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Why Did My Friend Do This

Why do all my friends leave me?

I don’t know if you make poor choices when choosing friends or if it’s something else.I’m going to list a few things that people don’t like in friendships. Look in your heart honestly to see if you’re doing any of them. If you are, it’s possible that could be the reason.People generally don’t like friends who:LieEnjoy and participate in drama.Want to monopolize all their time.Embarrass them in front of others.Always borrow their stuff or money.Speak rudely to them or to others in their presence.Are racistsTalk badly about their other friends.Walk out of a restaurant without leaving a tip.Are mean to animals.Smell bad.Constantly flirt.Anger easily.Chew food with their mouth open.Invite you over and their house is disgustingly nasty, sloppy, and stinky.Abuse their children.Make fun of the religious beliefs of others.Pick their nose in public.Fart in public ON PURPOSE.Steal things when shopping.Frequently have pity parties.Won’t admit when they make mistakes.Invite themselves to activities and events instead of waiting to be invited.BragI realize that list could go on and on. The point is, if you are doing any of those things, even just one, that could be why all your friends leave you.None of my friends do any of those things. If they did, I wouldn’t want to be friends with them.Maybe you aren’t doing any of those things, which would be awesome.If that’s the case, it’s possible your past friends are people with whom you don’t have a lot in common.Good luck. I hope you find some friends who stay.

Why do my friends ignore me?

There could be a few reasons:—Firstly you could be Assuming that your in a state where you are being ignored by your friends…What if these thoughts are infact distancing you from your friends?Each and Every one have their own personal and professional life due to which they tend to become busy.Make Your Mind to Understand this point!!Stop Expecting that Your Friends need to be constantly in Touch with you most of the time!! Expectations hurt..(PS:I have been there).But Make Sure that you be in constant touch with your Friends irrespective of how busy you are Make Time..(PS:Stop having the question Why Should I Text First?)..Perhaps You may not be opening up too much with them.Another Reason could be your too much annoying or having high attitude problem.If your not doing much for your friends or your not too serious about the friendship then they could ignore you.Avoid being a negative thinker and always believe that only good happen..People generally hate complainers and negative people!!At times even Kind and helpful people are also ignored by many…If you fall under this category then their not worthy of having you as a friend..(Have Your Own Self Respect.)Some Friends could even be “envious” of your Success in Life and may choose to ignore you also!!Never make your friend feel Unimportant.ThankYou:)

Why do I get angry about my friends using drugs?

You probably care about the person quite a lot but despise 'drug-use' as a trait because it's a purely selfish act. It only 'benefits' the user. That someone is prioritising their short-term pleasure through stimulants over the long-term damage caused to their body.It also might make you the consider the person as lazy: Drug-use stimulates the reward system in the body just by inhaling or ingesting certain chemicals. But someone can access this same reward system by everyday things they do that makes them feel good about themselves e.g. Working hard and getting paid or receiving gratitude for helping an old lady cross the road. But the fact that they 'feel good' without having to work for it might make you feel they are undeserved of receiving pleasure without having to earn it.

Why did my friend do that?

i spent a £10 on her for her birthday like last week and when i went back to school the day after she ignored me and didn't talk or anything, its been like that for 5 days and only yesterday did she start a fight with me for no reason and now im getting in trouble and might have to change school, i so fuss straited and angry. shes been hanging around with a friend that she has been bullying for the past year, at least i had the dignity to say it was both of us in the fight and still she just says it was my fault, and im getting in trouble because of her and because i have AD HD they believe her and its no fair,
i know i should of walked away but then ill get picked on even more!
please don't say nothing bad

(not my brother im his sister)

My friend wants me to steal. What do I do?

Okay, so once when I was younger me and my friend stole some stuff from a store. About a week later I went back and paid them back, and got my name on a list of people monitored while they shop. Now the friend, like two years later wants to steal more. I tried to tell her I don't want to, but..well, I said "I think I'm kinda to scared to.." And explained all the bad stuff that happens and she was like "I won't hate you..I'll be REALLY REALLY pissed though." She always does this, make me feel bad! what do I do!?!

