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Why Do Girls Hate Each Other And Endlessly Plot And Skeem Against One Another

Why does everyone hate Iris from pokemon?

I guess it depends on what version you're watching. I watched the Japanese version of Pokemon ever since they got rid of the original voice actors.

At the very least, in the Japanese version, they would say "You're childish" or "it's tasting time!". When Iris called Ash a child in the Japanese version it's not as annoying because it's in a different language. But Dent (a.k.a. Cilan) said his catch phrase in English which was annoying and also embarrassing. Makes me wonder how bad the English version is.

I don't think Iris being black has to do with anything because she's still a cute character. I think it's probably the English voice actor more than anything which I did listen to a few times.

They try to switch up the themes of Ash's traveling companions for the sake of keeping the show from being stale or by promoting different kinds of people to get into the series.

Iris didn't have a crush on either of them. Though I thought she did when her and Ash first met. She merely tagged along because she was attracted to how Ash treated her Pokemon which was similar to how she was supposed to be connected to dragons.

Her calling him a child in my opinion was probably some sort of gag because she's the same age as he is. You know how children are. Some are bossy to others when they don't know anymore than they do.

I like Serena. Mainly because I always liked to see love interest characters with Ash, though it doesn't work well with the show unless it's Misty since because Misty and Ash had more charisma due to them arguing from time to time.

Why do lesbians have a prejudice against bisexual women?

It's not just lesbians, pretty much everyone, gay and straight has a prejudice against bis. We live in a country of stereo types and pigeon holes. Everyone fits into a neat little category. There is also a strong black/white/no shades of gray mentality. People insist you must be either straight or gay, that no other choice is possible. Bisexuals, like you or myself, live outside that dichotomy and are there antithetical to their concept of how the world must be. Add to this the widespread belief that bisexuality is a sign of inability to commit, the argument being that if you can't even commit to one gender, how can you commit to one person? There is also the argument that if your lover is bi then there are twice as many people out there for whom they might leave you. It has been my experience that a secure person has no problem with a bi lover, I might glance, look, even stare, but at the end of the day, they knew with whom I was going home. I can only suggest you try asking around and see if there are groups in your area where bis can interact, many gay groups do have sub-groups for bis, simply because of the widespread prejudice. Just don't get discouraged, and don't let anyone make you ashamed of who you are, "We are all of us as God made us, and many much worse". Miguel De Cervantes in "Don Quixote".

Why do some people, especially some girls, hate anime?

My friends in school kinda teases me since I watch anime. They’re like, “Anime are for kids. Why the hell are you watching those gay ass shows? Are you trying to be Japanese or something?”If I can only punch them, I would. And it’s not only girls that hates anime, it’s also boys. I’m a girl and I started watching anime when I was around 6–7 years old.They were never exposed to the good anime: Anime these days have a lot of harems, lolis, moe, eechi, and some cringy anime such as Boku no Pico. I am 101% sure if I recommended those people with good ass anime with a good plot and characters. They will get hooked.They believe anime is for kids: ANIME ISN’T JUST FOR KIDS. I mean, there are anime that are targeted for kids such as pri-para, aikatsu, pokemon, etc. to help expand their interest in anime (that’s how I became an otaku) but most anime are targeted around teens and older, that’s why we have a variety of genres in anime that is popular among different ages such as shojo, shounen, yaoi, yuri, eechi, hentai, supernatural, action, fantasy, etc.“Oh, they’re not real.” : ???????????????? So is Bob Burgers real? The Simpsons?“You won’t learn anything out of anime”: Oh man, I learned all the life lessons with the help of anime and it shaped who I am and I’m 101% almost all the anime fans learned something valuable.“The animation looks weird”: There’s a huge difference with American and Japanese animation and I am 100% impressed with most animations of the anime I watch.I can rant about why some people hates anime but the list won’t end so yeah. I’m not embarrassed because I read manga and watch anime, it’s a hobby and I’m hella fucking proud of being an otaku. We all have different opinions and views and I understand that but please do no step on a person and bash them just because of what you believe in.those who hates anime (left)Otakus (right)

Why do Pakistanis and Indians hate each other?

