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Why Do Celebs Lip Sinc

Why do some celebrities lip sync sometimes?

Because I don't know if you've ever tried it, but singing well live AND doing extreme, intricate, fast paced dancing at the same time is very hard. Note how I said, intricate dancing...not walking...not doing 3 tiny steps over and over again. I mean full blown dancing. It's very tiring and tough on the voice. While it is very hard to do both at the same time, it is possible. Michael Jackson didn't start lipping shows really until the Dangerous tour in 1992 (due to illness like a poster above mentioned and I think only half of the show was lip synced at that). Before that, he was doing the hard dances AND singing live at the same time. It takes a lot of dedication and proper technique (breathing, etc.) for you to do it and sound decent too though. And that's really the only time when I give entertainers a pass for lipping, when they are doing hard routines on stage. However, if you're just walking the stage back and forth and not really doing anything else, there's no reason for you to be lipping other than sheer laziness i would guess.

Also, I think its a common misconception that when an artist lip syncs on stage that they lack vocal ability entirely and that's not always the case. If an artist were to dance AND sing live on stage and sound like crap due to being out of breath, people would STILL complain. So, the artist feels the need to lip sync while giving a great dance performance because that way people can get a great show AND great vocals (even if they aren't live) too.But people still tend scream bloody murder as if the artist kicked their puppy or something. In cases like this, it would seem that these artist are kind of damned if they do, damned if they don't unfortunately.

Why do disney stars lip sync?

Because there voices suck

When they record a song. Disney edits the voices to sound good

Why do singers Lip Sync?

They're afraid that if you hear their REAL singing voices that you won't buy their CD's, concert tickets, memorabilia, etc. anymore. When artists sing in the studio they get to redo parts of the songs and their voices are touched up (just like models are touched up before pictures are put in magazines). People like Britney and Lindsay are famous for the way they look and the way they act...singing has very little to do with why they are famous...but would you pay to see a concert where the "singer" sounds like a dying cat?

Why do people bash Britney Spears for lip syncing?

Okay so I'm a massive Britney fan since 1998, and I wanna know something: Why do people bash Britney for lip syncing in her concerts? Like seriously she's been lip syncing since her career started and you idiots are just now noticing?

And I'm tired of hearing people bash on her saying that she can't write her own songs and that she's a puppet or crap like that! Okay first of all SHE'S A SINGER not a SINGER-SONGWRITER! You don't have to write your own songs if you're a singer. Maybe she's not a good songwriter but she's a awesome entertainer and dancer!

Also Lady Gaga doesn't write all of her songs: Her boyfriend wrote: "Love Game", "Paparazzi". Plus Lady Gaga lip syncs herself on her tours. Her performances of "Telephone" she mimed throughout that entire performance.

Also Britney is in a stadium full of 60,000 people watching her perform she's probably nervous to sing live She has an amazing voice. If she was a flop why did her DEBUT SINGLE make the charts for months and still is popular even today. People have covered her amazing hits such as:

1): Toxic
2): Womanizer
3): Baby One More Time

Also if Lady Gaga is the Queen of Pop how come it took her until her 3rd single Poker Face for her to be a hit? It took Britney her debut single to become the Legend that she is today. I'm not defending Britney because I'm a fan I'm defending her because she is a human being just like all of us. Imagine if you were in her shoes and you can't even go outside your house for two minutes just to get your mail without being photographed by cameras and then being posted on the news.

Do you know how hard it is for her? No you don't. Plus Lady Gaga is fake and phony she exploits gays & lesbians so much she claims she's "gay" but yet she has a boyfriend. How is she gay? She makes gays look out to be sluts & whores like in her Alejandro video.

As for the twitter wars why do you guys give a crap about Twitter Queen? Like its so immature. If Lady Gaga had a world wide fan base why did Perez Hilton have to make fake accounts on Twitter and had to get non Gaga fans to make an account to follow her.

Britney is everywhere! She's had her own movie, video game, drag queens impersonate her and people think its her.

There are girls online that voice impersonate her.

Why do celebrities, particularly singers like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, take drugs?

MJ took anti-anxiety medications as well as sedatives.They can reduce anxiety and stress. If you had millions of people watching your every move, expecting perfection time and time again in show after show and people ready to criticize for any mistake, you'd probably have some anti-anxiety medication too.As for cocaine:Addicted in Hollywood: Stars' Problems With Cocaine 'Still Going Strong'

Why do they Lip-Sync on the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade?

