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Why Did A Group Of Women Find This Fun

Do women find beards attractive?

Beards have always indicated a healthy level of dyhydrotestosterone, the hormone that triggers the development of male genitalia during puberty as well as the growth of beard and other body hair. Dyhydrotestosterone is a byproduct of testosterone, so on a biological level, the beard is a walking billboard telling women “Look how manly and virile I am!”On a superficial level, a man with a beard is considered to work better with his hands (see the lumberjack image below) and be able to better provide the physical protection a woman's genetic destiny tells her she needs in order to protect both herself and any potential offspring she intends to bring into the equation.For better or worse, beards give a man an appearance of age and competencey. Take the guy below:With the beard he looks older and more mature (albeit he seems uncomfortable with the level of responsibility and implied manliness his beard bestows upon him.) After shaving the beard, his baby-face is ambiguous. A woman may look at that face and wonder “If I date him, am I a cradle robber?” Or “Is he old enough to buy the alcohol I’m about to serve him?”Beards also come with a heavy historical pretext. Bearded men in history have always been strong, masculine, and leaders. Take Abraham Lincoln, King Henry VIII, and almost every General in the American Civil War (see The greatest beards of the Civil War, in one chart).Not all bearded men are wildly successful however; 98% of Forbes Most Successful Men are clean shaven when they come to work. That means only 2% of the list has fought the financial beast and won.But wait? Don't women love successful men?Yes, but not as much as they crave someone who will make them feel feminine while also feeling cared for physically (and I don't just mean sexually).

Men - Do you find funny women intimidating?

i think they are. especially when the women are on tv or in a group. it makes men feel weaker when women make other people laugh at them. people don't laugh at women as much because men are stronger. men always deny being intimidated by any woman's comedy.

How safe and fun are the women only travel meetup groups from bangalore?

Hello there! I am the Founder / CEO of, an alternate travel company, with a vision to redefine women travel in India. We have been around for 3 years and are about 105 tours old, so I think I am qualified to answer this question.Here are my two cents:How SAFE?No one can really promise anyone’s safety. Travel is as uncertain and intangible as it can get. However, what travel companies can do is to put women in surroundings that inherently FEEL safe. What makes women feel safe? Homely atmosphere, well researched and well planned itineraries, good local people and a good woman guide to handhold them. This is especially true in the case of women travelling without their family or friends for the first time.That said, here are a few precuations that you can still take as a consumer:See if the company is an established legal entity. A proper company is more credible than just a meetup group.Understand the itinerary and atleast know where you are going.Keep your family informed. Share the tour lead’s number with your family.Get in touch with your tour lead before the trip and build a rapport with her to make yourself more comfortable.Carry essential medication. Be open about any previous health conditions that you may have.Hope that answers the first part of the question. Now moving on to the FUN part of it, if you are someone who enjoys meeting new people or striking a conversation, then you will like being a part of an all women travel group. Travelling with people you have never been with opens up your mind to new possibilities and broadens your perspectives. A lot of women come during their transition phase in life - between jobs, taking a career break, heartbreak and so on. So if you come with an open mind, there are high chances that you might make a friend for life. Believe me, it has happened many times on our trips.However, group travel also means a few adjustments - not everyone may have the same interests as you. So the mantra is to strike a balance between good company and your individual interests. If you do so, you will have the trip of your life!All of us need to start somewhere to change the perception that India is an unsafe country to travel. When you take that step, you do your bit. Good luck and happy travels!

What topics do women find most interesting and what topics would they spend the most time reading about online?

“What topics do women find most interesting and what topics would they spend the most time reading about online?”Fashion. Omg. Women love reading about fashion. The newest designer shoes? I'm in!Makeup. I’m always looking up new eyeliner and eyeshadow techniques. That's just all I can read about as a woman!Parenting and children. All women are either mothers or they will be someday so they might as well read up!Weight loss. All women are concerned with their figure. I have to stay looking good so men will find me attractive!Cleaning. I’m always struggling with how to get the stains out of my apron. Good thing I'm literate!This got sassy. I'm sorry.I see so many questions on Quora that ask what “women” want or do or like.There are billions of women.That's about the same as asking “what do black people like to read?” Or “what do homosexuals like to eat?”It's a little offensive, and it can't be answered.Women are all individuals.Online, I read about:Uncontacted tribesMedieval torture methodsLGBT news storiesScientific discoveriesVideo gamesRelationship adviceNone of which has anything to do with me being a woman and everything to do with me being a human with her own interests.The only way you can answer this question is to ask every woman in the world what they like to read.No generalizations can be made.

What are some good group topics to discuss with elderly women in a nursing home?

I'm a retired social worker, and I led such a group in an assisted living facility for 4 years. It's difficult for me to remember the topics I used (it's been over 10 years), but I'll do my best.

Incidentally, I was also a supervisor of students, and I always had a student co lead the group. That way we represented 3 generations.

I always started the session with a five or ten minute talk on a topic.

The topics related to what they were experiencing. One topic was how did they feel about leaving their homes and entering the facility? Was it their choice or someone else's. Would they have rather lived with a relative? They then took over, and talked about their feelings. They found that they were not alone in their experiences, and this was truly therapeutic.

Another topic was what was the difference between sadness, grieving or depression.

Another- elder parents and their relationships with children. What's good, and what's bad.

What haven't they done in their lives that they wished they had done.

What was the best life decision they ever made, and why.

If you're doing life histories in a group, choose a paricular experience, such as:
Where were they born (many were born in other countries), and if they were not born locally, how did they get to where they now are?
What was school like?
What was dating like?
What was their first job?

And you can find many other topics such as this.

I'm afraid your question has pointed out to me how bad my memory has become. I had topics enough for 4 years, and I can only remember a handful. But, you can ask your group members for suggestions. They'll have plenty.

I started this group when I came from my social agency to do individual counseling at this facility. It bothered me to see people sitting in the hallways, vegetating. I asked to do the group. Afterwards the hall ways were empty. Also, I discovered that between my sessions, the group was getting together and having their own sessions. They loved them.

I hope you enjoy your experience as much as I did.

Why do girls at school make fun of me?

I've been going to a new school since January, and I still am really shy, don't talk much, etc. I don't really have many friends there. Just one lol. Well, there are these group of girls there that are really starting to bug me. For example, today they just like huddled in a circle, one of them whispered something, and they ALL turned around and looked at me. If I say something, they all look at me like I'm stupid. They leave me out of everything on purpose. They discuss their plans in front of me. I mean, I know I'm not gonna be invited to their little sleepovers or whatever, but I think it's a bit rude to talk about what they're going to be doing right in front of me. They do the same thing to my friend, too. Most of the guys there are really nice, but the girls are just snobs. I tried to ask my mom what to do about it, but she just goes, "You need to speak up more," which really isn't much of a help, considering I try to. Why are they like this? Oh, and no rude answers, please.

Should I take my girlfriend to see Blue Man Group for her Birthday?

Perhaps the better question is: would she enjoy the show? Are there any women out there that have seen the show and liked it? If so, your input would be greatly appreciated. As a guy who has not seen the show before it sounds like a lot of fun, but I was wondering if my girlfriend would also be entertained and have a great time. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!