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Why Did The South Cheer When It Was Announced That Lincoln Was Dead

Why Do You Think That The Tea Parties Came Into Being?

The Tea Party movement started during the last year of Bush. The Democrat Congress was spending like crazy and Bush was allowing it. Then the bailouts began. Tarp was first, that was on Bush watch. People were waking up to the fact that our government was spending us into oblivion and our children and grand children would pay. Obama got in and just acerbated the spending. As you can see by our debt the Tea Party has a legitimate grip against government. Now we have more entitlements and not enough tax payers to pay for them.

Why did the South cheer when it was announced that Lincoln was dead?

"The South" didn't cheer. I can think of millions of Southerners -- slaves and freed slaves -- who definitely did not cheer. I'm sure that many ex-Confederates did cheer, but they weren't the entire "South."

Why was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman not made president of Pakistan in 1970 when his party Awami League won majority in Pakistani parliament?

This photo explains it all. It is Sheikh Mujibur Rehman being received at Lahore airport as the head of Bangladesh. Pakistan’s PM ZA Bhutto is looking on, while Mujib is shaking hands with the head of Pakistan Army, Gen. Tikka Khan.Simple answer: Mujib had won on the promise of strangling West Pakistan. He was perfectly happy when he got his own country to rule. Following a victory/independence speech by Mujib following the election results, Gen. Tikka Khan initiated a military action in the East, only to see his Bengali troops desert.Bengali insurgents aided by Indian undercover agents started massacring Biharis and West Pakistanis, and melting into the population. Pakistan brought in 40,000 troops (four divisions) from the West who brutally suppressed them, causing a lot of civilian deaths. In the end, the troops had created a ‘peace of the graveyard’, but could not withstand an Indian onslaught (amounting to a locust-storm of at least a quarter-million) and surrendered.Bhutto was not unhappy with the outcome, as he in one stroke had gained a country to rule and he thought he’d tamed the military as well. Eventually, the military hanged him.All this was possible because of the lack of rule of law in Pakistan and India. Both countries still try to incite their populace against the enemy country, instead of providing them with justice, prosperity, and protection for their lives and properties. Compare this with the situation in Europe, where France and Germany coexist, as well as Great Britain and Ireland.And it was rum all around…

What is an insane coincidence that you've experienced?

During my pregnancy, I was told that my son had Down syndrome. My doctor asked me if I wanted to have an abortion, and I couldn’t believe it! Why in the world would I want to kill my child?!?After the appointment, my husband was so sad and I was totally confused. “Amy”, he said, “our baby has Down syndrome.” I couldn’t believe my husband fell for that doctor’s mistake!“He does not!” I assured him, “I teach special ed, I think I would know, and PLUS, no one in either of our families has Down syndrome. Doctors are wrong all the time.”Denial is SO POWERFUL.When Gavin was born, it was apparent that he had the disorder, which caused his heart to fail. I held my baby boy as he turned blue and I was inconsolable.Two weeks later, the denial fog cleared and reality punched me in my gut. I was forced to see the truth. My doctor had said his condition was severe and he would have had a life in a wheelchair. It all sank in like thick cement. Gavin had Down syndrome and that’s why he died.For the first five years, I hated Gavin’s birthday because it was also his death day; I was too emotional to function. After seven years of tormenting myself with sorrow, I decided to get out and stay busy. So, on Gavin’s 8th birthday, I went to Trader’s Village to sell my “You Rock” magnets. It’s such a festive place; a perfect distraction.Shoppers stopped to chat and look for their names, buying magnets for friends and family.I turned around when I heard, “Ma’am, excuse me.” and saw someone holding one of my “Gavin” rocks. It was an older woman getting a gift for her grandson.I immediately noticed her shirt and almost freaked out. “Keep Calm and Roll with Gavin” it said.KEEP CALM!… Yes, that was my goal for that day!“Roll with” … a WHEELCHAIR!GAVIN!… My son!I grabbed that woman’s shoulders with my jaw dropped and eyes bulged out, trying to speak despite my heart being in my throat.I eventually told her my story and we both cried happy tears.She told me all about her grandson and how he has Down syndrome and how everyone loves him. She was going to put that name rock on his gift; his birthday gift. His 8th birthday party was that night.Many people say it was a coincidence, but I truly believe it was a message from my son on his birthday.