Basically, the parade is one big advertisement for the artists, so promoters desire to deliver the best vocal performance. (The easiest analogy is the difference between listening to a song’s “live” recorded version verses the “produced” studio version.) The logistics that would be required to make each vocalist sound their best in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade’s outdoor application would be a sound engineer’s nightmare. There are three mixes that would need considering. One mix is the “live” performance on the street, one is the audio mix broadcast over the air, and finally, the audio mix the artist hears in their own ear buds. For example, if the instrumental music is too loud or soft in the earbuds, the artist can’t hear themselves, thus making it more difficult to sing on pitch. There are apps where an artist can adjust the mix in the earbuds using a smart phone, however, the parade moves fast. (This is something done at sound check, (which the parade may not even have), not in front of national broadcast cameras.) Despite today’s hi tech world, orchestrating live audio for the parade would be an enormous task. Consequently, when artist’s lip sync to their own songs, the audience hears the best version of their song and perhaps may even be enticed to buy a ticket to see the artist in a full concert or play where, hopefully, the artist sings “live”.

Why do singers always lip sync (usually poorly) at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade?

Most live television events include lip syncing, especially if the movement is great. The super bowl only has a live singer - no musicians are actually playing (I think Prince being the only exception).It can be difficult to get sound to work perfectly, not only for the audience but also for in-ear monitors the performers wear (fitted earphones) and the signal to the tv trucks for broadcast.Prerecorded is easier to manage and safer rather than having technical difficulties.

Do the singers really sing in live concerts?

For the name act at a true concert (where the performer is the primary act rather than, say, halftime entertainment at a sports event): almost without exception, yes.  The occasional "lip-synching scandal" that erupts is almost always outside the realm of concerts - a performer at a non-concert event (Beyonce at the Obama inauguration, Ashlee Simpson on SNL) is seen to be more or less obviously faking it (proving that it's hard to lip-synch well).   In these one-shot cases it's often a production issue (the venue may  not have the right type of microphone or monitoring setup, or the right  backup music to add vocals to)  and/or an environmental one (it's very difficult for some singers to be ready to perform a single song on demand without a warmup routine, particularly outdoors).   Similarly, at something like an ice-skating show or theme park attraction where the primary point of the event is something other than music, lip-synching to tapes might be used when the characters "sing".   But for a concert where ticketholders have paid to see a singer, they had better sing; there is actually legal exposure if they don't.  The few exceptions and grey areas are in the realm of "pop spectacles" and other places where the line is blurred between "musical performance" and "entertainment extravaganza" -- if a pop singer is dancing non-stop backed by a giant special-effects and light show, it's likely the vocals are at least helped out by backup tapes (see below).  The other assumption here is that you are a bit liberal about what you mean by "singing".  Given modern electronics which provide auto-tune and other sweetening/improvements, it may be that while the sound you hear originated in some way with the performer, it may bear little resemblance to the actual vibration of the air in the region of their vocal cords.   Many pop songs today use massive amounts of chorus effect and multiplication of the vocals; in concert this can be done electronically or using backup tapes or backup singers "doubling" the parts; the effect of this is that the performer basically just has to shout along and the full effect is there.   If they do become out of breath or flub a line, the backup tapes can carry the load.

Is lip-syncing in concerts justified?

I don't think lip syncing is per se unjustified. Circumstances may render it a necessary measure. Consider the example of an artist on a world tour, which spans several months or even a year or two, which requires him/her to perform several times a week (maybe every alternate day, or sometimes even every day) - each performance spanning several hours.I can speak only for pop acts, but these performances can be extremely draining, especially given the intense choreography, not to mention the sheer duration of the concerts. It is humanly impossible for anyone to sing perfectly, or for that matter even passably for several hours continuously, several days a week, for months on end, without suffering adverse consequences on his/her voice. Lipsyncing therefore, is not as much as a device to deceive as it is a necessary measure; it is, for the want of a better term, a necessary evil. Is this to say that every instance of lip syncing is justified? Perhaps not. There are instances when the artist is required merely to put up a short performance, such as of the kind required for award shows etc. Many an artist is known to have lip synced their way even through such short performances. Many artists also use lip syncing as a device to hide their otherwise blatantly obvious inability to hold a note in tune, while some, while not lip syncing, use pitch correction software real time (such as Nicki Minaj, and Usher, during some performances), so as to compensate for their lack of good vocals. Of course all of these measures could be seen as reducing the authenticity of the performance.The question however, is this, and the answer to this question is highly subjective - does the end result of the performance matter more, or the integrality of its live component? In other words, would you rather see a lackluster, yet completely live performance, or a near perfect but not entirely live performance? Some would prefer the former, while some would prefer the latter. Personally, and I speak for myself alone in this regard, I'd prefer the latter. I'd rather not listen to someone like Britney Spears (whom I immensely respect, and look up to for the record) sing live, simply because (and I say this not to undermine her as an artist, but only as a vocalist), her vocals are simply not there. Yet, her performances can be immensely entertaining. I believe I've adequately addressed the issue.