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Why Do Foreigners Have Such A Low Opinion Of Americans

Many Americans are complaining that foreigners are taking their jobs. Why do they complain when they have the equal opportunity to have the same job?

First of all we all have to be careful when reading or hearing from the media when they generalize about Americans or any other group. All to frequently they exaggerate the size of the problem and many Americans like myself, believe foreigners are an asset for the work force.That being said many Americans became frightened by the changes going on when companies began to relocate overseas and certain industries closed.Many of the available jobs then were for highly skilled jobs that displaced Americans were not trained for or for low level jobs Americans were not prepared to take.Then they began to see people from other countries who were better educated and better prepared to move into certain industries or who came to the US to get educated and were hired here. Many Americans are falling behind because schools are not teaching them adequately so they don’t feel that the opportunity is equal.In many other countries foreigners are prohibited from working, America, being a country built by immigration, has tried to maintain its openness as a country of opportunities. However along with that philosophy there has always been a history of fear and repression when a new group arrived.

Why do foreigners who live in America complain about it? If you hate it so much why are you here? Go back home?

Man, you are a hater. I have never met a person from another country who chose to move and live in the US of A complain about life here. In fact, the ones I have met appreciate the special PRIVILEGE they have - the privilege we get by birth.
I did meet a French journalist once who didn't care for the Midwest, saying our only culture was in New York and California, but he was just a paid visitor - and French.
If I hear a "foreigner" as you call them complain about the US of A, it's only when they are complaining as Americans, exercising their freedom of speech, and speaking out for the good of all Americans.
I think you are proving that haters attract haters. Peace and love to you, my American brother.

Why do so many foreigners bash America?

In this answer, I shall distinguish "bashing" from "criticizing" by assuming that the former is characterized by such statements as "America is racist/fascist/imperialistic," "Americans are stupid/ignorant/materialistic," etc., while the latter address specific aspects of America, such as foreign policy. Obviously there's some overlap; nevertheless a difference exists between gratuitous insults and condemnations of specific things like drone strikes or support for Israel. Having said that, my opinion is that who bash America are motivated by some combination of the following: ignorance, envy, spite, bigotry, poor self-image. Anyone saying that "America is a racist country" or "Americans are stupid and ignorant" is stereotyping a nation with a population of over  300,000,000, and a very diverse population at that. Such statements are not to be taken at face value. The entry argument for America-bashing is plain ignorance. In my own not-inconsiderable experience, most foreigners have only a very sketchy impression of America, typically garnered from popular culture sources. Nor do they truly grasp the size and scope of America. They may have visited New York or Los Angeles but they've never seen the Maine coast,  an Indiana cornfield, the Great Salt Lake, the Rockies or the Southwestern desert. They've never travelled on state highways through small-town America. Such ignorance provides plenty of scope for stereotyping and bashing. America bashing is also hypocritical. People who throw up their hands in horror at real or alleged stereotyping of Muslims and other minority groups see nothing wrong in bashing America. That, to me, is clear evidence of bigotry and bad faith. Of course there's a flip side to all this. Some of the most positive comments about America that you see here on Quota and elsewhere come from foreigners who live and work in America, some naturalized citizens, some not. They, of course, have a perspective that native-born citizens often lack.

Why do foreigners love Filipinos?

