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Why Did William Masters And Elizabeth Ellis Divorce

Why did William Masters and Elizabeth Ellis divorce?

There were many reasons why Masters divorced his first wife Ellis.

Masters divorced his first wife, Elisabeth Ellis, not long after the publication of Human Sexual Inadequacy and married Johnson on January 1, 1971, in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In 1973 they became codirectors of the Masters and Johnson Institute. In 1979 Masters and Johnson studied and described the sexual responses of homosexuals and lesbians in Homosexuality in Perspective. They also claimed to be able to change the sexual preferences of homosexuals who wanted it. Masters also maintained a biochemistry lab and continued to receive fees from a gynecology practice. He retired from practice in 1975 at the age of sixty. In 1981 Masters and Johnson sold their lab and moved to another location in St. Louis. At this time they had a staff of twenty-five and a long list of therapy clients.

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