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Why Can Obama Even Manage A Website

What kind of website would you like to see and why?

I would like to build a website that would show the political voting and the background of every person in power that runs the U.S government. From the local mayor to the president, I would like to see the details of every lobbyist, banker, committee chair, and foreign official these people have come into contact with. I naturally have a distrust in our government but I know that there is far too much data to sift through to really understand and expose corruption. To hold people accountable for what they say and somehow get the average person to become even a little bit vested in how their community is run. Can't do that without distributed databases ( blockchain ) technology. If you had enough people record-keeping and the majority of them ( 51% ) were competent and had a conscience, you could arguably have an un-taintable record of human history.oh shit. Thats an even better idea. Blockchain technology, read up and if you understand it and how the world works it will make your head spin.

Why was Ted Cruz able to run for President even though he was born in Canada?

Examine the qualifications needed to be President in Article II of the Constitution:“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen, because of birthright citizenship. While Cruz’s father only became a citizen in 2005, Cruz’s mother was born in the country and had spent more than 5 years in the US. This confers citizenship to Cruz himself.(See: 8 U.S. Code § 1401 - Nationals and citizens of United States at birth )Ted Cruz is > 35 years of age (he is 46 now, 45 last year so he was eligible to run).Cruz has spent more than fourteen years of his life in the US. Cruz’s family immigrated to Texas when he was about four. From there, He went on to high school in Texas, Princeton University, law school, and years of work in law and public service. This gets him over the 14-year mark.With Cruz knowing he was eligible, despite being born in Canada, he decided to run simply because he had the ambition and drive to run for President.More info:Ted Cruz - WikipediaBirthright citizenship in the United States - Wikipedia

Are the Obamacare website criticisms (serious or not) from the political right and left justified?

The criticism is warranted - and healthy - but it's also disproportionate to the problem (which is definitely fixable). Why is it disproportionate?HHS originally predicted that about 30% of new enrollments would be paper based. While that may seem like a lot - it's important to keep in mind that about 40 million Americans still mail in their handwritten 1040's. At the outset, the Federal Government never expected to handle ANY of the State Exchanges. Many of the States (for obvious political reasons) elected to wait until the last possible minute (of the deadline) to announce their decision. Even then - there was uncertainty until July of last year if the ACA would even survive the Supreme Court ruling.The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) was effectively the "lead" contractor for Health Insurance Marketplace, Affordable Care Act - and had to manage (up to) 55 separate contractors. Everyone knew from the beginning that this was a BIG problem - because the agency itself is understaffed, underfunded - and responsible for much more than just the public exchange. Most people weren't aware of this, but acting like it was some mystery is disingenuous. Keeping CMS understaffed and underfunded was one of the ways a small minority wanted to try to kill Obamacare.   Lastly - and probably most importantly - healthcare insurance coverage that starts January 1 - isn't likely to be something you're going to sign up (and pay) for today - especially when the (original) deadline is Dec 15. We have a good leading indicator here with what happened in Massachusetts. Lot's of high octane criticism - and the website didn't (and doesn't) work as expected or advertised - but it's not the cataclysmic event some are anxious to make it.Today's update is that there is a new "lead" contractor - and that they expect to have it running functionally (if not perfectly) by the end of November.Zients: problems to be fixed in a month

How did Trump manage to increase the economy in 1 year when Obama couldn't do it in 8 years?

A recent poll by the Wall Street Journal indicates that a majority of economists nationwide give Trump high marks on the economy, job creation, and the stock market, with Trump scoring the largest number of “strongly positive” reviews for economic growth and the stock market surge.Economists Credit Trump as Tailwind for U.S. Growth, Hiring and StocksTrump the candidate was pro-business, pro-manufacturing, and promised to slash Obama-era regulations and cut taxes for both wage earners and businesses. Little wonder that the stock market soared 257 points the day after Trump was elected (which shocked many Democrats who predicted that Trump’s victory would trigger a massive selloff). The market has continued to rise, notching 60 record highs in daily trading since the election.The slashing of scores of onerous Obama regulations has no doubt had a significant impact on the economy. When you take the government’s boot off the necks of American business owners, you’re going to get growth. The result is confidence reflected in the markets, which results in consumer confidence, leading to more growth.Never underestimate the impact that confidence from consumers and businesses has on the economy. People are more confident now about the economy and the direction of the country — as reported in polls — than they were at any point during Obama’s administration. If the 4th quarter GDP finishes over 3%, which is very likely, it will be the first time since 2005 that we’ve had three consecutive quarters of 3% growth.I know many on the Left want to give Obama credit for this economic boom, but it’s hard to reconcile that desire with Obama’s economic performance: eight years of sluggish 2% growth (and I’m not even counting Obama’s first year, when the economy shrank by 2.8%) capped off by an anemic 1.6% growth in his final year. This was the slowest recovery from a recession (June, 2009) since World War II; not exactly what you’d call “setting the table” for a sudden economic expansion.So Obama is either the unluckiest president in U.S. history, or maybe Trump deserves a lot more credit than the Left is willing to admit.

