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Why Did He Do This This Hurts Advice

Does it hurt when they insert an IUD? Advice?

I decided to get on birth control, I picked the cooperIUD because it doesn't have hormones but I'm nervous that it would hurt. I'm not a virgin and I have sex regularly. I wanna know about others opinions, did it hurt? How long you had to wait to have sex? Anything I should know about? Thanks for answering!

First time sex, will it hurt? Advice?

You are 16 and he is 43? Darling he is a dirty old man!! Seriously yourself for someone closer your age and this is your first time and you are willing to give your virginity to a complete stranger???? Are you completely crazy?? You will get no respect and will never see this man again trust me. You need to have a serious think about what you are doing. As for "will it hurt?" well that all depends on how much foreplay the guy does, how wet you are, if you are not wet you need lube and how gentile he is but I am thinking if he has travelled 45 miles then foreplay and pleasing you are really going to be the last thing on his mind seriously so yes it probably WILL HURT!!

Friend's Dad is hurting her! Need advice!!?

There in lies the beauty of abuse ( just a figure of speech), the abuser can wrap their victim around their little finger by threatening harm to those the victim cares about so that pretty soon the victim start to believe they 'deserve' what the abuser is doing.
Please go to an adult that you trust...parent, teacher and tell them what is happening and your 'speculations'..make sure you do it in a way that doesn't make you seem hysterical or a troublemaker. Her fear of losing her father to jail is only because she is rationalizing and is trying to make him into the Dad who will protect his little girl.
Do NOT tell her what you plan to do as she may distance herself from you---just do it. After it is done and she has been confronted, let her know that she is too dear to you as a friend and you would rather endure her anger than stand quietly by and watch her get hurt. Your friend may be angry with you for a while, but at least she will be safe. An SATC (sexual assault treatment center) can have her take a special test to check for assault.

You are showing that you are a TRUE friend and I wish you the best and hope your friend gets the help she needs. Just remember to be supportive no matter what.

Does our ego hurt when we want to get advice from juniors?

Actually, your ego hurts when someone who is less experienced, or less skilled, or both, than you advice you and the advice turn out to be true. Something that you never thought about even when you were superior than the one who advised you.Or, your ego may hurt when the person who advised you is less skilled and yet right and you know that but then also that person makes sure that the fact of him/her giving advice to you is known by everyone.This is a very natural human behavior and is bound to happen to everyone but if we suppress it somehow, we can learn many many new things.

I was led on and he broke my heart... any advice?

He led me on to the point where I am completely heart broken and breaking down. I did NOT sleep with him or do anything sexually, I'm smarter than that. I am 21 and he's 22. He's been single forever (never had a gf).
He completely hurt me though and led me on and dumped me with NO explanation - he just dropped all contact. Should I ask him what the heck I did wrong or just forget about it? I'd really like to know what made him turn away from me so suddenly.

I hurt my brother pretty bad by accident...what can I do to fix it? Advice?

I got into a fight with my older brother, 17, over the tv remote. He was sitting on the edge of the armchair of the couch. He kept on trying to grab it from me and fell over on me. I got pissed and just shoved him as hard as I could and he fell off the couch and *smack* face first into the coffee table. He just laid there for a minute and I told him to get up and stop faking it. He started to get up and that’s when I saw all the blood! He had a bloody nose, a cut somewhere on his forehead, and a busted lip. He slowly put his hands to his face and when he saw the blood on his hands he started screaming. I ran upstairs and got a towel for his face, and called my parents at work. My mom was there in like 10 minutes, and by then he was just crying his eyes out. I felt horrible, I hadn’t seen him cry since he was 12 when he broke his arm. My mom just yelled at me to the whole way to the hospital…the whole time my brother just cried. At the hospital, he got 3 stitches on the cut at his hairline (they actually had to shave a small patch to do it). My dad picked me up from the hospital while all of that was going on, I was scared as hell on the way home just from the way my dad was looking at me. Long story short, he whipped my butt something horrible for that, had me crying too. Though that was probably still nothing to getting stitches in your head. The next morning when my brother came downstairs, his face was all black and blue. I tried to say sorry again to him and he just pointed to his face and walked away. So now my brother won’t talk to me, my parents are pissed at me, and on top of that my brother is telling all his friends that I attacked him and that I got a “spanking” for doing it! I said sorry, I don’t think I should continue being treated like this for an accident. What should I do?

Advice on anal sex? how to stop or prevent it from hurting?

1) Lots of lube. You can't have too much lube.

2) Your partner should stretch you out with fingers or toys beforehand. As you get more experienced this will be less necessary. If a couple of fingers side by side isn't comfortable for you then you're not loosened up enough yet.

3) RELAX. The vagina naturally engorges and opens up when a woman becomes sexually aroused. It actively encourages penetration in this way. The anus does not work this way. The anal sphincter is squeezed shut by default. You must consciously relax it. You can't just lay there like a sack of potatoes and expect good anal sex. You have to relax and push out with your anal/rectal muscles to allow your partner inside you with minimal discomfort. Once you stretch a bit and adjust to the size you shouldn't feel any pain, just very "full." A slight burning sensation is common and this often suggests that you need more lube.

4) Go slow. Anal sex stretches the anus and your inner sphincter as well (depending on the size of your partner). It's just like any other muscle. You don't wake up and randomly try to do the splits, do you? No, you stretch your muscles slowly and gradually. As you become more flexible less warm-up is required. In this same way, allow yourself time to adjust and loosen up. Make sure to breathe.

Some pain may occur as the muscles involved stretch. You should easily be able to this identify this discomfort because it will feel like other stretching sensations you've felt in your life. Stabbing pains and any pain inside the rectum should be a red flag. "Immense pain" as you describe it (presuming you're not exaggerating or simply have a very low pain threshold) should immediately indicate that you are doing something horribly wrong.

Hey guys HELP i need your advice ...why does he do this?

First, there's two sides to every story but since I'm only hearing your side then that's the side i'll deal with. It sounds like your boyfriend has two personalities if he's just changing on you like that. He could have issues that he's not dealing with and if that's the case, you won't be able to do nothing about that, he will have to deal with that hisself. Whatever his problem is it's all about him , you are not the problem, you are just a tool for his venting out whatever he's going through. I wouldn't suggest you move on or nothing like that because this is a time in his life that he needs you. You will have to be the one to bring this thing out of him. Sit him down( when he is not mad at you) and just ask him ,"what's wrong"? GOODLUCK!!