I can only speak from my personal experience, but I can also speculate a bit in general a few theories I have on why “foreigners” specifically Americans and those from western Europe love Filipinos.As many others have mentioned in answers in general foreigners find people from the The Philippines , both male and female to be Friendly, Warm, Kind, Pleasant, laid back, and Respectful. Almost uncomfortably Respectful where they call you sir or ma'am all the time.English Language - 76% of Filipinos understand the English Language.Generally Just a laid back mellow Island Culture.Spanish Influence - As Bill Cowhig mentions in his answer below. The Spanish Empire lead by Ferdinand Magellan Colonized the Philippines in 1521. The Spanish brought with them Catholicism and Christianity as well as some other European Government Systems. Cultural norms, food and animals. This obviously is unique in Asia and makes any Christian foreigner feel more at home.American Influence - In 1898 the Spanish-American War lead to the Federal Government of the United States taking control of the Philippines for 20 Million dollars. The americans had an obvious influence on Government, Educations and other Cultural aspects till they left after World War II .Family Oriented - Similar to many other Asian Culture Family is a very important part of their life. Since the state does not provide as much support as countries in the west the family is often relied upon for financial or other support. They dont have large nursing homes, nor can they afford day care for their kids. So Family, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins help. Its more of a community support group. Note: This can also be a bad thing as one commenter pointed out if you marry into a Filipino family so set proper expectations.For these same reasons the Philippines is one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing capitals of the world. Their Citizens are also working abroad in service level jobs like Nursing , and Caretaking .Bottom line they are friendly and culturally similar to us westerners, but exotic and interesting at the same time.

Why don't foreigners pay taxes?

Where do you get that absurd idea? Anyone who runs a business that turns a profit in the US pays income taxes on the profits. There's an old urban legend that immigrants don't pay taxes but there is NO truth to it whatsoever.

(From my experience, most immigrants actually ENJOY paying the modest price that it costs to be a US citizen or resident, compared to what they paid in their home country. They are amazed that our taxes are so low yet the US is the most powerful and free nation in the history of mankind.)

Some foods are taxable. If you think that they are improperly collecting tax on a food item, have a receipt handy and call the MI DoR and ask. If the tax is being improperly collected, the DoR will correct the problem.

Why are some foreigners rude?

Yesterday I went to visit a friend at her school. I'm black and she's black. The only reason I'm pointing out what my race is, is because I haven't been exposed to much diversity. I went to an all black schools and black communities all my life. Now I'm in college and it's a little more diverse. My friend goes to a predominant white school where there is little diversity, but anyway Her and her mother sent me and her brother to a nearby Mcdonalds to grab a bite to eat. When we get there her brother orders the food and while we're waiting to get the food this foreign dude, (he looked japanese) was talking to one of his employers. I'm assuming he was the manager of the place because he was giving orders to employees, got into a small verbal confrontation with one of his employers. During the confrontation he asked her "can you speak english"? The black woman says "yeah... can you"? This is not the first time I've encountered a foreigner's rudeness when I have encountered a little diversity in my day. She made a common mistake in one of the orders and she gets asked by a foreigner with an accent can she speak english! What kind of question is that to ask an american from a foreign person. Why are SOME foreign people rude?

Why are foreigners so smart?

Foreigners are not smarter, yet they are usually extra helpful knowledgeable. regrettably country of america's education has ranked very low between industrialized international locations for relatively a jointly as now, a minimum of i've got been listening to approximately it for the final ten years or so. it is likewise been genuine that seeing the scholars come to country of america is a biased pattern because of the fact they are usually rich because of the fact they frequently pay their very own way. in spite of the undeniable fact that, everybody who's unhappy with that situation would desire to locate a metamorphosis coming alongside relatively quickly, because of the fact a mixture of extra beneficial undertaking in procuring visas to learn in country of america alongside with an extra beneficial concentration on scientific and technological learn has made country of america a miles less desirable place to learn and that they are particularly going to places like Canada, eire, Singapore that are making strides and on the instant transforming into thriving learn communities because of the fact many of the international's suitable and brightest have basically desperate coming to the U.S. basically isn't well worth the undertaking. it extremely is small now, however the fad is desperate to boost up. the region's unlikely to alter each time quickly, yet there is of undertaking your infants won't would desire to hardship approximately distant places scholars in any respect.

How do people from foreign countries view Americans in general?

