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Why Did You Want To Be A Doctor

Why did you want to be a doctor?

There are many reasons, some have played out, some have not.

1. Saving lives and helping people: definitely has been the case.

2. Respect in the community: has and has not -- some patients come to you with a sense of entitlement. Others treat you with contempt because you do make a lot of money, and somehow they forget how hard you had to work to get here and how hard you have to work to stay there. This whole concept is very difficult to put your finger on. Older people and educated people tend to respect the job you do and how you help them out.

3. Like learning about and using science at work: you definately do this.

4. Wanted to have a good income: this has generally been true, but really have to balance the work load and sacrifices you make to the income level.

5. I love to teach and there is ample opportunity to teach as a physician. I do it all for free and this really gives back to the community.

These are just a few that I can think of.

Why do you want to be a doctor?

As someone who shares this aspiration, I'm always wondering what others may have in mind =D
Or if you are a doctor, what made you want to enter this profession in the first place?
Has this been constant throughout the years?
Do you think you've accomplished your goals?
Were there times of doubt, and if so, what kept you going?
(info about me: college freshman, deciding if medicine is the right decision for me)

Why did you want to become a doctor?

I've wanted to be a doctor since I was little...observing many great individuals in the medical field aided in this decision. Moreover, I've encounted so many people throughout my teenage and collegiate years who needed help (and I tried to help to the best of my ability - research and information wise and minor first aid). My decision was solidified really by all of the people that I have helped (or received assistance for). I just always figured that if I was a doctor I could do more. I'm currently in medical school, so after I finish my residency, I plan on registering so that I will be able to provide aid in case of a national crisis (when I was younger I just thought any doctor could just go up and provide services when faced with disasters like 9/11 and Katrina, but I recently learned that you actually have to be registered in order to provide aid). Although I pray that we don't encounter horrific events like this again, just in case we do I'll be ready to help.

Why do you want to be a doctor?

My reason for pursuing this field is the desire to help others, the intellectual challenge, the motivational challenge, and having a feeling at the end of the day that i've done some good in people's lives. I'm not money hungry, i don't care about the potential earnings. I know if socialized medicine is passed in US like in Canada and UK, doctors won't be getting paid as much and will still be working long and unusual hours. If others don't want to be doctors and tell me "the real reason you want to be a doctor is to buy that mercedes" it pisses me off because they think people become doctors and work hard for years, dedication, motivation, just to buy a car? Why do people think wanting to become a doctor necessarily means that we wants to reap the rewards of the medical profession?

Why did you want to become a doctor?

I want to become a doctor. I have heard that in interviews for med school/medicine at university they ask why you want to be a doctor. I love that I can combine science and working with people, in a team. Also, two of my grandparents died from cancer, one from lung cancer and another grandparent died from a heart attack when he was just 50. I remember when my nanny had cancer all I could think about was how I wanted to help and how i wish i knew more and could do more about it but im a kid. Thats why im thinking of maybe doing cardiology or oncology among other things but I think that if i said that at an interview they would think im playing a sob story you know?

Any tips? Why did you want to become a doctor?

Doctors,why did want to be a doctor and pursue that career path?

I could say that I want to help others, but really I really like the money.

Thanks for the A2A!Nursing was my 3rd career. I am now primarily a Nursing Instructor; I don��t really consider teaching a new career, but some do.I spent the first 36 years of my life chasing the all mighty dollar. Way back in high school, I worked hard for good grades, and scored a nice scholarship for college to pursue a pre-med degree, and was certain I was going to become an orthopedic surgeon. Then this thing called life happened, and I got married and very soon thereafter found out we were going to be parents. Money became the driving force in my life.After finding myself on the wrong end of a huge mega merger, and suddenly unemployed, I took the best job I could find, managing convenience stores. I was very good at it, but hated it. I was running three stores, working 90 hours a week, but hating every minute on September 11, 2001. I am not, to my knowledge, personally connected to anyone who lost their lives in the attack; but the next week was spent wondering how many people in those planes, or in the towers, was heading to a job they couldn't stand.I realized in that moment that life was too short to hate what you do. After a long personal inventory, I realized a Nursing Career was what would make me feel I was making a difference, and make me happy to be in the role. After 10 years as a Nurse, I realized being able to give the gift of the greatest career in the world (nursing) to other students was the best use of my talents.I now am a Residential Faculty member in the exact program I graduated from 12 years ago. I couldn’t be more fulfilled every day.