How do I tell my friend that she is ginger?

I’ve had this friend and I’ve known her for a few years. For the sake of the details, I will refer to her as Carmen. Now, you see, Carmen is in fact a ginger and growing up where I did, you didn’t see people like that, making it hard for me to understand the concept of gingers. Now, it was when I met her that she openly spoke about being ‘strawberry blonde’, even going as far to stretch her dislike to the ginger community. I would have just ignored this but I feel like it is her right to know her true religion of people. Any advice on this?

My friend did my taxes for me. How much should I pay her?

Ask her. She can't charge based on your refund so that issue is moot. What's her hourly rate?

EDIT: The other posts about her having to have a PTIN are lame. She's already got a PTIN as an accountant. Even if you "pay" per with lunch, technically she's supposed to report the income.

What can my friend do about a video uploaded on YouTube of when he went off on staff as a hospital?

He mainly yelled at them because he has psych problems and someone up loaded a video on you tube .

I was there but did not realize someone was fliming because I was watching my friend and was hoping he would calm down and accept help. Though I did understand at the time he was I think mainly scared.

But is there anything we can do?

What should I do when my friend does not read my text message?

There are multiple options of what you can do.First, simply wait. If waiting doesn’t work then try these next options.Second: Text them again but not immediately, because that could be annoying to them. Just wait a few minutes until it seems like a good time to not be considered annoying. If this doesn’t work, then go to the next option.Third: Call them if its really important. Some people prefer texts over calling. Just call them, tell them what you were trying to say, and maybe tell them to check their texts more often. If you see the ringing end early, then that means that they are busy. That means that you should call them later. If you keep ringing them, and it takes a minute until it ends, then go to the next option.Fourth: Go on their social media if it’s that important. Go on their Instagram, Facebook, ETC. to see if they are somewhere that deems them busy.Fourth: Find them in public and tell them to check their texts, or just tell them what you said in your text in public.Here is an example of exactly what not to do:Repetitively saying “Hi” can get very annoying. I wouldn’t do this because it can get your friend mad for blowing up their phone with 10 notifications of you saying “Hi” many times. If they are at a meeting for something, or somewhere generally important, then they could have to check their phone to see what is so important.

All my friends drink/smoke?! Should i do it too? (im 14)?

I'm a 16 year old girl and boy do I know

Your a cool girl and a smart one, and yes alot of people have been in the same situation. I know I'm one of them, peer pressure is no joke. I hope you fine better friends and get rid of the ones you have but that's only if they wont listen to you about how wrong drinking/smoking is. Don't feel uncool by telling your friends that Smoking/drinking is wrong, they need to here it. Plus it shows that you don't just care about yourself but about your friends health too. And if there to stupid to see that then its there lost for losing you as a friend ; )

The one thing I had problems with is thinking that I couldn't find another group of friends that would like me or wouldn't wont to hang out with me plus I really wonted to keep my friends. Before they wonted to be cool like everyone else they where okay friends but they turned on me .
sometimes you have to step outside of the box and find something that matches your personality. My friends would call me goody goody all the time but I never gave in.

Your friends don't realize if they keep going down the same path there going to be the ones with out any friends, either that or people that will begin to use them. I know because that's what happened to my Friends. GOoD luck* not to you being pressure into drinking because your a (smart Girl), but to you being with the friends you have.

I hope you don't have anymore problems and remain happy :)

PS: oh one last thing
I hope anyone at the age 12 and up is not drinking/smoking its a bad habit that will sometimes lead to death, and sometimes worse then death >like killing one of your friends all because you were drunk while driving). You may think you can fight becoming addicted but you can't. REMEMBER that the first thing a person with a drinking problem says is I can stop at any time. Drinking is okay for a once and awhile drink but that is as far as it should go. Sorry had to add that :)