This most inhuman act by the pakistani militiary on the women and men of east-pakistan( Their own country men, then) is the main reason why I hate pakistan.      Before 1971, Bangladesh used to be a part of pakistan as East Pakistan. They always complained that they received less funds and attention from west pakistan dominating governament. In an election conducted just few months before the war, an east-pakistani leader won and was still not given the power, thus fuelling the revolt in East Pakistan.    And, the strategy of containing the revolt adopted by Pakistani army? They started mass killing of public and mass rape of women. ( and men too)The perpetrators conducted nighttime raids, assaulting women in their villages, often in front of their families, as part of the terror campaign. Victims aged 8 to 75 were also kidnapped and held in special camps where they were repeatedly assaulted. Many of those held in the camps were murdered or committed suicide,with some taking their own lives by using their hair to hang  themselves, the soldiers responded to these suicides by cutting the  women's hair off. Time magazine reported on 563 girls who had been kidnapped and held by the  military; all of them were between three and five months pregnant when  the military began to release them. Some women were forcibly used as prostitutes. While the Pakistani government estimated the number of rapes in the hundreds,other estimates range between 200,000and 400,000. They shamelessly tried to censor the news reaching worldwide.          In the immediate aftermath of the war, one pressing problem was the very  high number of unwanted pregnancies of rape victims. Estimates of the  number of pregnancies resulting in births range from 25,000 to the Bangladeshi government's figure of 70,000, while one publication by the Centre for Reproductive Law and Policy gave a total of 250,000.A conservative Muslim society has preferred to throw a veil of  negligence and denial on the issue, allowed those who committed or  colluded with gender violence to thrive, and left the women victims to  struggle in anonymity and shame and without much state or community  support.And why do I love India? They interfered the war on the humanitarian grounds and helped Bangladesh to it's independence. Source :

Why Do Most Of The People Here Hate Stephanie Meyer/ Twilight?

You may find my answer surprising once I explain that I really really enjoyed the entire Twilight series (not so much the movie, but that's because my philosophy is summed up by "Movies: Ruining the book since 1920"). Forgive me if this is a little long-winded and rude. I genuinely don't mean to disrespect anyone.

I think hate is a really strong word for what most people feel. And for the most part, they don't have anything against the books. It's really the fans they can't stand. And I don't blame them.
As for myself, I am tired of people acting as if it revolutionized literature or culture. The only difference I see in this is that instead of dying in the sunlight, frankly, the vampires just get a little FABULOUS, if you know what I mean.
I'm tired of people projecting themselves and their lives into these books to the point that they seem to regard the actual world as secondary or not as good. Literature is supposed to inspire, it's true, but not to make you act as if your life, your actual, precious life, is meaningless beyond a bunch of made up characters. It's immature and irritating, not to mention a little sad, in my opinion. I also feel that the way the fans choose to express themselves is pretty heinous. Improper spelling, TyPiNg like that, and a militant desire to proclaim the series to be the most important thing that has, like, ever happened to them. I fully believe that books can change lives; this method of exrpession, however, just undermines their message and drives potential fans away. That just makes me sad but at the same time, they are entitled to their opinion and express themselves as they see fit. And some people need their escapism more than others. I really can't judge them for that, regardless of how it makes me feel.

Don't get me wrong, some people do act really hateful towards it. Partially because people feel the need to hate to make themselves feel important or find it satisfying. Partially because they tried and read the series and just found it boring, stupid or couldn't stand the hype. I don't think they should be allowed to be rude or hateful or call people down. However. They're also entitled to their opinion and their own expression.

Why are people upset about the Dorne plot?

