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Why Did This Man Bleed From His Mouth And Nose And Till Death

What causes you to bleed from your mouth and nose after death?

Just about any anti-coagulant can cause bleeding from mouth or nose during life. So can a deficiency of vitamin K. During death?10 Fascinating Stages of Death - Listverse (See Stage Six)It seems to be normal after the rigor mortis stage, for bloody froth.What causes it? Putrefaction; bacteria taking advantage of the stage where the blood is again liquid.

Why did Neda bleed through her mouth and nose? (any doctors know?)?

Most likely her heart was still pumping blood through her body. That the bullet didn't actually stop her heart and because of vein and artery damage pushed the blood out her mouth and nose.Possibly her lungs were damaged when the bullet hit her as well. Couldn't tell from a video would have to have an autopsy preformed on her body and they aren't likely to allow that to happen.

Blood continues to pump even in death until the heart stops beating. We are not really dead until our brains flat line this sometimes takes as long as ten minutes.


What drug makes u bleed out ur mouth and nose and kill u?

ok im writing a story and i want it to be real so yea and i need to know what drug would make u bleed out your nose and mouth ok the guy is dead they found him with blood dripping out mouth and nose the lady who answer before said wayfaring ? he took alchol and died is that right i need help pwease

What's the cause of my cat's death? bled at the mouth?

Many years ago when I was a young boy, I was in the front yard raking some leaves and I heard a terrible "thud" sound. When I looked up, I saw a car speeding away and my cat walking toward me, but he was not able to walk in a straight line. He made it out of the street and onto the yard near me, then he simply fell over and died. He had some small amount of blood coming from his nose, but otherwise looked fine. The vet said that he died from internal injuries due to the car hitting him (most likely by the bumper of the car).

It seems likely that your cat too was hit by a car, and he walked as far as he could before he collapsed and died from the injuries. Sorry for your loss.

Why do people bleed out their mouth when they die?

Are you assuming this is normal? I doubt that very many people do so. However, there are certainly some who do, and there can be multiple reasons. Probably the two most common reasons for oral discharge of blood at death would be hemorrhaging in the lungs or upper digestive tract.A pulmonary disease such as lung cancer or tuberculosis, where the lesions break into blood vessels and cause bleeding into the lung. People which such disorders often cough up blood or vomit blood, since it comes up the airway, is swallowed, and then is vomited up. A severe crisis of pulmonary hemorrhage could cause death with discharge of blood from the mouth.A gastric disease such as stomach cancer or a peptic ulcer, or such conditions in the esophagus or small intestine. One will bleed into the digestive tract and often vomit this blood up, and again, a severe crisis could cause hemorrhagic death with oral discharge of blood.Some people, for a variety of reasons even as remote as liver disease, can cause varicose veins in the wall of the esophagus—”esophageal varices.” These bleed into the esophagus and cause a spitting up of blood, and can rupture with fatal consequences.

Why did my nose suddenly start bleeding?

Our nose is full of blood vessels. Some people are prone to bleeding or bleed more easily than others. Although nose bleeds were once thought to be a genetic trait, bleeding disorders can cause nose bleeds and often go undiagnosed. Blood can drain externally from the nose, internally into the throat, through your eyes, or down your throat into your stomach. Sudden nosebleeds can be very traumatic, especially for children, and figuring out what triggers the bleeding could help you control or prevent future nosebleeds

The most common cause of sudden nose bleeds is dry nasal membranes. Living in dry or cold climates increases your chance of nosebleeds. Heating indoor air in the winter can irritate the nasal membranes more; use a humidifier to add moisture to indoor air. Saline nasal sprays are natural and safe for all ages. Use saline to moisturize nasal membranes. Change in elevation while driving or flying can also bring on a nosebleed. If you are prone to nosebleeds, be prepared while traveling.

Trauma to the nose from picking your nose, bumping it or blowing too hard can also cause a sudden nosebleed. Inflammation of your sinuses from colds or allergies could cause your nose to bleed. If you experience other allergy symptoms---itchy watery eyes, itchy dry throat, sneezing, coughing or stuffiness---along with nosebleeds, consult your doctor. Treating underlying conditions could put a stop to your sudden nosebleeds.

Sudden nosebleeds could also be a warning sign for a more serious condition. High blood pressure, blood thinning, nose polyps, neck or head cancer, and nasal obstructions all cause nosebleeds. Sudden, reoccurring nosebleeds should be reported to your physician. Sudden nosebleeds can happen at the worst time, so be prepared by carrying a mini-pack of tissue with you. If you feel the trickle of blood on your lip or in your throat, head for a restroom or a place where you can safely stop to care for your nose. Tilt your head forward---tilting back could cause you to choke---place tissue on your nose to absorb the blood, and pinch the bridge of your nose. After a minute remove the tissue and check your nose. If you can't stop the bleeding after 5 to 10 minutes or if the bleeding is so heavy that it repeatedly soaks through tissues, you should get to an urgent care center or a hospital. Severe nosebleeds that won't stop may require cauterization by a physician to stop the bleeding

Why did my friend start bleeding from her mouth when she overdosed on heroin?

Ohhhh... that's awful... I'm sooo sorry for your loss, darling :'(
Heroin is a horrible drug, and overdosing on it will cause the internal organs to fail, causing massive hemorraging which would have been why she bled from the mouth. I have no idea if she felt any pain, but hopefully, she was unconscious long before she passed.
I'm soo sorry, that's a terrible way to go. Please don't take drugs, darl, they only do tremendous harm.