Why Did Some Of My Email Filters Stop Working Today All Of A Sudden Stuff That Has Filtered Fine

Some of my Photoshop Filters aren't working?

Earlier I was working in photoshop adding a graphic pen filter to an image and it worked just fine, but I didn't save it. I went back a little while later and tried to add the same filter to the same image and it didn't work at all. Just turned the same image completely white. Why did the filter stop working? Help please. Also a few other filters do the same thing, turn the image completely white. The image is in RGB color mode as well. I restarted photoshop and my computer without luck...

Clothes Dryer suddenly stopped working????

The door switch if its broke is nothing more than a part for less than $10.00 I had to test a switch by the way they are plastic with some metal for contacts and a spring, this dryer I repaired I ordered the part straight from the Manufacturer. that is generally the first place to test a circuit based on an open circuit when the door is open and when the door is closed the dryer operates. IF you have a large Grey or Black plug that plugs into a large 4inch by 3 inch box thats a 220 Volt Dryer, a Gas Dryer has generally a flexible line from the dryer to a 1/2 inch pipe and a tee running into the wall. also on 220 Volt dryers as well gas make sure the filter screen is clean located in 2 places take a flashlight look down the screen slot to see if all the lint is removed, by sugguestion I 'll list sources that mainly a web site or a toll free number is in the owners manual or do a Yahoo search , BTW Kenmore a Sears item they are really good for their own parts and you can it ready as techs call it a WILL CALL order hardware stores I had delt with dont do WILL CALLS .

Sears you can order on line and pick it up pertty fast I bought a tool and picked it up after work thats why I like them .

JC Penny is out of the appliance business.

There is some web appliance parts depending where you are located if a Big city is close by some low and some high I bought vaccum cleaner OEM Bags on line and shipped in about a week Kirby that is.

BTW I took Electrical School, and I am a student in the Electronics feild and hold 2 FCC Licenses short of taking the ISCET exam and persuing an Electronics degree and belong to 2 Engineering Orgs IEEE & SBE visit my webpage at by the way Bob Villa I see an interesting thing check his site appaerently has alot of info. there too I m going there after this post

Email filters stopped working...?

The answer is not really good. My filters stopped working over the past month. The filters were to take incoming spam and deliver directly to trash. They were working fine for the past year and then suddenly they stopped working. I have created new filters and deliver to other folders and it works fine...only spam is still getting through.

I did nothing to the changes, yet they just stopped working. I'm now getting about 100 spam emails a day to this email address which I've had for years.

Yahoo no longer provides any customer support. :-(

Why does my car just stop working?

I'm pretty sure Jeeps are designed to go on the cheap stuff, and actually don't work that well on Premium.

When does it do this problem? You said it's done it a few times. What are the common driving factors?
does it when I've been driving less than 5 miles
does it only when the engine is very warm, from driving 20+ miles
while sitting in traffic, idling, on hot days
only in the rain

These can help narrow down the problem.
As just a shot, though, there is a control module on some models (I'm not sure about the 97 GC). When it first goes bad, it only does so when the engine is pretty warm (5+ miles). Once the engine has cooled off, it will work fine, and the cycle goes on.
I'm not saying that's your problem, but it is a possibility. If you have a local AutoZone, give them a call. They can tell you A. if your vehicle has a control module, B. where it is located, and C. if they can test it (they can test @ 70% of the control modules out there). If you get positive answers to all of this, take it in to them, and get it tested before buying a new one. That way you know before you blow the money on it (I'm gonna guess @ $50.00).

Spam filter isn't working?

I've started to receive a lot of spam today from Romania (email ends in .ro). I've set up a filter "contains" and another one "ends" with .ro to move them to TRASH but they are not working. I've set up 2 filters filling the "From" box to "contains" .ro and "ends" with .ro. After saving, neither one is working. The emails show up in my inbox. Any ideas? btw, I've been reporting all of these as spam.

My Youtube has stopped working?

javascript is usually turned on by, it might be your flash player is outdated..

you can try a different browser...

these will help you...

1. Use Opera browser, it will load faster and smoother, and re-install latest flash (the correct way)

get the latest flash player, and install it.. make sure all the browsers are NOT running during installation... this is the right way to install the flash player.

by the way, the javascript is turned on by default.


2. It could be due to slow connection or high traffic.
Try watching it during off peak hours, the video will be smoother.

Or you could watch it offline smoothly... try using 'zillatube' .

It works well - Just google search "zillatube" to get it.


Why did my internet just slow down all of a sudden?

Perhaps your HDD needs to be defragmented. Maybe there is such a load in your particular calling area, that it's bogged down your connection. This is the Holiday Season. Many people like to contact friends and family afar by videoconferencing, and that will add to the load. Plus, maybe the weather might have something to do with it, since it's pretty much frigid all over the country. Other than that, i don't know what could cause things to go bad. Also, please remember that not all anti-virus software is the same. Some will find viruses that others won't. So i would go to or and do an online virus scan, just to make sure.

hope this helps!

Why is my internet really slow all of the sudden?

This is a bit vague. If you are talking about your specific Internet connection to your home, then Alejandro’s answer is good.If we are talking about the Internet as a whole, this is a different discussion entirely.The Internet can be slowed down by a number of factors. I think the big 3 factors are as follows:Internet InfrastructureGeographic DistancesNetwork CongestionThe first one, Internet infrastructure is a difficult one. This involves Internet exchange points and Border Gateway Protocol. Both are being adapted through backbone technologies. The main driver is software defined networks (SDNs).The second, geographic distances, means how long it takes things to travel over a given distance. The speed of light is the limiting factor for data communications. If you are transferring from California to New York, this will not take nearly as long as from California to India. CDNs help to try and solve this problem.The last is network congestion. When there is too much traffic at once over a particular Internet route, things come to a halt. This is like if you get into a traffic jam in your car. It is terrible because sometimes it is unpredictable. It will happen during Black Friday Sales, or the Super Bowl. Or simply during prime time for Netflix.There are many other causes but here are 3 to get you started.

Yahoo mail filters?

Yes they have them. = You can use Filters to organize your mail. Yahoo! Mail Filters don’t block mail, they steer messages as they arrive into different folders.

To set up a new filter, click Options in the upper right corner of your Mail page. Under “Management”, click Filters. Click Add, give the filter a name, and choose from a variety of options to automatically direct certain messages into a specific folder. For example, send any messages you get from your family into a folder called “Family”. Handy! When you’re done, click Add Filter.

What do I do if my mail has stopped being delivered?

The best thing that you can do in that situation is call your local post office to see if there has been a disruption in the service of your route. This happened to me earlier this year. I live in an apartment in Brooklyn. We called the post office and it turns out that we didn't have a specified postal worker assigned to our route. So they couldn't get into the apartment building (you need a key for the front gate) because they didn't know that a key was needed. We called and within a week the problem was sorted out. You could also go down to the post office to see if they have any mail for your address. Sometimes if the wrong name is on the mail they won't deliver it. I have had this happen to me when my friends tried to send me mail but used a nickname that I go by instead of my real name.