Sometimes the show seems to get rid of characters just to keep its costs under check! And while doing it, he wait! here's an opportunity- let's make it look gory. The overall Dorne plot (Season 5 and S6E1) has been disappointing, especially for those who have read the books. Be it the detailed plans of Doran or the rash moves of his daughter Arrianne (yes, the show doesn't mention about Arrianne or Quentyn, Doran's first son for that matter!) or the adventurous quest of Quentyn, the show has not bothered to highlight any of these. Apart from deviating from the book storyline, the show seems to have reached a pre-mature dead end to the Dorne plot by eliminating Doran and Trystane. By eliminating Doran and his heir, I guess the show is trying to get the Dornish declare against the Lannisters, something which Doran has been against. This might work in the show's favor given that the Dornish will most likely declare for Dany once she comes to Westeros.Book Spoilers belowDoran Martell is waiting for the right moment to destroy the lannisters! Doran Martell plays a silent, yet very important role in the books. Martells have been rooting for the Targaryens ever since Robert's Rebellion and this is emphasized by the marriage pact that was negotiated between Viserys and Arianne. After knowing about Viserys' death, Doran sends his son Quentyn to Dany to forge a pact (the plan failed as Quentyn was not able to convince Dany to marry him and also, sadly, died trying to control dragons). In the Arrianne chapter in WoW, we see that Arrianne is marching towards fAegon in order see his worthiness and also to forge a pact with the Targaryen.Long story short, Doran has been the kind of person who has been planning and moving his pieces very carefully. He is someone who is still seeking to avenge the death of his sister, her kids and his brother, but not in the flamboyant way Oberyn would do. Notwithstanding the significance of over-ripe oranges, this man needs his due share of credit for the role he is playing in the game of thrones to place 'his' rightful king on the throne. Rather, the show has made a weak, dull and boring character out of him. And to top it, having him killed in his own seat by those who he trusted.No wonder people are upset with the Dorne plot!

Why do so many people detest fanfiction?

Are there many people who detest fan fiction? Let’s assume that there are, although I suspect that most people don’t know that fan fiction exists. I also suspect that at least some people who claim to detest it have never read it, or at least have never read much of it.I can think of two reasons why someone might dislike fan fiction. Some people might object to it in principle. It can be argued that some fanworks infringe the original creator’s copyrights, that they distort the creator’s vision, and/or that they are unoriginal.The second objection is that most fan fiction is somewhere between bad and dreadful. This accusation happens to be true. Much of it is badly written, with errors in style, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Much of it reflects a poor understanding of the original work. Much of it is self-indulgent, with lots of self inserts and Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters. Originality is an issue even beyond the use of the original creator’s characters, settings, and situations. Certain types of stories are repeated seemingly ad infinitum. For example, in Lord of the Rings fan works there are numerous stories in which a teenage girl falls into Middle-earth, joins the Fellowship, and hooks up with Legolas. Or she’s found as an infant, raised by Elves or wolves or something, joins the Fellowship, and hooks up with Legolas. Etcetera.That said, there is some excellent, even professional, work out there. Some of it is more original that one might think, creatively expanding on ideas that are only touched on in the original, and focusing on minor characters and events that are peripheral to the original work. Fan fiction at its best respects the original work while offering new insights into it.

Can you explain a few anime plots as badly as possible?

