Why Conservative Hate Womens Right

Why do conservatives hate women?

The confrontation in the Garden of Eden proved that women don't recognize or know how to deal with evil, even if it comes directly in the form of a serpent and directs an action completely opposite of what that woman knows to be right. The serpent knew better than to approach Adam. So all evil approaches women, empowers them and comes THROUGH them into the world and most of them are happy with that. And most men are happy with that and love to use them for it. That is why women feel justified to do anything they want like killing their own children because ALL of them are unloved by men and separated from God. They are helpless servants of evil, and men, especially in America, couldn't be more happy about it. But having the right to kill their own children is not the answer, neither is education, birth control or having the right to destroy their family with divorce.

It was evil empowering woman with a right she didn't have that started the whole mess. Adding other 'rights' just makes it worse.They need to find the grace and strength they were created with and ignore the temptations that come to them from the world.Con men or any man are all guilty of not loving women properly. Jesus was the only man in History that did. He cannot be found in the churches or religions of the world. But He must be found if women are to find love, fullfillment and happiness.. All men are hate-able because they always fail in their duty to correct the wrong that they see. But there are all to many women that love that evil in men as well.Hate is a 2 way street and you hate men just as much as you 'think' they hate you. They 'love' you. They love what's wrong with you. And that is what is truly despicable. And the ones that keep empowering you with more rights to do wrong keep setting you up to fail to be even more dependent, guilty and miserable are the worst of the worst. But their 'answers' give you temporary relief like a shot of heroin and that is why you keep taking the bait. Obama is Pimp and Pusher of the Universe and Time. Nobody does it better in all of History than him. Until you can see that clearly and calmly your guilt and misery will haunt you. Start searching, but not in churches. They empower you as well and give you all the wrong answers. Be happy you don't know what you're looking for until you really find it, calmly, very calmly.

Why are Conservatives against women's rights?

enable's boil it right down to fundamentals, lets? what's the point of having a authorities? what's the minimum issues it might want to be doing? To me, it might want to be preserving our lives, liberty and sources from others that could want to take them or harm them. If it received't do this, it has no objective in latest. can we agree as a lot as this aspect? superb. So now we come to the necessary question, is a Fetus someone? I and many tens of millions of others imagine it is. if that is the case, it is the activity of the authorities to guard that man or woman's existence from those who might want to harm it. it truly is why the authorities must be interfering in a lady's acceptable to pick to end the unborn toddler's existence. also, you've reversed the gay marriage difficulty. it is you that want for the gov't to do some thing new. we want for gov't to proceed doing no longer some thing on gay marriage. As for clinical marijuana, I believe you. it is hypocritical to assert we want the gov't to stay out of our lives, except be the daddy ensure and say No even as it contains even if we use drugs or no longer. My perspectives are completely logical given what i think the right function of authorities must be, as listed above.

Why do conservatives hate strong women?

Nice job of generalization there, Travolta. Being religious and conservative is NOT the same as being conservative. Anymore than being a NAMBLA Liberal is the same as being a Liberal. Try looking at what today's mainstream conservatives (not the Susan B Anthony era, for crying out loud) have done to promote the cause of women and you get a totally different picture.

BTW, NOW are a bunch of hypocrites. Did anyone in their group stand up for the rights of the women who had been molested by Clinton? How about the horribly sexist attacks on strong conservative women...Condi Rice, Libby Doyle, Laura and Barbara Bush, Ann Coulter, etc., etc.? No! They are more concerned with their power base than really standing up for women's rights.

BTW again...My husband and I are both staunch conservatives. He willingly followed me for many years during my military career. No threat to him about being married to a strong woman...and he's no wimp either...he can whip the a$$es of men half his age.

WHY Do Conservatives Hate America?

You seriously need to pay attention to your teachers - and/or convince your parents to send you to private school for an education.

1. Lincoln was a Republican

2. First African American Senator was a Republican

3. Republicans were the ones who got the Civil Rights bills thru Congress when "southern Democrats" (whether or not they lived in the south) tried to block them.

4. Republicans are trying to get minorities students vouchers so they can be educated in private schools - not US public schools that are pretty equal to those in 3rd world countries.

5. Republicans are known for stressing Individual Rights over the Herd mentality of Dem groups.

5. One terrific benefit of this War is that Women in Afg. & Iraq are now able to go to school again and vote.

6. Republicans have not banned stem cell research - but after no results/cures after 8 years of research, they decided to stop throwing tax payers $ at it. The majority of SC research $ was funded by private industries so 'no foul'

7. HMO's are a Dem backed plan while the Rep's back PPO's

8. like I said - get an education, get therapy for your anger and grow up.

Why do conservatives hate women like Hillary and Nancy Pelosi?

ummmm condie rice? she is currently holding one of the most powerful positions ever held in American politics and also happens to be African American... did any one forget that?

Hillary is just as shady as her slimy husband, you remember him the one with the illegal land trade, the dead business partners and the one who turned the Oval office in to a suite at a las Vegas casino...

She got in to office on the ever so stained coat tails of her husband and cant even fess up to the fact that up until the invasion she had been commenting on the fact Iraq needed to be invaded to ensure Saddam did not have WMDs.

And as for Pelosi, she is a far left democrat from a far left city. I know because i lived near San Fransisco all my life and I am quite familiar with her ideology and the politics of the people she represents.

it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact they are women, it has to do with what they represent.

I would not mind having a woman as president, just not Hillary.

I don't mind the Democrat having a woman as speaker of the house, But it would have been better if they had installed a more moderate voice.

So please don't think it has to do with sex, it does not. it has to do with the ability to do the job and what baggage they bring with them.

by the way I love how Liberal you are, I mean thats the party that is the good and careing party right? so good to know your own personal bias is not coloring your question or the representation of Conservatives that you present.

By the way I know why you forget women like Rice... she does not fit in to your "Poor little minority girl" mold, she actualy has a brain and is able to think on her own and not spew out Liberal biased garbage.

Must drive you crazy knowing that huh?

Why do conservatives hate women and minorities?

We don't;
We merely have problems understanding why progressives do not hold their elected officials to their oath of office to defend the United States Constitution.