Movie "THE PATRIOT" the battle of guilford courthouse/cowpens?

The one with the French, etc, is the final battle - Yorktown, which ends in Corwallis' surrender.

The American successes at Gilford/Cowpens were instrumental in Cornwallis deciding to move north into Virginia.

Tarleton lived to enter politics in England. About Tarleton's actions:
One of Tarleton's nemeses in South Carolina was Francis Marion, an American militia commander and early practitioner of guerrilla warfare tactics, whom Tarleton was unable to capture or otherwise neutralize. Marion remained quite popular with South Carolina residents and continued his guerrilla campaign with their support. Tarleton, by contrast, alienated the citizenry by numerous acts of cruelty to the civilian population. For example, at one plantation of a deceased Patriot officer, he had the man's body dug up, then required the widow to serve him a meal. One of Marion's men later wrote of the incident:

On one expedition (Nelson's Ferry - November 1780), Tarleton burnt the house, out houses, corn and fodder, and a great part of the cattle, hogs and poultry, of the estate of Gen. Richardson. The general had been active with the Americans, but was now dead; and the British leader, in civilised times, made his widow and children suffer for the deeds of the husband and parent, after the manner of the East, and coast of Barbary. What added to the cruel nature of the act, was that he had first dined in the house, and helped himself to the abundant good cheer it afforded. But we have seen before the manner in which he requited hospitality. It was generally observed of Tarleton and his corps, that they not only exercised more acts of cruelty than any one in the British army, but also carried further the spirit of depredation.

When will America realize that the rest of the world will NEVER accept us?

exactly correct!

Yes josh, so much racism we elect a black president. the only racism is the 99% Of blacks that voted for obama.

Who cares if the world accepts us? We are the elites of the world that formed a new nation that set all kinds of records and still does. Yes, we have been polluted down some with lazy scum of all ilk that dont want to work and see sloth as an acceptable life style.

The fact is that Europe is barely better than the 3rd world. Ive lived there. Japan is probably the 2ond most advanced nation on earth. other than them you quickly drop off to europe about 1.75 to 2ond world, then the middle east 2.75, ...

Who cares what they think? If they could think so well, they wouldnt be 2ond worlders.

YEs john we have a 3rd worlder bootlicker. yes the europeans LOVE him. its too bad hes such a choad.

ANd molly we would rather pay for health care than get crappy 3rd world level care like you do. Moly the US leads the world in high end medical are that makes lives longer. many cancers have as much as a 600% higher mortality rate in europe! 6 times as many people die from some cancers! Id call that 3rd world. Australia has about the same mortality rate as england. that is what our mortality rate was 25 years ago. DOnt get me wrong, IM not saying aust. isnt a lovely place. I loved all the time I spent in queensland. The women know how to give it up properly.

haha hand ancient judges how "free" a nation is by how many of his turds he can get packed. see ancient lots of us dont think freedom means "how readily we can get our feces impacted". Some of us dont even consider that. Oddly its on top of your list.

What are some great controversies surrounding Jesus Christ?

What is written about Jesus in the Bible does not cover the years between 12 and 30. It is said that his mother was a virgin and that his father was a carpenter, The Bible says that he ascended but many do not understand what the ascension is or what the Christ is. It is said that Jesus died for the sins of man, but it is not clear what the sins of man are. If he could die for those not even born yet, why did he take his life back? There is so much untruth written and said about Jesus so that  all truth about him cannot be known from outer teachings.Jesus' mission was to learn, teach and demonstrate what is meant for all mankind. It is achieving Christ consciousness and making the ascension. This is the truth that he taught to free mankind. No one could be like him if he was not born in the normal way. It is not mentioned in the Bible that Jesus' mother and father were both mystics who were the first teachers of Jesus for his mission. Between the age of 13 and 30, Jesus studied in Egypt and the Far East where he learned to become a mystic.Also, what is controversial is that Jesus is teaching from the ascended realm and he clarifies much of what has been written about him over 2000 years ago. He is not pleased that Christianity has set him up as an idol which falsifies the purpose of his mission. Jesus, his mother (Mother Mary), and his father, Joseph (Saint Germain), are ascended masters that teach from the ascended realm today. If interested, you can read what each of them and other ascended masters have to say at Dictations organized by Master

What might have happened if the Confederacy had won the American Civil War?

