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Why Cant I Get My To My Online Banking Acct

Why can't I access my online bank account?

Barbara I had the same problem a few weeks ago after I had a problem with my Norton Internet Security. I had them fix it by using their remote access. When I tried to access my Citibank account I couldn't. It turns out for some reason the month on my clock had been changed to the month of May. As soon as I changed it to April it worked. Try opening your clock and see if it's the right month or even year. The error message the bank gave was that my cookies had been disabled.

Can't log into my online bank account?

I recently got a new laptop, it's a HP. For the first couple of days I was able to log into my online bank account with Bank of America. Then I wasn't able to log on anymore, and I still can't. I am able to get to Bank of America's homepage and enter my user name. But as soon as I enter my user name and it takes me to the pass code page things start going wrong. I get notifications from my computer saying "Internet Explorer has suddenly stopped working, we are trying to solve the problem." Then I'll get a different notification saying it's going to close then reopen the page. Then I get an error page saying it was unable to reopen the window. I've researched what the problem is and I can't find a definite answer. I've tried adding Bank of America's page to my compatibility view settings and it didn't work. I need to solve this so any help is greatly appreciated. Oh and I firmly believe it isn't a virus causing the problem. I have Norton anti virus software.

Why cant I acess my online banking from my laptop?

Check your lan settings

open Internet Explorer, go to tools, internet options, connections, LAN settings and make sure use proxy server is UNCHECKED, save and exit

if this was changed you have a bug on your computer and I would not log in to my bank account until I know its clean. The below gets 99.9% of the bugs

restart your computer
tap the F8 key until it asks about safe mode
go into safe mode with networking
be patient, its slow

download rkill, this is an app that will stop trojans and allow your other tools to work its free, its safe
Run rkill, a command prompt appears and goes away, a log appears, keep running it until this happens. The trojan will try to block your first attempt in some cases.

download malwarebytes, its free, its safe
install, update, let it run a full scan
save the log
look at the log
see if it has infections and see if they were removed

run a full scan with your antivirus
let it delete all it finds
or use this online scanner. its free, its safe. download the packet and run it
in your case, use both your antivirus and the online scanner


hope this helps

Why can't i get to my online banking site?

well what comes to mind to me is COOKIES When you have a bank, they might send a cookie to verify that it is you. Is this the system you set up the site with. (Have you EVER been able to connect with that computer) The next is you may have one of those DRM systems. (D-digital R-rights M-management) altho these are used mostly by online download sites like vongo and some movie sites. But if you can't set the site up to run, maybe you have changed the firewall or something. I had that problem with the bank I use and it was because I changed my password because they changed the system. For some reason the system would not let me in (same message) I had to have them reset my account, then I had no more problems. The banks sometimes won't tell you if they make security changes, so you have to tell them you have a problem. If it's a new setup on their end, they probly have had other complaints. OH yeah, you said you use other banks, have you added a new one to the system, sometimes they will cause a error because they won't work together, like they may have the same cookie name, and one errased the other. Good luck.
I CAN TELL YOU IT'S IN THEIR SECURITY system, its not allowing you in for some reason

My transaction not showing up on my online banking account?

yesterday evening i purchased an item online. i put in my credit card number, expiration date, billing address, all that jazz... and recieved an email confirming my order. however, the transaction has not yet shown up or been deducted from my account. is this normal... does it sometimes take several days to show up and be deducted? could it possibly have something to do with the fact that it obviously hasn't been shipped yet, since today is labor day?

any help would be appreciated.

I can't log into my online bank account?

Im trying to sign onto my online banking account, and once i enter my ID it says that the site is slow and is undergoing changes or something but i don't know if its just bullshit. my dad logged onto his this mornign and his was fine. i logged onto mine this morning, and now, and it still has the same statement. are they really working on the site or is soemthing wrong with me account? they would notify me if somethings wrong right? a little nervous, please some feedback. thankyou

How can i find my bank account number online?

i need my bank account number but when i sign in to Chase online it only gives me the last 4 letters. it just goes like (...3984) or whatever it is.
but, i need to fill this form out right now and i don't have my checkbook or anything with me so i tohught i could get my information online.

any ideas??