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Why Did Hitler Ban The Communists And Social Democrats Does He Remind You Of Some Americans

Why was Hitler a Liberal?

We've been havin this debate at work for the past few days now and it's been pretty intense at times. Those that support the notion that Hitler was a liberal state the facts that it's not based on the political affiliations of modern day standards, but the core beliefs in the individual and party. If you look at the issues of how liberals attack religion, guns and promote nationalism,social welfare programs, gun control, animal rights, government funding for the arts and bans against smoking in public are lock-step with current liberal philosophies.

In what ways are Adolf Hitler's and Donald Trump's rise to power similar?

I don’t see any similarity. Hitler served in the German Army in WWI and reportedly received an award for bravery. Trump never served in any armed force of his own country despite the Viet Nam War. Hitler originally aspired to be an artist, while Trump was a spoiled rich kid who settled on a career as a real estate mogul. Hitler founded his own political movement and spent time in jail for it. The Donald contributed to both parties and switched parties until he found a base. The Nazi party was Hitler’s creation, whereas Trump managed to take over the well established Republican Party. Hitler was a mesmerizing public speaker, whereas Trump is a somnambulant speaker capable of little more than repeating tired phrases. Hitler was a virulent racist with a despicable plan to rid Germany of those he considered subhuman. Trump may be a racist, but he is hardly a virulent one. He has no plans to physically exterminate any fellow citizens he dislikes and prefers to go after non-citizens who are in the country illegally. We may disagree with his methods, but we are supposed to be a nation of laws. If that is the case, then Trump should be indictable for any crimes he has committed, while illegal immigrants are shown the door and told to come back when the petitions for immigration are granted.An alternative for those illegals who have obtained jobs and already established themselves might be to levy fines upon them based upon their income and the time they have been here, and put them under a moratorium that makes their wait for citizenship to date from their receipt of permission to remain in the country. The frank truth is that we need a variety of immigrants willing to do the jobs that many Americans avoid, and not just Ph.D’s.

Why must people be so close minded? The teachers at my school called Obama a Muslim terrorist?

I've actually heard 3 of my teachers say there is strong evidence supporting that Obama is the Anti-Christ and will do anything in his utmost power to turn us into a communist nation. I'm pretty intelligent and ranked number one in my freshman class, but I've found only a couple of people who believe me when I say that Barack Obama is a Christian. I live in a town with a population of 2,900.. We had a mock election last week and out of 107 people in my high school, 102 voted McCain and only 5 for Obama. Our basketball coach told us that if any of the girls that played for her voted for Obama we would be running. Today at Sunday school our teacher was preaching to us about true love for people and standing up for our religion. His exact words were "Suppose, heaven forbid, the Anti-Christ got elected today and some members of the government came in our class room right now and told us this was no longer a democratic nation. We were now communist and we would die unless every one of us converted to the Islamic religion. What would you do?" Yes, he actually said that and I'm never going to that church again. People believed him and one even asked if that could possibly happen if he were to get elected. Teachers have been telling all of us students that Obama is a radical Muslim terrorist incognito who pals around with people who have great hatred for the United States. They also say he was swore in on the Kuran and slouches when saying the pledge of allegiance. It drives me absolutely crazy that people are so ignorant about this.. and too stubborn and close minded to listen to what anyone else has to say. Another factor could be that there are only 3 black people in our high school.. No one in my town will listen to Obama's reasoning because of his appearance.. and his name happens to rhyme with Osama. How?