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Why Do Democrats Launch So Many Military Attacks Then Call Republicans Warmongers Bill Clinton

Who are the Democratic presidents that started a war?

Started a war or who had a war forced on them? Formally declared war or conducted a war authorised by Congress? A wholly American war or one that was part of a multinational or UN-mandated mission?It’s a bit more complex than the question would suggest… made even more complicated by the unfortunate fact that those presidents involved in the early 19th Century wars tended to be “Democratic-Republican”.So, if we ignore alll those “Military engagements authorized by United Nations Security Council Resolutions and funded by Congress” (including Korea, Lebanon, Bosnia, Haiti, Liberia, etc.) but include ‘Undeclared wars (Military engagements authorized by Congress)” we arrive at a list of five Democrat Presidents who have either formally commenced a war, or ‘responded to an act or hositility’ with Congressional approval.These are:James K Polk: Mexican-American War (1846–48)James Buchanan: Redress against Paraguay for attack on USS Water Witch (1858)Woodrow Wilson: Occupation of Vera Cruz against Mexico (1914)Woodrow Wilson (again): declarations of war against Germany and various other Central Powers (April 1917)Woodrow Wilson (what a warmonger!) : Intervention in Russian Civil War (1918–1919)Franklin D. Roosevelt: War with Empire of Japan, followed by confirmation of war with Nazi Germany and its allies following their declarions of war on USA (December 1941)Lyndon B. Johnson: Gulf of Tonkin Declaraton against N. Vietnam (1964)

Why are most americans war mongers. Is it because the govt sells fear.?

Ron Paul 2012

If a Republican wins the White House in November, should the Democratic party just disband?

I just can't see how the American people could vote in another Republican.

I think the majority of Americans would agree that we are coming to the end of 8 years of the worst President we have ever had.

We have been led into a war that was totally unnecessary, and our reputation around the world is at at all time low.

The econmic forcast is gloomey at best, of not downright terrifying.

How and why would we even consider voting for a GOP candidate at this point?

I think if the Dems lose this, they ought to disband as a party and go into the vacuum cleaner sales business.

More soldiers have died under Democratic presidents than under Republican presidents. So why do Republicans get the "War rep"?

There seems to be a difference between intervening on some other country's behalf, and actually starting a war "from scratch". Aside from the Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection, I'm not aware of a war in which the United States threw the first punch against a non-aggressor. We didn't attack Iraq or Afghanistan because we needed "breathing room". We attacked Iraq because they invaded Kuwait. We attacked Afghanistan to oust Al-Queda and the Taliban.