to you and you are connected in such a strong way that their happiness effects you more than your own accomplishments.It could be that you have a very bad memory of a friend going through something traumatic and seeing a friend happy removes you from an awful feeling you had when you saw your friend dealing with a problem.Also, we are all designed to be social and none of us live on an island. I notice that I get angrier when people around me act angry or rude. If you're a person that is highly responsive to others, you may be happy because you're feeding off of their energy. Science can't explain or accurately measure this, but I'm sure you've walked into a room and instantly felt a bad or good energy based on what was going on before you got there. There are some people that can enter a room and completely change the energy.

Well,I believe that if you haven't found happiness in your life then you haven't reached the end of your life.Happiness in life doesn't come for a long term,for me.I believe that all the happiness in life is momentary. You just have to be patient and keep your eyes wide open for any opportunity that has the potential to grant you happiness.Just last week,I was brooding over my life.Following the traditions, I was busy cursing God and my luck for not granting me any happiness but sadness.Well,God might have been fed up with my complaints and hence he granted one of my wishes ,which was to get admission into Otakumole website(registration of which is closed). My happiness knew no bounds. I felt as if I caught hold of happiness in my life.However,it was only momentary. So,you see one shouldn't simply be afraid of the fact that they can't get any happiness in life.You should try to get hold of those happiness rather than thinking of what to do if you don't.We tend to compare ourselves with our superiors than inferiors.We forget our privileges and emphasize on our drawbacks.But since you asked, what to do if you can't find happiness in your life?I suggest trying to get hold of that fellow named happiness or to continue brooding over life.The choice is yours. :)

Why does Ambien make me feel all happy and giddy?

It won't last. Ambien is highly addictive, and after a few weeks you are well on your way in your journey into hell. Ambien will cause numerous unpleasant side effects, both physical and emotional, some severe. You won't breathe well, you will have the runs two or three times a day, your head will hurt, your guts will hurt, your eyeballs will hurt, you will suffer horrid anxiety, your memory will start to suffer, your ability to think will be diminished because your brain will be foggy all day long - and that is just the beginning of the list. The euphoria won't last.

Fire your doctor. Find a doctor that can help with your sleeping issues without prescribing pills. Pills, and ambien in particular, solve NOTHING. They help NOTHING. They only make your sleeping issues worse.