I am in full agreement with the premise of “If the South Had Won”:If the South Had WonFrom the first paragraph:“If the South had won, the United States would be a quarrelsome collection of a score of independent countries, unprogressive as the Balkans. If the South had won its independence, the result would have been to create an irresistible precedent, an unanswerable justification for any other section that was so minded to withdraw and go its own way. If the South had won, it is entirely conceivable, and indeed likely, that the United States would have rapidly dissolved into a congeries of petty republics contending among themselves for a New World balance of power, exhausting their resources in military rivalry, surrendering half their freedom to some European alliance from fear of aggression or in the hope of ascendancy.”Lincoln knew exactly what he was fighting for: he was fighting to save the United States as a concept, because he knew that once a set of states was permitted to break from the Union, there would be no end to breakage.“[Eighty-seven] years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation…now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure”The schadenfreude would come when the Confederate States started to split from each other. If you look at the CSA Constitution….Constitution of the Confederate States of America- what was changed?…there is no mechanism that deals with a state wishing to leave the Confederacy, putting them in the same position as the Union and presenting them with the same problems if say, Mississippi were to declare its sovereign right to abandon the Confederacy after some dispute.Of course, we don’t know what sort of government the CSA would have evolved into. Confederacies in general are very inefficient and as Wikipedia reminds us, “political pressure tends to build over time for the transition to a federal system of government.” Given the circumstances of the creation of the CSA, however, its more likely that any internal conflicts would split the nascent Confederacy apart.;

What are some REAL WORLD consequences if the Civil Rights Act was repealed?

That is very hard to say, at this point. The Civil Rights Act made it illegal to discriminate in numerous areas. People still discriminated, of course, they were just more subtle. You still see plenty of studies in which black people, women, and so on experience substantial discrimination in employment, for example. Obviously, the Civil Rights Act did not completely stop discrimination. Nothing will. It just made it illegal.We can assume that people will experience discrimination, of course. But at what level? Society has changed a great deal, not to say we don’t have discrimination, but it has changed a lot.My guess is that we will see an uptick. People who wanted to discriminate but could not, will. But because some of it will be blatant, people will complain on line. And the companies which engage in such discrimination will experience a lot more pain than a lawsuit. Rather, we will see people arguing online about people having the right to hire, rent to, sell to, whoever they like. And other people saying they will boycott the businesses, people, whatever, in question. And you will see a lot of boycotts. And the companies will go out of business or change their tunes. But that will take time.People who refuse to rent, or sell or serve will also experience trouble. But that won’t help the people who experienced the discrimination in whatever it was they were trying to do.I think some people will have trouble finding jobs. I think some people will have trouble finding places to live. I think more people will be thrown out of restaurants or denied service in more places.I think you can take as an example what happens when gay people are discriminated against now, since that is legal in most places in the US. Some people shrug and say what’s the big deal. Some people actively cheer it. Some people are horrified.We will also find out how many people are bigots. My guess? A lot.

Was confederacy right after all?

You seem sure about a lot that would have happened after the war had Johnny Reb' won!
1- There WAS an immigration 'problem' after the Civil War, they called them the Irish menace, among others. As an American of Irish background I can tell you there were places that wouldn't hire you if you were Irish, or even let you in the building to get out of the cold! This problem would have only been worse if there was a slave population forced to do for free what the Irish (and a century later Mexicans) could only do for pennies! Don't you dare think for a second that the Industrial Revolution would have changed anything for Blacks, the Irish, or any other non-WASP! Only through riots and blood did these populations get to where they are today! It would have been an even taller mountain to climb had the South won the War.
2- There would have still been war, just as much if not more because PAX AMERICANA would never have occurred and perhaps the North (USA) would have beat the South later by siding with the Kaiser in WW1. It gets speculative but either way war would still go on and on!