OK, let’s get this done.Goblin Slayer: Medieval DOOM slayer doesn’t want girls, but goblins.Neon Genesis Evangelion: Where a giant-robot controlling kid gets hard on a comatose patientOne Piece: Momma always said, “Eating fruits will help you become a great pirate.” Apparently she wasn’t lying.Naruto: SASUUUUKE!!!Cells at Work: The host body just always have a bad day.Yu-Gi-Oh: It’s always time to d-d-d-d-d-d-duel! Now, we play the card game on motorcycles! Get yours at 1–888-YUGIOHJojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Where metrosexual men decides to have a friendly(?) bout with each other. The grandfather had gotten many gains because he had a fight with the Aztec Gods of Fitness.Attack On Titan: Naked giants with no genitals scare the bejeezus out of the local villagers.Sword Art Online(Season 1): Pros: You can get girls. Cons: You can’t log out.One Punch Man: A poor, monk like dude has discovered the secret of strength.Death Note: Where the world’s greatest detective can’t even catch a potato chip eating teenagerDragon Ball Z-Kamehameha! Oh wait, it missed?! Back to more screaming! See ya next episode!Doraemon: Where a bullied kid could never stand up for himself, but still gets by everyday.Detective Conan: Where the homicide rate in a specific city is above 90%. Somehow, this one kid always seem to get involved in the murder cases.Lupin III: Local gentleman thief can steal almost anything, except women’s hearts.Cowboy Bebop: A story about poor bounty hunters that only eat bell peppers.Baccano: 2 idiots makes everyone’s days better. Oh, it happens in Prohibition Era America.Ergo Proxy: We are really negligent with our creations.A Silent Voice: Ah dink dis is de pahfect wahy to apahlahgize to the bullied victim.(Read it in Shouko’s voice. I also got lazy at the end.)Akame ga Kill: Almost everyone dies.Shokugeki No Soma: Foodgasms are apparently the way to life… damn.And there goes the list of the anime that I’ve watched!

OK So post why you think Twilight and or Harry Potter is better than the other.?

I've read the entire harry potter series-fckn awesomeXD
i've read the twilight saga too and when it was over i was like what the **** thats it? talk about predictable i could have guessed that.

HArry potter is absolutely amazing, the plots are very intricate, and it is admirably written. ha which reminds me-once while reading harry potter i stayed up til four in the morning on a school night:)
but while reading twilight id think eff this i'm going to sleep.

Twilight is very poorly written, and the only reason that i believe it sold so many copies was because its what people want to hear-a perfect love story and a perfect beautiful couple. The only reason why i took the time to read them was because i gave it many chances, and initially the concept of a vampire falling in love with a girl sounds somewhat interesting. There are so many things you could do with an idea like that-perhaps Bella and Edward could have been more of a forbidden love. Like maybe he turned into a vampire after they fell in love and now they were both wanting to kill the other. Now thats what i was looking for in twilight. It was a huge disappointment, and the only point of the story i fell for was jacob due to all the controversy he sparked:)
but then stephanie meyer had to eff that up to by making him fall in love with a vampire baby:P

all i know is i want a team jacob shirt to piss off all those dumb girls in love with the sparkly queer, and i also know that i will stay a fan of j.k. rowlings master pieces:)

ps: i'm 14, not all girls my age are the same:)

What's wrong with people liking twilight?

I honestly don't have a problem with people liking Twilight, but I will admit to being an anti-twilighter. I personally have no problem with Twilight fans in general. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the ability to express that opinion.

However, I have had one too many encounters with rabid Twilight fans that have tried to jump me because I do not like Twilight. I have been called every insult imaginable by rabid fans, all because I don't like Twilight. I have been told that I should not voice my opinion because it is wrong. I have been called retarded, ugly, attention-seeking, and controlling, just for stating my opinion. What bothers me the most is that even my 11 year old sister is being bothered by Twitards/Twihards (whichever you prefer). My sister is becoming the social outcast of her grade because she does not like Twilight, and she voices her opinion against it.

Also, I noticed that in your edit of your question that you ask "how can a story [have] no plot". Plot has to be clearly defined by a or a series of rising actions, a climax, and then a falling action. Plot does not vary by opinion (as I learned in my English 1302 class, a college English class). Plot may be hard to recognize (it took me forever to determine what the climax for "Cast of Amontillado" By Edgar Allen Poe was), but it never changes by opinion. Plot is determined by the writer and has to be reconized by the reader. Seeing that you are 15, your High School English classes have probably not started to cover plot analysis in depth. Learning how to analyze plot is something that is very complicated and takes a while to perfect. I encourage you to find some college literature books and read how the text defines plot, it will help you immensly in your arguements and give you an advantage in your future classes. One textbook that I recommend is "Approaching Literature in the 21st Century", the text in that book gives clear examples using definitions and examples from stories.

I hope that I provided a clear explination for your question, and I hope that you do not hold the fact that I hate Twilight with a passion against me.