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Why Did Marcus Jannes Hang Himself

I might have Asperger's. Should I kill myself?

Absolutely not!

Look, we don't choose the roads we must travel in life, only the paths we choose to get there. Being lonely is not at all uncommon among people with Asperger Syndrome, based on what I have read online in my own research. You might find luck interacting with people online than in person. Certainly, that seems to help a lot of Aspies, as many like to fondly call themselves, get by. There are a number of online support groups too which you may find useful.

Also, many people with Aspergers also have prosopagnosia (face blindness) which can be extremely isolating in and of itself. Still, one can certainly find some solace in various online communities.

There is nothing wrong with being quirky! Just learn to put your quirks to good personal and professional use and you'll do pretty well!

Why did Marcus Jannes kill himself?