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Why Did The Zimmerman Telegram Angered The U.s

Why did the Zimmerman telegram angered the U.S?

Germany sent a telegram to Mexico asking them to join the war against us by saying to them that they could take back the territories they lost to us during the Mexican-American War. That got us angry and along with the systemically sinking of American merchant ships by the Germans, and decided to enter World War I as a result.

Why did the Zimmermann telegram push the United States toward war?

The telegram made an offer to Mexico. Should Mexico join an alliance with Germany, they could get back the territory lost to the United States. (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, etc.) after the Mexican War.

"Many Americans regarded the note as another piece of German treachery, like the blowing up of their factories and placing bombs upon their ships; and they voiced their renewed anger against the false foe who encouraged secret murder while wearing the mask of peace."

Looking back, the proposal seems unreasonable. Germany was fighting a two front war, had it's fleet blockaded, and didn't have surplus war material or troops to support Mexico. Mexico's military wasn't strong enough or had enough supplies to conduct a effective invasion of the United States.

What if the British hadn't intercepted the Zimmerman telegram and passed it on to President Wilson in 1917, thus bringing the USA into WW1?

There were still other and more important reasons why the United States ended up joining the war.For instance, though the US supposedly traded equally to the Entente Powers as to the Central Powers, the British blockade effectively stopped nearly all trade from the US to Germany. Germany in retaliation authorized unrestricted submarine warfare against ships traveling to England. Many Americans were usually on these ships, so the sinking of them evidently angered America. Germany and America made a treaty, the Sussex Pledge, in which Germany agreed to cease unrestricted submarine warfare. Germany broke this pledge with the sinking of the Lusitania which had around 120 Americans onboard. This further destroyed the trust between America and Germany, and any number of events could have happened that would have sparked America into joining the war. The Zimmerman note was this spark, but without it, there would likely have been another trigger that would send America into the war.The Propoganda machine in America was also extremely large. Most Americans (that were not of German or other Central Power’s descent) hated and feared the Germans. Congress only need a trigger like the Zimmerman note to go to war. As I said earlier, there probably would have been another trigger, even if it was forged.There are rumors today that the Zimmerman note itself may have been forged so that America would join the war. So yes, it is likely that America would have eventually joined the war reguardless of the Zimmerman note.

Why did Germany send a telegram to Mexico in WWI?

To assure that America would not join the war by stirring up trouble closer to home. This was a nistske for two reasons: First is that Germany did not understand that Mexico had lost all connection with the territory annexed by America generations before and did not look on America as an enemy. Second is at that moment America was not in the war and it was not even certain it would join the war (until the telegram came to light).Altogether, the Zimmermann Telegram was just one of many blundered moves of WWI.

How did the Zimmermann Telegram influence U.S. policy?

It made the US upset that Germany was trying to get Mexico to join them by promising Mexico OUR land. The publishing of this telegram, in addition to Germany decision to start unrestricted submarine warfare again, were the immediate factors that pushed the US into WWI

What do you know about a German letter requesting permission to establish a military base in exchange to return territory taken by the USA in the US-Mexican war of 1846?

You are referring to the Zimmermann Telegram. This was a clumsy diplomatic effort by Germany issued from its Foreign Office in January 1917 that proposed a military alliance between Germany and Mexico. In the event that the United States entered World War I against Germany, Mexico would recover Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. The telegram, intercepted and decoded by British intelligence, revelation angered Americans, especially after German Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmermann publicly admitted the telegram was genuine on March 3. It helped generate support for the US declaration of war on Germany on in April. The decryption was described as the most significant intelligence triumph for Britain during World War I, and one of the earliest occasions on which a piece of signals intelligence influenced world events.

What role did the Zimmermann telegram play for the Allies of World War I?

If answered in detail this would take a lot of time and space - In simple terms by inviting Mexico to enter by invading the USA , the German government angered the American government and the people of the USA enough to encourage them to make war on the Central Powers - or particularly on the German Empire. This was a costly mistake to Germany because it brought an industrial country able to develop a large army into the War when Germany was suffering from a shortage of foodstuff, armaments and fresh manpower. It helped Germany lose the war relatively quickly. - which was a distinct advantage for the Allies.

How exactly did the Zimmermann Note/telegram provoked American in getting involved with World War 1?

Which does not tell us what the note said.

This was an effort to tie down the United States in a war with Mexico once the decision had been made in Germany to resume unrestricted submarine warfare. Germany was hoping that one last push with forces released from the war in the East would enable it to win the war before America could make its presence known. The note, meant for the German Embassy in Mexico City, backfired when it was intercepted by British intelligence and sent to Woodrow Wilson instead. Needless to say, he was pissed.

Why was America so determined to stay out of WW1....?

Because it was viewed as Europe's problem. Americans did not want to participate in such a war, although we aided the Allied effort with supplies. The Zimmerman Telegram is often credited with being the reason why most Americans decided to favor the war; the telegram was from Germany to Mexico, asking Mexico to join the war on the side of Germany, and to fight America. The telegram was intercepted, which greatly angered the U.S.

I should mention the telegram was intercepted by the Brits, and they told us about it. And I'm not sure about this part, but I believe many Americans originally disfavored the war, because they believed corporations would use it as an excuse, and use it just to make money (companies make alot of money from manufacturing planes boats tanks guns etc.)

How did the Zimmerman note contribute to the U.S enrty into world war 1?

News of the Zimmermann Telegram quickly released and stories about its contents appeared in the American press on March 1. While pro-German and anti-war groups claimed that it was a forgery, Zimmermann confirmed the telegram's contents on March 3 and March 29. Further inflaming the American public, which was angered over the resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare (Wilson broke diplomatic relations with Germany on February 3 over this issue) and the sinking SS Houstonic (February 3) and SS California (February 7), the telegram further pushed the nation towards war. On April 2, Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany. This was granted four days later and the United States entered the conflict.