Does yahoo small business use Cpanel?

Hi Chris,

Yahoo! Small Business uses it's own Web Hosting Control Panel to manage your website and perform some tasks such as installing Wordpress or managing your website files. You can find your control panel by visiting and clicking the "Web Hosting Control Panel" link.

You'll use your Yahoo! ID and password to sign into your account. This is typically the same as you would use to access your Yahoo! Mail but could be different if you signed up for a new Yahoo! ID when purchasing your account.

If you're continuing to have difficulty signing into your account, feel free to contact us at If you can't reach us at that address, you can email us at and we can begin helping you right away.

How appropriate is it to label the ObamaCare roll out as President Obama's Katrina?

I'm not convinced that Katrina was even a "moment" for President Bush, let alone a comparable problem to what President Obama's going through.  As you can see, President Bush's approval ratings were falling steadily throughout 2005.  Katrina happend the first week of August of that year.  We really don't see a particular downward plunge.  He was at 45% in July of 2005, and he ended the year at 42% in December 2005.  It was in 2006 that he really fell precipitously.  Katrina was part of an overall package of disapproval that fit into a number of other criticisms, but it didn't have an immediate effect.  You don't see it becoming symbolic of Bush being a bad president until months after the event.Page on Marist  - this was 6 months later.It's only been 1 month since the healthcare rollout. They jury's still out.That's comparing political effects.  As others have said, I don't think the two events are comparable in reality.  One dealt with life and death issues, the other is messing around with health insurance for a relatively small number of people.**Appendix** I think a better question is Will Obama's Approval Recover?It's hard to say comparing it to Bill Clinton.  1996-2000 were boom years and people didn't seem to care about his problems, actually impeachment really helped him, looking at his approvals from 1998-early99 when the process was going on.  There was a drop due to Kosovo in '99.Ronald Reagan took a pretty big dive due to Iran-Contra in 1986, and he didn't really recover his previous highs until after the 1988 election.What strikes about Obama's approval is how little variation he's had during his entire tenure.  It's like a gently sloping flatline compared to Reagan, Clinton, and Bush II.  Most of his presidency has been around 45%.  He's now down at about the level he was in late 2011.  Can he recover back to ~50%?  Yes, I think so. But I don't think he will ever reach 60 or even 55%.

What is the best platform to build an affiliate website?

Depends on your knowledge of affiliate marketing. I tried wealthy affiliate and I have to say it's a really great introduction if you know absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing. It's a great community of people and you'll learn at a very basic level how to build a review blog and join affiliate programs and how you can promote them. I also got a lot of stuff from Black Hat World learning the importance of having a back-link strategy and how to implement one. They have a section of white-hat seo tactics that are free. I joined(WA) because I had no idea how to even set up a wordpress when I first started( a year ago). I wanted a resource that I could go to anytime I had questions about my website or affiliate marketing questions in general. Now Im in the process of doing the coding for my 4th niche website. My point being is it will be hard at first but you'll get over the learning curve and when you do it'll all become much easier. You don't ever even need to learn how to code but, Hey! Obama asked us to learn right? haha all jokes aside...I left after 2 months because I feel like in all honesty that's as far as they can take you unless your business model is centered around promoting their course. In that case you may stick around with them for a while. The best thing is there are some serious players on there making a lot of money who are open to offering you advice. The forum is immense as well. I might come back one day but it wont be because I want to sell their program.My only advice is if you're going to be supplying all the content make sure its a niche that you have a particular interest in. Some days are harder than others and I find that affiliate marketing is like going to the gym. You can be consistent for months but it only takes one day where you say, " not today" and that can easily turn into months! There are no shortcuts so I hope you can learn it the right way the first time. That's personally why i joined the program. To bypass all the BS(or at least what I perceived it to be) on the internet.Good luck!

Other than a figurehead, what purpose does our president serve?

Someone suggested to me today that the president is nothing more than a figurehead to represent America and serves no purpose, therefore they don't bother to ever vote.

I believe in voting, not only because I have the freedom to (use it or lose it) but because I believe the president (don't know if that should be in caps) serves many purposed.
I am not a government buff, but can't the president veto a bill even if it's been passed by the House and the Senate? Maybe i'm wrong...

What else can the President do on their own? Or what does the House and Senate NEED (I really wish I could type in italics) the President for?

If we only had the House of Representatives and a Senate, what problems would there be? Why do we need a president?

What is the difference between a police state and martial law?

Is it when the military declares a dictatorship on Americans or is it something else. I'm a little concerned. I've read web pages that suggest that Prez. Obama want's America to become a police state. What do you think?