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Why Did He Asked This

Why did he ask me if i have kids?

because now a days no matter what age.. Most Women are momS

Why did he ask her instead of me?

okay so i was hanging out with a little group of friends on sunday night
the guy i liked let me put my hands inside of his sweatshirt to keep my hands warm
we were all laying in a circle and he had his head on me
when my other friend asked him who he liked he said he kinda liked someone and i could see out of the corner of my eye that he was looking at me
we are realllly good friends
and we text every night
and talk on the phone a lot too
i really started to like him

but he just asked this other girl to homecoming.
i texted him and was like
are you going with ----- to homecoming?(:
and acted like i was happy for him

why did he ask her?
was i just getting mixed signals??

Why did he ask me for my number?

I had a one night stand Saturday night. Please no freaking out on me, I understand the risks and I wouldn't say I'm proud of it but everyone's entitled to do what they want. In the past when I've hooked up with guys at parties/after parties, I've never gone back to a guy's place and spent the night. However, I was really, really drunk and ended up spending the night in this guys dorm. I woke up really confused but the guy tried to be all friendly and we talked a bit and joked around and he asked me for my number. I gave it to him but I have no idea why he asked. I really doubt he'll call or text.... we had a good time and talked for a few hours before we started hooking up but we were both really drunk and I think it was clear it was a one time thing. Do guys ask for girls numbers after a hook up just to try to make a girl feel less used or to be nice or something? I'm just trying to figure this out. He didn't text me yesterday after I left his room (I didn't think he would, but whatever), and I'm just trying to figure out what it means.

Thanks! And again, I really don't need anyone's opinions on my actions. I'm aware of the risks and was just having a good time.

Why did he ask me if i was a virgin?

all of these people are saying that he wants sex, and nothing more. I beg to differ. I had a crush, and she would not tell me if she was a virgin. I don't think she is, but I'm still not sure. If I asked you if you were a virgin, it would be to figure out if you had any self-respect. Virgins are more attractive in my opinion, because if they are virgin, then they are obviously not so fast to give it up to the first guy they are in a relationship with. I'm the last person to want to take a girls virginity away, so when I ask about it, its solely to find out if she is worth being in a relationship with.

He asked "Where do we stand?" What does he mean?

We had been dating for a month when I tried to find out if it was just sex or what, and he got a little weird, I got really mad and sort of broke it off, then we had a talk where he said he does like me for more than just sex etc. etc. Then he asked "Where do we stand?" What does he mean? I was the one asking this question, now he is. What's going on?

Is "I didn't asked you" correct?

grammatically …you must say, “I didn’t ask you” but in colloquial language.. you may not follow strict grammatical rules. That’s the beauty of any language. Actually there should not be a technically perfect language. It must follow artistic sayings, rhyming words, sometimes exclamation and abuses also. Listen any language from any village…there you will find no grammar.. still people communicate excellent. More effectively than Urban languages. Due to strict rules more than 4600 languages died from all over the world.. so do not worry about more technical language..

If God is all-knowing why did he ask the devil where he came from in the first chapter of Job?

Verse 7. - And the Lord said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? God condescends to address the evil spirit, and asks him questions - not that anything could be added to his own knowledge, but that the angels, who were present (ver. 6), might hear and have their attention called to the doings of Satan, which would need to be watched by them, and sometimes to be restrained or (it may be) prevented (comp.1 Kings 22:20, where again the colloquy is opened by God asking a question).Gill's Exposition;And the Lord said unto Satan, whence comest thou?.... This question is put, not as ignorant of the place from whence he came; for the omniscient God knows all persons and things, men and angels, and these good and bad, where they are, from whence they come,Sometimes to, as parents who know what their children do, questions are asked not for our benefit but for theirs.Hope this clears up some things for you.

Is it proper grammar to say, "Did I asked you?"?

When you use "did" with a verb, the verb should always be in the present tense, because "did:" shows that your question or statement is already in the past tense!
Did you see him yesterday?
Did you hear from him already?
Did you ask him already?

If he doesn’t want to talk, why did he ask for my number?

While girls form emotional and intellectual bonds guys form physical bonds. These are totally different.The guy who asks your number considers having sex with you. Thats really it! You can thank God for that. This may not be in your plan. You may want to talk to him first. In general, guys don't want to talk. Guys want to skip on to home plate. Just make a pass at him and you will see.Guys, however, will talk your ears off if they think it will get them what they want. So don't be fooled.Guys are motivated by sex. This is why the most desirable guys often draw many competitors - women who compete for them. They end up going with the ones who put out. Don't play this shallow game. They are short relationships. Lots of guys are also considering several other girls besides you. This is normal so don't get upset to learn the truth.All this is especially true in youths. As men get older they start looking to settle down; they use their brain more though they still are motivated by sex. Can I also assume your plan is not to settle down, not yet ?Guys will text and call girls on the phone but really they would rather put the phone down and hop in the bed. If you are very young, you need to use the phone more and keep the bed to a minimum or you will become a mother sooner than planned.Take charge of your relationships. Learn to talk to your crushes but also learn to say“No!, Not yet… let's wait a while”.The guys who leave- let them go. They don't love you. The guys who stay and wait, focus on them.If you get desperate you can always make the first move on your guy. It is recommended however, to keep your hormones in check though - be patient. Wait a bit.Good luck. Thanks for the question.