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Why Cant Liberal Just Admit That They Voted For Obama Because Of The Color Of His Skin

Why am I called racist for not liking President Obama?

I'd say that you're pretty much in touch with what's going on in this country.

Very much unlike most 13 year olds.

Why did Barack Obama have to be called a Black President instead of a President?

NOTE: I'm only referencing what I noticed in this particular part of Ohio and have heard the people around me say. I wasn't just slightly to young to vote in his last election.Getting that out of the way here we go. He was labeled the “Black President” by many people because that's what the Democrats wanted him to be called. No Serisouly. Almost every single Republican I heard talking about him whined about how we wanted to take away gun rights, was gunna raise taxes or hated people because they made more money then others. Many Democrats I talked with after the election couldn't believe that “only” just over half African Americans voted for him. How dare they vote against their own people! It was a big push as to what made me conservative at the time. Yes you had the fringe elements of the right saying he wasn't a citizen and what not but like many of my liberal friends have learned to ignore SJWs I learned to ignore house nut cases too. It was just a shame they expected an entire race of Americans to vote a certian way just because of skin color.Just to clarify I actually kinda like Barack, he seems like a pretty nice guy. While I don't necessarily agree with everything he said I will always respect a man doing his best to do what he thinks is the best for the nation.

Why doesn't Trump just admit he hates Blacks and Mexicans?

He said it himself: He could stand out in the middle of 5th Ave in NYC and shoot somebody and wouldn't lose a vote. So why all the denial about his feelings towards Mexicans and Blacks?

How can liberals call me a racist, based only on the grounds that I voted for Trump, and not consider that profiling? I thought liberals were against profiling.

How quaint is it that someone expects liberals to be consistent. Defend Bill Clinton and defame the women accusing him of sexual misconduct while of course pretending that every victim deserves to be taken seriously. Oppose profiling based on actual predictors of crime or terrorism, then profile political rivals. It hardly stops there.Take to the Senate or House floor and talk about how Republicans are “literally killing people” by reducing spending on medical care, while the mere presence of a crosshairs on some map means Sarah Palin is engaging in irresponsible rhetoric that inspires violence.They pretend to value equality even while espousing racial preferences in college admissions on “diversity” grounds.They want to enact “planet-saving” measures even as they commute 250 miles by plane.They want to disarm the poor people while they go home to gated communities under escort of armed security details.They advocate for raising taxes on “the rich” because they know they won’t pay more.About the only consistency that one can absolutely count upon from today’s Left is disingenuity or hypocrisy.

Libs, why did Russian diplomats refuse to shake Obama's hand? And why did Barry take it?

And why did Chickenhawk Barry Obama go along with being openly snubbed and mocked on a state visit?

And why did the press that is in the bag for Obama, give the event so little coverage? Actually, scratch that last question the answer to that should be obvious.

See for yourself?