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Why Do Americans Discard Their Parents Like Garbage Aka To Nursery Homes When They Get Old

What are some things some Asian parents do that are considered strange to others?

Some things I'd like to add to this list, that definitely concerns Indian parents if not for the other Asian countries. -> Take responsibility for the marriages of their sons and daughters. This quality I find extremely intriguing and I never seem to be able to understand.  This is how a general conversation occurs between two parents who have kids of marriageable age meet each other                                       A: "So, I hear your daughter recently got hitched. Congratulations"                     B: "Yes, well thank you - finally some peace. How's your retirement coming along?                     A: "What retirement? I need to first find a suitable bride for my son. And these days, you know how the new generation is - they are finding brides for themselves and all. Any which way, God willing, the day I see my son with a beautiful wife and two little children, I will consider my job done and enjoy the rest of my retirement.                                     I'm sure most people in the age group 24 and above would be facing this with their parents; most of my cousins do. I don't know if it's just me - but I find this extremely weird. -> Are extremely concerned about what others think about you. Well this I don't quite understand as well.                "Do not say stuff like that, what will the neighbours think about you?"             " Delete that picture on facebook with your arm around that boy's neck. What will Ritu Aunty think if she sees a young girl your age posing like that?"-> Judge your friends based on the college they attend.             "Ah so he studies in X university eh? must be a spoiled brat, why don't you hang out more with Raju, he studies in Y. Such a smart chap"-> Give up their entire life for their kids. This I don't understand so much as well, but I'm not complaining :) -- parents in India will give up absolutely everything they have for their kids' welfare. And by everything I mean literally that. They will take more pride and joy in your success than theirs. It's almost as if their life is as good as over for themselves once the kid is born, and the rest of their life, whatever they do - is only for their child. I can never concur with that - but then, I have nothing but admiration for the absolute selflessness that comes with being a parent in the Indian society.

How do Indians feel when they go back to live in India after living in US for 5+ years?

Here is a word of advice for all NRI's who are looking to move back to India."If you are looking to move to India because you are bored of your job in the US or feel there are more opportunities here, then DON'T move back"I moved to Gurgaon 6 months back and its been a mix of pleasure and pain :)Its dusty, dirty, noisy, crowded, humid with crappy roads, even more crappier condos etc get the drift.If you want to live in a condo like you lived in the US, it will cost you atleast a lakh per month :)Most service providers and handymen will not be on time and will even be very blase about it.Shopping for good quality veggies and fruits is a pain.The fine line between a weekday and the weekend usually blurs.Maids and cooks are supposed to be a convenience but they are usually a pain in the neck because you gotta supervise them and keep an eye on them.Options for weekend breaks are very limited.If Google Maps says you will reach a place in 6 hours, it will take anywhere between 10-16hours.Sports facilities are pretty limited and the ones that are available are pretty expensive.The gyms here are crappy and are usually in the basement of some house nearby. There are good ones but usually very far from where you live and the commute is just not worth it.5kms of travel is like 25 miles of travel here.If you have been out of India for more than 3+ years, and have not been here in the last 3 years, you will get THE STICKER SHOCK of your life when you get back.Stuff has become frightfully expensive...some examples include petrol, wine, fine dining, movie tickets etc etc.Basically, everything is available here but at a price. You can almost duplicate your US lifestyle but the cost will be directly similar to what it was in the US. The only difference will be a drop in your salary (And this is if you were living in NYC or SFO. If you are living in Dallas or somewhere in the midwest in a $800/2BR apartment, the fun will be even more)Well, that's the bad part.Now to the good parts even though they may seem a bit vague :)Its home and I feel more 'alive' here.The food somehow tastes better.There is a notional sense of freedom (like zipping on the expressway at midnight without worrying about a cop car on your back)