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Why Do Conservatives Think That Only Intelligence And Work Ethic Is Keeping Everyone From Becoming

Will I be silenced or fired if I express conservative beliefs in Google, Facebook, Microsoft or any other tech company?

I am going Anonymous for obvious reasons.If you are conservative in the bay area you might as well just staple your mouth shut. I currently work full time at Google but did an internship at Facebook and Twitter.This year has probably been the worse for us conservatives in the bay because I have never felt so much pressure in my life. It honestly just feels like I will lose my job if I open my mouth about anything. It just baffles my mind how some of the greatest minds in the world created one of the most powerful technologies on the planet and they have to deal with the bottom of the barrel people. If you ever come to Google and actually spend a few minutes observing the people you work with you will know exactly what I am talking about. Imagine complaining about every single thing while making 6figs in the US, it makes my head spin. The majority of population fight for their lives every day and people at Google complain about “free” meat being too close to the “vegan options”.David makes a valid point, they're a bit more conservatives at Google and Microsoft but as you can tell from what he said, “don't be an asshole” has huge flaws which I am sure he has to say given his status.This “don't be an asshole” thing is where it all comes down. In the bay, the majority get offended for anything you say or do if it goes against what they believe in. I am not even conservative because I hate being labeled and can care less about social policy. Marriage is about two people loving each other so leave your God and politics out of it, Abortion ruins the lives of 2 low IQ people who would have more than likely abuse or abandon their child, LGBTQ don't deserve special treatment, and women have never been more depressed in history so let them keep doing what they are doing.I care about the joke education system we have, laughable infrastructure, and people from 3rd world countries coming with children to a country where if you can’t code, operate, or build before you can read you might as well just end it all. We legit treat people breaking the law better then we treat our own people, but these high IQ sociology and poly sci majors know better.It just bothers me how we got to this point in America, where I fear losing my job because I have a different opinion on something. It's okay though because the universe tends to balance things in an unforgiving way.

What is the relationship between fiscal conservatism and intelligence?

“Many studies” huh? Many studies? Maybe studies done by academics? People who “teach because they can't do”? People who believe anything a college professor spoon feeds them because it's easier than thinking for themselves?People who whine about “micro aggressions” and want to repeal the 1st Amendment? Who want to retreat to their campus “safe zones” so no one can hurt their tender feelings with inconvenient details like facts?Maybe you can save us all from ourselves with your lofty ideals and superior intellect. You can decide how much money everyone gets, regardless of whether or not they earn it. You can be the nation's moral compass so people who actually get off their asses and DO stuff don't embarrass you with their achievements.

Why do conservatives think that liberals are just lazy and don't have a job and depend on food stamps?

I'm pretty sure that most conservatives don't think that about liberals. The few that do probably think that way because they haven't met enough of us in real life to challenge the opinion they formed from watching right-wing pundits.Honestly, I don't know that many conservatives in real life either and unfortunately many of the ones I do know have confirmed my biases.For example, a woman I know just got a Lamborghini for her 50th birthday. This is the same woman who has posted at least a dozen times this year to complain about the increased cost of Obamacare. One of my extended family members owns a large house, a boat, a classic car and a sports car and complains at least once a week about taxes and why he has to pay for anyone else’s welfare. I also know a trust fund family in which the father is the CEO of a huge investment company. They have two maids, three nannies (one for each child) and a secretary for the home - to book family vacations, make dinner reservations and spa appointments. The mom just manages the family trust fund in between vacations and whatnot. I have a classmate who owns a private jet (I kid you not), he takes holidays on his yacht several times a year and was one of the first people to get tickets to Hamilton. He inherited a lot of money from his parents and basically lives off the investments.These are all people who will talk your ear off about how poor people have no work ethic but ironically have no idea of what it is like to struggle to make ends meet, never had to take a shitty job, never had to work at night to put themselves through school. Worst of all they pay their own employees badly and sometimes grudgingly.Fortunately, not all conservatives are like that, obviously what I'm describing are some people from the extreme end of the conservative party. But when I hear this narrative about lazy people/liberals who won't get a job, I think of all the kind-hearted people I know who work two and three jobs, don't even own a single car or house and still don't complain about taxes or higher costs for healthcare - some of whom have been on or are on welfare because it's still not enough.I appreciate Quora because people on here challenge my biases and force me to see individuals as individuals. Neither group is a monolith.

If Bengalis are intelligent, why is West Bengal poor and backward state?

What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrowKolkata in 1860Calcutta served as the seat of the Raj since the very first days to 1911. It was the second city for the British Empire. Calcutta was a lot ahead of it's time. Calcutta has seen glory. Bengalis have tasted glory. No where else in India has there been a Renaissance as the one in Bengal. No other place produced more brilliant minds.This is pretty much what you will hear from an average Bengali about Kolkata/Bengal. We are proud people. We have an incredible history. But we have problems.1. What I just did. We tend to live in the past. We are yet to realise that it's all lost glory.2. We are lazy people-We have a REALLY BAD WORK CULTURE The average man working in a government office in Kolkata wakes up early to see the sun rise with a marie biscuit in his hand and hot simmering tea in front of him. He sits till he finishes the very last article in his AnondoBazar or Telegraph, has a good breakfast and takes a bath before getting ready for office. He reaches the office. It's 11 by now. And the first thing he does is to order a fresh cup of tea and starts an "adda session" with his co workers. The files on his desk are towering over him, but he doesn't really care. 3. Our love for bandhs is famous We still think we have a lot to offer to this country. Bring about a “revolution”. Every other college goer in the city thinks of himself as the guy who can bring about a “revolution”. A revolution for what? Well, most haven't thought that through.4. Bad governance Three and a half decade of Left (mis)rule. One can say that points 2 and point 3 are also direct/indirect result of that reign.

Why are people in Minnesota so liberal even after the effects from voting liberal proves to be a failure?

Before you answer, please begin your statement with what party you vote for typically. You can say you're independent, that's fine. But even independent voters slant towards one side. And please don't answer with a "liberals are better" or "republicans are worst". Keep the answers informative with some meaning. The fact is, the state is failing at many levels. Fiscally at every level. Extreme drugs such as heroin and crack is becoming a huge problem in the state and that can be improved through our legislature. Colleges in the state of MN are having trouble financially as their Midwest competition of North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa far exceed education levels and at a significant lower price. Businesses in the state of MN has made MN what is is today. Not our legislature. But eventually, our best MN businesses will leave this state if companies lose incentive to stay in Minnesota. Currently, our MN government is all about tax and spend. I