Why Did My Medication Stop Working

My keppra medication stopped working?

i was using keppra all year long for ibs it helped for my migraines and strangely it helped me concentrate and it suddenly stopped working my head aches are back why so?

Why has my acne medication stopped working?

I started using acne medication in 7th grade when my acne started to appear. It was bad, but the medication helped keep it under control. Then it stopped working by the end of 9th grade. After it stopped working, my acne was worse than ever and was now on my face and back. After that, I was put on Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim; which kept my skin completely clear for 2 years. Unfortunately, my acne is starting to become horrible again like it was Sophomore year. I'm back to taking 2 pills again like when I first started taking the medication and it's not getting any better. Why does my medication stop working? Especially after it works for such a long time? What can I do to improve the appearance of my skin until I am able to see a Dermatologist? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

My medication stopped working. Rexulti.?

I started taking Rexulti for skitzophrenia 13 days ago. I felt good until last night. Now today i am having hallucinations again and delusions just like i was before i started taking it. It comes and goes. I need help and advice to whats going on.. I am going to schedule an appointment when the doctor calls me back.

Why did my depression medication stop working?


It sounds like you are going through a lot right now. Not only does your anxiety and depression seem overwhelming for you, feeling like your medication is not helping is certainly overwhelming. It may be good to talk with your therapist and/or doctor about your situation. They may be able to assess your needs and adjust the dosage if needed.

When you start feeling this way, it is important to remind yourself to relax and consider things that are positive for you. Deep breathing and stretching can help you ease muscle tension and take care of the physical symptoms of these feelings too. Try activities that you like in order to get your mind off of the anxiety and uplift your depression as well. Activities like working out, journaling, listening to music, or reading a book are all good options to distract yourself. Try to relax and take time to do those kinds of activities to see if they help.

Whatever you plan to do, please keep reaching out and take care!

TM, Counselor

Why does my allergy medication stop working so often?

Almost same thing also happening to me. And this thing really sucking my life very badly. I am waiting to see specialist’s opinion here.Recent update regarding this issueRecently I talked with my doctor ( Unfortunately he is not allergist but an ENT) who prescribed me cetirizine when I informed him that my fexofenadine is not working. Recently, again I informed him that cetirizine also not working after few days. He said cetirizine is almost not resistible medicine. He also mention that may be cetirizine is not working because of your environment.Now I am also suspecting that. I have house dust allergy (26 Ua/ml). I work on my laptop PC almost 15 hours in a day at home and office. Laptop cooling fan blow dust in front of my nose. However, I am smoker, that might be another environmental issue.I am trying to updating my environment. Lets see…….

Does anxiety medication stop working after so long?

So interesting you would ask! I’ve been using alprazolam for years and believe its effectiveness has diminished considerably. I was going to ask my psychiatrist this question the next time I see him. It makes sense to me that one’s body chemistry would eventually learn how to circumvent medication.

My medication isn't working. Citalopram stopped working and now Prozac isn't working. What should I do?

By not working I’m going to assume you mean that the beneficial effects you felt before are now largely absent. One thing not to do is quit cold-turkey. If you’re still on these medications they are still having an effect on you even if it isn’t what you want. You should titrate off to avoid unpleasant and possibly dangerous side-effects.The other thing I recommend you not do is give up.The drugs you named are only two of a full range of medications that are possible so an alternative medication might benefit you where these no longer do. Or it may be time to look for different alternatives. Antidepressants are not a cure and they don’t work for everyone (for some not at all, for others, as you are experiencing, their efficacy fails). I don’t know what else you have tried nor do I know how debilitating your depression symptoms are, so it’s difficult to suggest specific strategies.If you’re not supplementing the medical therapy with psychotherapy, you should definitely look into this. There are new medications and new approaches being used and tested, including ketamine infusions and the use of psilocybin and even LSD as possible treatments. Some people who haven’t had luck with other treatments respond well to ECT (electroconvulsive therapy).

How can I stop feeling sad when my ADHD medication stops working?

You would need to elaborate on why you feel sad. The extremeness of the feeling, when you feel it and how that correlates with your medication. Is it at the end of the day after your medication wears off? How long have you been taking the medication ? You need to be more specific about your situation to get an accurate answer.

Why has my medication stopped working? Zyprexa (Olanzapine)?

I have been diagnosed with drug induced psychosis a little over a month ago, I was started on 5mg of Zyprexa, moved up to 7.5 then 10 and last night took 12.5 because my psychosis was coming back.

I want to know why it is coming back to me, because of a tolerance to the medication or is my condition worsening? Or is there another reason?

I have quit smoking hoping it was the cigaretes which have stopped it working but I doubt that because I have been smoking the whole time I have been on them and it only got bad now.