I find Americans quite naive. This probably comes from the fact that the US is a rather safe place and they don't grow up suspicious of their surroundings, which contrasts directly with my own sense of security (in SA you're more likely to feel -even if it's not a reality- that you'll be robbed/scammed). They also struck me as a bit childlike; generally clueless yet they have an unfounded sense of entitlement, individually and collectively (from living in The Greatest Country In The World) which I imagine must put pressure on them to have X amount of wealth, or happiness, or opportunities, etc., only because they live in The United States.Some are fat and some are not, I don't have a particular judgement on that since there are fat people everywhere, what does shock me is the people who are morbidly obese, but that could be any country. Despite their perky personalities, they need their personal space, especially around strangers. They'll never stand very close to you in a casual chat and they can be very formal. In Chile people and friends tend to be more touchy, when you meet someone for example, even if it is for the first time, you'll greet them with a kiss on the cheek. While in the US I had to keep reminding myself: "Maria, don't lean. No kissing. Don't be a creep. Stop."I think they're also quite cheerful, kind, helpful and polite. In some cases they will go out of their way to give you a hand which is something I don't see in my country. I don't think they're lazy (at least compared to my fellow countrymen) and I love that they're very punctual.

Why are non-Americans so interested in America's guns?

Because its okay to talk about it: right now there are a million and one problems in Europe but you can't talk about any of them without starting a fight, and you can't talk about similar problems in America because eventually someone is going to mention the European version of the problem, and people these days will rather choose self-censorship than getting into an argument, specially online where a twitter shitstorm can cost someone their jobs.I don't own a gun, I haven't even fired a gun in my life, but I don't live in a bubble and I know that the vast majority of shooting incidents you see in the statistic are the consequence of crime for which gun control its useless since criminals don't have legally purchased guns anyway so they won't surrender them if a total ban went into effect. You still have criminals shooting and killing people in the UK even though guns were banned years ago, and despite a similar ban on pocket knives the rates of stabbings in London are ridiculous.The odds of dying in a spree shooting incident in America are incredibly low. There was a recent incident in Chicago where a man tried to shoot up a store but a customer there had a gun as well and was able to shot him before he shot the other people. Ironically that man had to flee the scene because handguns are illegal in Chicago, but that didn't stop the would-be mass murderer from getting one.Gun bans haven't stopped similar spree shooting incidents from happening in countries that are almost gun-free. Add to that that a lot of shootings happen in Gun Free Zones because the deranged lunatics that are spree shooters know the odds of an armed individual confronting them there are next to zero. You don't see any spree shooters attacking gun conventions, do you?

Why do foreigners believe that they know everything about muskrat politics, and share their unqualified opinions when they have never even seen a muskrat?

Because American politics affects everybody in the world and because Americans won’t stop talking about politics wherever they are.Are you Iranian? Are you Syrian? Russian? Chinese? Brazilian? Canadian? Any other nationality where the US has a military base, a dog in a fight, a card game or liquor license? If so, you have an interest in American politics.Besides, American politics are more enjoyable than politics in most other nations. Despite the stakes being relatively low, there is a tremendous amount of theatrical activity. The actual big picture differences between successive US Presidents is negligible, but you’d never know it by the way they are all calling each other Hitler day and night.The world has every right to enjoy the fireworks of American politics, to have opinions and to favor particular characters and views. Its the biggest show going and has been for decades.If you don’t like them pesky foreigners hooting and gawking at your politics, I suggest Americans make a move to grow up and ‘boringificate’ their politics by acting like reasonable adults instead of world class idiots fighting over who gets the most likes for their drama queen careers in the media and in local and state offices doing nothing but lying, cheating and aggrandizing themselves for fun and profit.Put that in your vape and smoke it in a safe space on network TV with Megyn Kelly and the teenage shooter with a transgender parent who can’t go to the bathroom without Black Lives Matter getting upset and Trump haters blaming Russia for the swamp and Oprah Winfrey promising to maybe make everything ok by telling white people not to make Mexican food because its racist.