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Why Do Anti-theft Tower Systems In Libraries Often Seem Higher Than Those In Shops

Does a Mac need anti-virus software? Why and why not?

No.Why would Apple sell a consumer friendly device which was unsafe unless you went out and installed third party software?The vast majority of malware out there is in the form of Windows executables which will not run on the Mac. There are purpose-made forms of Mac Malware but most users don't encounter it. There are no true viruses for the Mac in the wild. All Macs have a set of inbuilt malware protections. These include XProtect which is the internal malware scanner. The Mac will not routinely run software downloaded from the internet. The default setting requires all apps to be signed by a trusted source. If you only get software from the Mac App Store, these apps are not only pre-vetted for safety, but also include sandboxing internal walls which prevent malware from exploiting any weakness in the software. Anyone concerned about malware on the Mac should be aware that all recent attacks have been associated with Adobe Flash and Java. The Mac does not ship with them installed. Installing them is a bad idea. So someone worried about this stuff should —Keep the system protections turned on.Accept regular updates to get all security fixes.Not install the Flash plugin. If you must access a Java site, run Chrome which has a built-in version of Flash. Then switch back to Safari. Not install Java if you don't need it.Not install a 3rd party virus scanner. It will make your computer slower (or worse).

What are the most useful apps? Why?

5 Free Essential Health Apps That Everyone Should TryHealth is wealth & happiness is having good health. But have you ever thought, about mobile apps that could save, & keep your life healthy.Yes!! Phones can do much than take pictures, check mails, & listening songs. And there are few mobile apps that are promising & help you in betterment of human safety. Here are list of the Free Emergency health apps that can assist you in emergency, help in finding nearby first responders, Ambulance-finder apps, medical emergency alert apps, & possibly life saving apps. Give them a try to see good changes in your lifestyle.VMEDO: VMEDO is a free android app which helps especially in the event of an emergency. It has unique & useful features that include Ambulance booking, Emergency first aid tips, finding nearby Blood donors, blood banks, hospitals, and Health tools. Emergency button in the app acts like an auto-communicator to connect with nearest First responders during causalities.VMEDO also gives you the option to add your emergency contacts, to alert them with your location details during emergency. This makes it easier for emergency contacts & first responders to know your details to assist you in time. In turn it also connects with Ambulance services, nearest police station on request.With this tiny app, you can book doctor appointments & provides disaster preparedness tips including offline first aid audio tips, Profile sharing with your friends using social networks.If you don’t have android mobile, you can also request for any medical services 24/7 by calling VMEDO helpline 08067335555.To download VMEDO emergency app the link is More at

What security do the crown jewels in the tower of london have?

The Tower of London complex is a completely walled in little village.
There is no river or lake or pond inside the walled area.
Nor is there a mote, it was filled in years ago.
Only entrances are through the gates.
The Tower Guard mounts sentries throughout the Tower of London complex.
Every street, every path is guarded by sentries, 24 hours a day, every day, every night.

They British Crown Jewels are actually guarded by the Army.

After dark, the grounds openly are heavily patrolled by the ARMY, with automatic weapons, you can only enter or even walk the grounds if you give the "password".... you don't give the proper password of the day, you are in trouble.

Beefeaters (Yeomen Warders) and their families and the Army is actually barracked inside the tower complex in Waterloo Barracks and Casemate.

The Waterloo Barracks, which was built to accommodate 1,000 men.
The Jewel House is single-level, on the ground floor INSIDE the Army barracks.
New security and display technology is also incorporated, including fibre optics to light the displays, and the jewels are protected by 2 inch thick shatter-proof glass. The cases are of brass and contain inert materials, and filtered air.
Exact security technology is NOT advertised.
A dedicated control room was constructed inside the barracks, from which soldiers monitor the Jewel House and the wider Tower of London.
Recent updates and improvements to the Tower of London, especially covering fire safety and security, took three years to complete.

Beefeaters are ALL former military men of high standing. And the guards with the tall fuzzy hats are active duty military.
Until quite recently, the Beefeaters were military soldier AND police officers.
They just changed their police powers.

The Yeomen Warders live there and have for years.
They know every single inch of the place AND every single person there.

Don't let the "costumes" fool you..... those weapons are loaded.
Only the best the military has to offer are allowed to guard the Crown Jewels.

They WILL shoot you.

The National Geographic October 1993 issue features the Tower of London - a complete artisitc map of the entire complex is inside the issue. Check your library for that issue.